Mark Burchell Owner of DOORWAY To Recovery (Sober Living Homes) Sexually Preys on New Young Woman and their MOMS

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Posted: 05/02/2013

Farmington Hills, Mich. – Recovery homes are supposed to be safe havens for addicts to heal after they get out of rehab.

But instead of helping addicts rebuild their lives, a local sobriety leader is accused by several women of preying on them.

He’s been hailed as a saint in the recovery community.  Just two months ago, Mark Burchell won the Michigan Drug Court Hero Award.

Burchell runs a program called Doorway to Recovery, but is this addiction guru really such a hero?

And are his “recovery homes” really just a doorway to vulnerable women?

It turns out in Michigan, there is no oversight for recovery homes, like Burchell’s. That means there’s really no one to go to for help if something goes wrong while you’re living in a sobriety home.

“I was going there to make my life better, and it got worse,” said Tiffany Hazel. Read full story here:

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How disgusting is that? But  we in Los Angeles know some other oldtimers doing this here in Cali for years and getting away with it. When will they come forward to ABC NEWS in Los Angeles and speak out.

Well this fantastic young woman and her mother spoke out. Thank you ladies for your courage.


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32 thoughts on “Mark Burchell Owner of DOORWAY To Recovery (Sober Living Homes) Sexually Preys on New Young Woman and their MOMS

  1. One passage should be highlighted and explained to the average reader which may not understand the significance of it. “Tiffany’s mom helped her move into one of Doorway to Recovery’s 18 sobriety homes in February” 18 Sober homes is an abnormally large number of very profitable (and often tax free) sober homes for one person to run and is more like a small kingdom and huge collection of profit centers.

    Each sober home is normally assigned a “house monitor” to assure that they are run correctly and the bills are paid, making them a “self supporting entity” that is a profit center for the owner. For their work their rent is paid and they are given a small amount of pocket money. If they get out of line they can be kicked out on the street at any time. In my opinion this is a type of indentured servant and the ones that are often picked become alienated from their friends and family because they are deemed the ones that drove them to overuse of their drug of choice. In the case of Doorway To Recovery the owner was using threats of giving poor reports to probation departments locking in the power of complete control with the threat of jail time. These people become completely under the sober home owners control because these people have no place to go and if the sober home deems retribution at anytime they can easily destroy whatever family unit and support system is left.

    While not all sober homes are extremely profitable each one has the ability to generate 1000’s of dollars profit for the owner after all of the bills are paid. The homes upkeep is often done for free by the people paying to live there and rent is usually paid weekly. Do the math, 18 sober homes showing a positive cash flow for the owner every month?

    Having 18 sober homes and being given awards by drug courts and access to the probation department gives a very dangerous situation that has played out in the past with devastating results. While the example of SYNANON is very dated and it has been dismantled, it started out in the same way by Alcoholics Anonymous member Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich, Sr who also gained this type of power, cash flow and court mandated (controlled) clients. SYNANON was a for profit venture that was eventually exposed by Lawyer Paul Morantz of the Pacific Palisades in California. For his trouble Mr. Morantz was attacked by a rattlesnake put in his mailbox by the zealots that SYNANON produced who have been jailed for nearly killing him which pretty much destroyed that huge profit center.

    The problem with allowing one person to gain this type of power over people and being applauded by the court system for their work is extremely dangerous. Although SYNANON was disbanded, it started other groups to set up the same type of profit centers and it spawned the troubled teen industries of DAYTOP, Straight, Inc, etc….All of these have been shut down and have had congressional inquires into them. One little remembered fact is that Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple in California also got people mandated to him by the court and controlled by the probation system. The Peoples Temple moved to Jonestown, Guyana and In November 1978, U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan led a fact-finding mission to Jonestown resulting in the murder and suicide (forced and voluntary) of 909 people.

    “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  2. Yep, ol’ Marky Mark was makin serious bank off his efforts. He was also in a position of power over very desperate and vulnerable people and he violated the trust of many… and got caught. Even if he goes to jail, when he gets out, he could go to a meeting, and for sure a mens meeting, and be a hero. All he has to do is say how wrong he was. That all he tried to do was help people and got carried away, and how he now sees the truth and has done a fourth and fifth on it and, through it all, he is still sober because of the fellowship of AA and his higher power. Then there will be applause and, in the little cloistered world of AA, all is well.

  3. Interesting comment on a “Rip Off Report” about these sober homes and the was they are run….

    “Bingo. Mark at it again.
    AUTHOR: Markisafraud – (United States of America)

    SUBMITTED: Monday, May 05, 2012
    This comes as to no suprise as professionals or tenants to Mark Burchell. The man in short is a glorifed slum lord who claims he is ” crossover house” or some bullsh*it when it is nothing more then a halfway house. He brags about his connection with law enforcement and even being there during busts to try to get the customer before he is even arraigned. He does this at Oakdale Recovery and St Marys. and many other hospitals. He showed up at another recovery unit with 4 women who spoke all of 15 total minutes while he went on about his addiction to porn, being in a gang (which has never been his story otherwise but hey that adds to his false street cred.) and then telling everyone how Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….when it was all said and done all of his business cards were in the trash and many were praying to Jesus for him to leave. Prior comments about Mark could not be more accurate. He will blame you for being a ‘typical drug addict’ if you disagree with him and yet not identify himself as one. He identifies himself as more of a Chrisitan Police Officer who once did cocaine and after his family dumped him (short of his son who seen the money in a population that cant argue) joined his side. I can’t argue. As a fromer addict, Mark has a slick routine. Who would stick up for a recovering addict? Nobody. He is the voice of salvation and if you dont recognize that he “knows more cops and judges that it will make your head spin.” He will do the proper Chrisitan thing and sue you. There is NOTHING Christian about this man. Nor 12 step. He is actually appaling and suprisingly the epitomy of everything the 12 steps does not represtent. You will wonder if its a joke? As many do when he trys to seel cars…I mean recovery at local recovery centers. THIS IS THE THING….listen to his sell before you EVER give him a dollar. Most throw his card in the trash. Better yet…look at the turnover in his “houses”. Action speaks louder then words. ”


