Man robbed of car at knifepoint after AA meeting- Texas

ANOTHER Alcoholics Anonymous member shows violence, tries to stab someone and is leaving an AA meeting. Thank GOD for these journalists who are now reporting on this subject.  ( Just a note- there is no such thing as an AA class.) But it shows that many journalists don’t know that. They don’t know that AA is NOT a professional anything.

SO- how can so many millions Americans be court ordered there by a Judge?

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 42-year-old man has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon for stealing a man’s car after asking for a ride in Harris County on April 5, according to police.

Police said Jose Luis Olivares-Bernal had been in an Alcoholics Anonymous class on Jensen Drive. After the class, he asked another person from the class for a ride.

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They were on Kowis Street when Olivares-Bernal

pulled a knife and put it to the man’s side, demanding him to stop the car. The man stopped the car and handed over his cellphone, wallet and car.

Olivares-Bernal then left the scene eastbound on Kowis Street. The man called police and filed a report.

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28 thoughts on “Man robbed of car at knifepoint after AA meeting- Texas

  1. After all these years of trying to raise awareness about safety in the rooms – I’ve realized that absolutely everyone knows and no one cares.

    Nor does anyone want it to change because the face of AA is so easy to use to look respectable.

    It’s only going to change when a celebrity gets killed during a meeting. Until that day – nothing will change so there is no point in beating my head against a wall any more.

    It’s just so sad – this was preventable. The best thing I ever did for my mental health was to leave AA.


    • Librarian- WOW – this is a very powerful statement. Maybe you are right. Maybe not- but usually we in American need murder to wake up and change . Even a simple stop light does not happen here in LA till someone gets killed.

      Thank you for your work. 🙂

  2. I think I know what’s wrong with AA. I agree the AA Big Book is not a good book. However, there is one sentence in the book worth reading. In chapter 1 (Bill’s Story), page 1, paragraph 1, Bill says: “I was very lonely and again turned to alcohol”. I think a lot of people are like me (and Bill) and treated their loneliness with alcohol. That’s hard to admit to yourself. I know my EGO wouldn’t allow me to see that for a long time. The problem with AA is that it has become a “lonely hearts club” for egotistical, narcissistic Old-Timers who are using the meetings to stroke their EGO’s. They fill the rooms, take up space, can’t shut up, troll for women as sexual predators and are a cancer that needs to be removed. I am actually having some fun doing that. I AA palance, there are a few “Elder Statesmen” worth having in a meeting but they are rare. One or two in a meeting is enough. The AA meeting should be peer-to-peer support group for people who want to stop drinking like the AA tradition states; “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking”. Old timers with more than 12 months of Sobriety don’t qualify. They are not helping and they need be forced out of the meeting so that they can learn to meet their need for social connection in the real world like normal effective people. However, if you decide to do this, pick a the right meeting. It needs to be a small meeting with mostly newcomers. Wes

  3. Hi Wes- Well – I agree with some aspect of what you are saying here. I think Smart Recovery is still better in more ways then one and their meetings ten to be smaller too, and the fixed ones move on. But I like that you are doing something to change things.

  4. Look, this was not an incident in a room. The guy was duped, we can’t ask AA to be responsible for that. We need clear evidence. I would really be amazed if a celebrity got killed in a meeting. I hope none of us antis would go so far, I am worried now. It is one thing to hate AA but to take someone’s life is a whole other story.

    • Yes I would too—

      but Criminal Minds did an episode where a couple went into a meeting shooting — gunning down the members. Thats Hollywood. No one is saying to do that.

      • Of course it is quite okay for members showing AA affiliation to quite publicly predict the demise of anyone who publicly reports they have left AA and have a drink now, with the tenuous authority of having read the big bok.

        and how on earth the point of killing members was conjured up is, at best fanciful if not downright ridiculous.

          • The point is is that a person could be sat in a meeting that is displaying behaviour that is indicative of far more than a need for prayer by the individual and worse, on behalf of the individual. Of course the narrow minded viewpoint that step meetings peddle about spiritual malady’s and silly references to ego and resentments do not cut it as a even remotely a reasonable behaviour analysis. which makes it even worse. AA is non professional, however, so it is no surprise then that the this particular AA “class” potentially missed what are very obvious signs to a trained professional, or in fact any reasonably minded human being for that matter. Unless of course the perp was the picture of sobriety in the “class” and suddenly switched on leaving the door of the meeti..class which in and of itself is even worse. It really is incredible that this sort of thing keeps happening. Still glad to be out and still doing grand having left AA.

