Maia Szalavitz on Safe Recovery- Blog Talk Radio and The New York Times op ed

Listen to our most recent show with Journalist Maia Szalavitz and NYT Best selling author  UNBROKEN BRAIN – on substance use issues. Opioid Drug Problems.

The New York TImes op ed piece is so fantastic. This piece is exploring other options like SMART Recovery, MAT and just going back to your Native culture. Maia needs to be on CNN Anderson Cooper and MSNBC !

By Maia Szalavitz

Photographs by Ryan Christopher Jones

Fortunately, this is not the whole story. Around two million Americans are addicted to opioids. Yet many more have overcome their opioid problems. A large national population study found that almost all of those who once met criteria for prescription opioid-use disorder achieved remission during their lifetimes — and half of those recovered within five years. Although heroin and street fentanyl are more dangerous, most of those who avoid fatal overdoses recover from addiction.

To improve the odds, we need to recognize and champion recovery — and the wide variety of forms it can take. In media and pop culture, when recovering people are seen at all, one type usually appears: someone who goes to rehab and then abstains from all drugs by relying on 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous.

In fact, other recovery journeys are more common. For example, nearly half of those with prescription opioid addiction are able to recover without formal treatment or self-help participation.  Read full story here.

Addiction Doesn’t Always Last a Lifetime

In fact, most people recover, often on their own. Here are some of their stories.

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8 thoughts on “Maia Szalavitz on Safe Recovery- Blog Talk Radio and The New York Times op ed

  1. I have no problem with maia claiming that many people with suds fit her view – but every damned addiction pundit has a book to sell that is hell bent to define everyone the same way – you don;t have a disease – you brain is not broke – which is the same thing aa does – or just like AA you will always have a disease – you all are too dumb to find your own way. you all need some program or world view to lead you by the nose. I feel patronized and insulted and pigeon holed – enough already. why not let the people decide and all be difference and in a state of flux that can change as they move on and change.

    when is some one going to promote the world view that its up to each person to define them self and it may be any way they choose and their self analysis may change and evolve – no one is empowered or allowed to feel around and find what works for them self – every addiction pundit has a book to define them – and who knows – it may all change when they move into a new facet of their life tomorrow – who knows! no one but them.

    We don’t need any more addiction pundits to send the great misinformed unwitting masses down another poor efficacy 95% relapse blind alley.

    I think its imminently important to ALWAYS warn people that “total abstinence” support groups [as good as AA – ranked 37th ] are not even in the top ten ranked for efficacy. … and that Total abstinence greatly increases substance / alcohol deprivation effect – see cthreefoundation

    The handbook of alcoholism treatment approaches
    miller and hester

    1. Receiving honest but non-confrontational one-on-one feedback regarding one’s alcohol-related health from a health professional;
    2, Non-confrontational strategic Motivational Interviewing;
    3. The medication acamprosate;
    4. A complex set of cognitive and behavioral methods called the Community Reinforcement Approach
    5. The assigning of a Self-Change Manual, also called Bibliotherapy
    6. The medication naltrexone;
    7. Behavioral Self-Control Training (a moderation approach);
    8. Behavioral Contracting for rewards given in exchange for clean drug test results:
    9. Social Skills Training
    10. Behavioral Marital Therapy

  2. I am suspicious that maia has not been controversial enough to mention that the heroin fentynal opoid epidemic is really due to the US CIA Afghan poppy boom. that sjy rocketed when obama eliminate ALL poppy eradication. why is she so shy of the real controversial truth? [just like ALL main stream media mouth pieces who get published by main stream media] maybe because she worked for new world order media puppet charlie rose and is a main stream media gate keeper who does not discus the real problems and keeps detouring the debate. keep distracting maia? or is it your “editorial handlers”?

  3. I understand that maia and steve slate and stanton peele etc want to change the totally warped unqualified worldview about addiction that has been pushed upon everyone by the AA/Dr Drew talking heads – but we should not react with an opposite black and white worldview. We should all be careful not to turn into the same monster we intended to defeat.

    Perhaps the vast majority of person’s with an SUD should not be diagnosed with the “disease of addiction” syntax. Surely many are set up to fail by the negative thinking often imposed by AA and Dr Drew’s criteria – which is different than the actual AMA definition.

    But for the remaining rare few – who do die or cause great damage in their life and others lives – the disease diagnosis provides official medical auspices and validity for more serious medical treatment.

    As AA critics – Lets not invalidate the beneficial medical auspices of the disease diagnosis when trying to correct the terrible influence of AA and the rehab treatment industrial complex.

    And let’s not blindly recommend new group therapies – that has not been shown to help any better than AA.

    When i inform – I try to emphasize flexible terms that acknowledge greater or lesser statistical averages and emphasize that everyone should apply them as they see fit for them self. As I did above when I mentioned that Total Abstinence causes greater susceptibility for “alcohol deprivation effect” – that causes more obsession compulsion and ade ptsd relapsing – which is greatly under reported.

    I apologize – I should edit my comment – they are often stream of consciousness and not easy to read.

  4. hi Thanks Z again for all you thoughts and ideas. I think we must be strategic and smart to change a power institution that is in place and got there with the help of Rockefeller and his buddies. My week is nuts as I prepare for a fundraiser for a friend who is running for congress. Will read all this when its all over. Peace –

    • That’s ok massive – I’m just going off on a tangent. Some day these aa holes need to be held accountable for all their fraud and abuse. You have my support. and Peace to you too.

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