Marilyn Bradford Therapist, teacher deprogramming expert Tuesday May 28th , 2013 4pm PST -7pm ESTon blogtalkradio Safe Recovery


Join host Monica Richardson and Marilyn Bradford for a one hour of live deprogramming tips as well as a new approach to help with any addiction.




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15 thoughts on “Marilyn Bradford Therapist, teacher deprogramming expert Tuesday May 28th , 2013 4pm PST -7pm ESTon blogtalkradio Safe Recovery

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so looking forward to listening to this. Thank you so much for bringing her on the show. This is exactly what I need to keep healing.

    I think I am pretty deprogrammed because I tried to read a few paragraphs from the big book on meditation the other day and it turned my stomach and I had to quickly close the book. 🙂 Giving up the mindset has been hard because the mind control methods at AA are so powerful, but it got a lot easier really fast when I stopped going to meetings. Maybe getting out after only 3 years is making it easier to let the ideas go.

    I think this show will validate my truths and help ground me. Thank you so much! I will post again after I listen to it.

    • brill -I do think that because it was only 3 years it will be easier and quicker then those who spent 17 years, 30 years etc. !!! GLad to hear this from you!

  2. Please post a link to blogtalkradio Safe Recovery in the headers. Otherwise the requested link can be found down on the right hand column of the Home on this site,

  3. That show was so awesome! Thank you so much. As much as we should trust our own selves, it’s so good to hear my truths echoed in the words of other people. That’s so powerful.
    Massive, I totally relate to what you said about leaving the room when they read the preamble at meetings – I want to go back and talk to female newcomers about safety, but I just don’t think my stomach can handle the crazy talk. Also, I really like what Marilyn said about the 10th step. That if any person read that every night for 2 weeks, their self esteem would go down. And that if someone feels guilt and shame, they become controllable.

    Awesome show! 🙂

  4. I liked the part about negative labels. Why would I continue to label myself something extremely negative, based on prior behavior, and for the rest of my life !? I crapped my diaper as a baby too, am I a diaper crapaholic until I die ? I’m also pretty sure I liked it and did it when ever I damn well pleased and it affected the people around me in negative ways. Are they sick forever too? Should they be in crapanon ? Was my diaper changer an enabler that needs coda?

    I loved where she was emphatic that anyone can change ANY behavior if they want to. And that is the damn truth. There is a known process to changing any behavior and it requires diligence and effort. It isn’t a mystery or something inside that no one can figure out that is so powerful only a gawd of your understanding can beat it on down and make you change if you ask just right. I totally fell for the AA horseshit and will never be the same. The best I can hope for is to learn these change techniques and do what I can. All those years I wasted saying things like, “it will all work out” , thinking that some nebulous entity has my back no matter what I do and watching my life drift downhill. Without goals and a direction, it will work out all right, just not any way you really want it to. I kept watching some old timers drift into unemployability and be on the verge of getting evicted for years and then end up carrying urine samples through the halls of rehab to make ends meet. THAT’s a role model? But they could spout great program and give constant advice about how “it’s only money” and pray and gawd will provide. Wait long enough and the government will provide at the homeless shelter. I woke up just in time, but things are still not great. In certain ways I am still the victim and automatically ask for “help” from thin air when I need something. I went from being a self-sufficient achiever to a dependent victim that always needed some kind of help in AA. I turned into a whiner. You are broken for life, surrender to win, let go and let gawd, pray and meditate and the answers will come if your own house is in order – all victim and magical thinking nonsense. I am sooo glad professionals see through the AA nonsense and have some concrete assistance to provide that is more realistic.

    • spj- the diaper analogy is hilarious! I know how you feel but like Marilyn said to me on the phone before I interviewed her, even the deprogramming doesn’t have to take a year. You are not with their rhetoric in your head forever. Im going to call her and talk in great detail about what you are saying here as well as what I went through as I left.

      • There is one other key aspect and that is the “trap”. Their basic premise is; you are forever broken, we have the answer as evidenced by all the wonderful sober people you see in the rooms and everybody knows it works if you work it, if you can’t become one of us, the blame is on you – you are too dishonest for gawd or our program to work for you.

        That aspect borders on cruelty. It has no basis in scientific fact and has the potential for people to kill themselves over it. Who wants to be “constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves”? Everyone knows what that means – “you are a liar and you can’t help it”. When AA’s come to sites like these, calling people liars or “full of shit” is one of their main pathetic weapons, because it is a critical component of their strategy in general. When Wilson said he wanted to create something that alcoholics couldn’t wiggle out of, he meant it. If you take the words in the book seriously – as if it truly were life or death – you are totally screwed if you don’t do what they say. It is a complete set up from the beginning with two ways out – our way or JID. When, in fact, there are many ways to stop or moderate your drinking and the more progressive approaches – like Marilyn’s, or SMART, etc. – have ample room to maneuver and don’t have “traps” that demean the individual to such a degree that some see the only way out is a one way ticket to the morgue.

        What bothers me the most is that Wilson knew he was killing people and the guy that killed himself in Wilson’s home was just the beginning and Wilson completely blew it off – poor chap, couldn’t adopt our way of life, next. He was alive before he met Wilson and AA, and dead after. That scene has played out countless times in the history of AA and nobody seems to care.

        Mainstream psychiatry has to see this trap as very damaging and should be screaming at the top of their lungs about it to keep people from dying, but they don’t.

        I still believe the AA legal backlash is coming and there has to be lawyers that see the gold mine in wrongful deaths from recommending and forcing people to AA. At this point there has to be thousands like Karla Brada and tens of thousands of suicides that didn’t have to happen because of AA.

        AND, the “disease” didn’t do it, the quack CURE did.

        • spj- “you are broken forever” Idea I agree is horrific and deadly. About every 5 years out of my 36 in AA I woul dhave a serious crying jagg because of this belief. Until one day a woman in my groupw turned a group of on the TM or now called Quantum Meditation. UCLA Spent 25 million dollars in research at least on proving that we are pure inside the brain.
          I took his class the year prior to finding OP and seeing the truth but thisi class helped me find more fault with the AA doctrine.

          George Quant who I interviewed say that even you had trauma, were an alcoholic/addict that your brain was not !!! I really felt like a new person and I went to my meeting and started talking about how that I dea ,,,that I was broken was bullshit. Including some stuff said in chapter 5 as well.

          I have done a few radio shows where I tear up the BB and Chapter 5…they are pretty funny. You might like them. AS I did the shows I actually was deprograming as I dissected the crapola verbiage Bill wrote.

          Spj – I just totally agree. SO many have killed themselves. They lawsuits are coming.

  5. that is right, AA is just a mind programming cult, there is this one man I do not like there what always likes to intimidate people what are there, me and him do not like each other at all. I told him that I am a supporter of this web site, and the way I carry the message to the suffering AA member or NA member is to tell them about this site and others, AA and NA is such a fake and a waste of time that it is not worth the gas that it cost to go to such a dumb ass group,


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