            And again the article refers to meetings as a class, which suggests a level of decorum and leadership, which we all know is not true, nudge nudge wink wink.

        • Exactly.

          I wasn’t advocating any form of violence – I was just trying to show how little people have cared about those who have been injured at the hands of another member.



  5. The original AA people were weirdos and cultists, but they were essentially harmless upper middle class religious fanatics.

    Our society has become more violent, and because there are no professionals in the rooms, it is very easy for criminals to prey upon others and get away with it. Everywhere you go in society today, there are cameras, security guards, alarms, etc., but AA is exactly the same as it was 80 years ago. Your safety cannot be assured if you visit and AA meeting. The rooms are the only place I can think of, where there are no cameras allowed.

    Also, there is the old “what happens in the rooms, stays in the rooms.” AA really is a happy hunting ground for con artists and sickos.

  6. HI Michael- This is a very good point. Things will change quickly when people film people talking in AA meetings. Robin Williamson and Phillip S Hoffman had this happen to them.

    • fur was flying when I handed out safety pamphlets….. At the rodeo meeting- 🙂 The meeting went from 300 pp a nite to 20.

    • I really don’t understand why people treat AA as something sacred on one hand and think they are above the law – all in the same breath.

      Either way it needs to change. It will change. It will be exposed for what it really is.

      • I’m not so sure – people have the right to meet among themselves, it’s the courts who can change and will be forced to change by no longer mandating people to AA. The judicial system is MY target – AA’s got it all sewn up with their “Traditions” and they will always continue. Only in USA and Canada is anyone ever forced to go. AA never forces anyone and that’s their trump card. Whittle at the judicial system and AA will get smaller is my opinion.

        • HI ROB_ WELCOME- Well its not so simple or black and white, I have discovered . If AA is infested everywhere and no one knows the truth there are many angles.

          SO if we address the courts, what would you say if I told you we did and he the Judge who runs a huge court house overseeing 240 Judges is pushing AA- and maybe an AA member himself? ( I met a Judge like this ) .
          Who over sees him?

          And …
          AA is currently pursuing people from Jails all the time through their H & I Committee and going into Real Medical Institutions looking for new recruits. Like Cedar Sinai.

          • Yes, it will be a battle but one that can be won. The judicial system sees AA as a free and convenient solution, so is SMART. It would be erroneous to just focus on AA in that vein when everyone knows that SMART is actively pursuing involvement with the prison system, has developed a program specially for it.
            No program/non 12 Step is going to turn people away from seeking help from them because they have served time or been convicted. That is the truth because to do so would be discrimination.

            • Robbie- but SMART is a real program, not religious, doesn’t have the systemic problems AA has. AA in 80 years old, SMART is 20 years NEW.

              No one is forced to JOIN SMART because SMART is not designed that way and no sponsors either.

              SMART Recovery has a Sexual Harassment policy. SMART Leaders are trained. AA is any TOM , DICK or HARRY – or scary LARRY …

              • Looking at it technically no-one is forced to join AA either. This is why my logical target is the court system, it is this, not AA, that forces people to join and even then they are given a choice of consequence – jail or AA.

                You may dismiss religion/spirituality in your own beliefs but the rest of the world does not necessarily follow suit – i.e. having a religious or spiritual basis does not make a program any less of a program. Newer, it can be logically argued, is no guarantee of better or more effective.

                In summary the judicial system needs to change first before anything happens differently in AA, at least in USA and Canada.

                • HI Robbie- Yes there are . You are so wrong and naive.
                  Pilots, Doctors, Nurses and Lawyers…even music super stars are EXTORTED. to go to rehb to attend AA meetings in such a way that when you finally understand it —your head will spin- Google– Pilots -the HIMS program and the FAA. If I had time I would post the link. Im tried of explaining this stuff to you guys.

                  • I understand that, I know all about it but again, how is this not the fault of courts and corporate bodies. Logic means attack these first. With respect, I do understand all the nuances.

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