    • I also fell into his trap. Wanting to maintain my sobriety I moved into one of his homes, not before forking over a heft amount. He charges you $25 for every drug test, I have lived at two other phenomenal sober living houses. Neither of them charged us for drug test. Also the other two were based on the 12 steps, recovery, getting a home group, and service work, along with other rules. Not his homes, you don’t even have to work, as long as you pay your rent. Pretty much these are flop houses, people stay out past curfew, stay out all night, fraternize with other patients, woman clearly get special treatment. (Not surprising) I lasted a week and left. I was mad about not getting my money back, but my recovery is more important than the money I paid. I would advice anyone in this area not to go there. It is almost like he is running a cult instead of a recovery home. His background story changes depending on what your substance of choice is. He is super shady and not to be trust. I plead do your research on this guy. You do not want to fall into the trap I did

  4. Hi massive,
    Thanks for bringing publicity to situations like this. The only experience I have with a sobriety is one that an ex-boyfriend was in near my house. It was awful. And it was run by a sleazy man. There was an all men’s house on one side of the street where the owner lived and an all women’s house across the street.

    One of the problems I have seen in AA is that female newcomers are in a very low place emotionally and they are put in situations where they are supposed to trust authority figures and so they do. But when the “authority figures” prey on the women or betray the women, there is no way to prosecute them legally because the women are 18 and older. It’s such a dangerous situation.

    I think I will do some research on whether members of other cults have been held legally responsible for this dynamic. Any reading suggestions on this topic from fellow bloggers would be appreciated.

  5. Killer Muckrake! Viva ST!
    I did allot of stupid crap in AA; sponsorship, poo talkin’ gossip, gawking at women, even repetitive pointless step work. While in AA I hated the 13th step crowd but was bullied into turning the other cheek (the one on my ass as I walked away). Just before I left I talked big crap about it from the podium, the little girls thought it was funny, but not the mature crowd. It is obvious to me that this perp cherished peun-tang over his sobriety or anyone’s well being, even his own. My guess is that he will serve no hard fudge time, just a VERY big bill for a little slice of heaven. Value received and payment due; perhaps the young lady will manage the houses better than he did. Young lady, consider using them as communal elder facilities. It’s a growth industry due to an aging America, sober living not so much.

  6. I’ve seen this dog and pony show before in another place, another time and another group of people; but the same thing. It happened in the recovery house I spent almost a year in. It was one of the female counselors preying on various women in one of the two houses; she was slick enough to choose one woman out of every group so there wouldn’t be overlap. Some of us figured out what she was up to, but when you are in a situation where you have nothing, no family support, little money, and are living there saving pennies to move out on your own (and some women court-ordered) you don’t have any power. Some of us who trusted each other would get together in a coffee shop and watch our backs while discussing what was going on (and the targeted affairs weren’t the only thing) but if we had spoken up we would have been accused of relapse and put out on the street. If you rock the boat you are put out, and no one will believe someone so new “in recovery”, you are automatically assumed to be lying.

  7. Ya know, since people that are either in this situation or have been through it may read this thread, Let’s discuss the true legal options so they can get guidance instead of just justified vitriol. What are the legal options? Unless the women are minors, they are probably considered “consenting” adults. The position of power over vulnerable people is certainly skanky, but there is no governance or regulation on these places and coercive sex is hard to prove if it isn’t blatant and provable rape – especially if they go along with it over time and accept favors, gifts, etc. All of this is probably part of the reasoning for not taking it to court more frequently.

    So, what should someone do when they are in this situation? Specifically. Who do they call? What do they do? Where do they go? YWCA? Police station? How do concerned love ones find out what is going on in these places?

    • spj- Good idea. Maybe they can begin by calling this reporter. ANd we do have a Civil RIghts Attorney working with some victims here is Cali. We can ask her. They can file a complaint on yelp. Create a blog that exposes Sober Living Homes. Its rampant.

      They could report it to BBB, and The State Attorney General. They can contact the Government agencies that are in cahoots with them. DUI Lawyers. Judges who are sending them. Do the judges own a piece of these business’s like in PA with the Screaming mother youtube that went viral.

  8. I personally have worked with recovery homes. Women and young girls come to those places and they are desperate. The first few days they are willing to do anything just to get clean and sober. After a few days they get stronger and start to change. When you try to tell them[ now this coming from me, a female ] they need to start wearing a little less revealing clothes and to start coming across as a lady, they tell you f off. They throw theirselfs at the men especially the head of the place just to score points. Please don’t misunderstand I am in no way saying if these allegations are true that it was appropriate for Mark’s behavior. This is not the only place this happens. It’s in so many work places. But as addicts and alcoholics it’s what is being attacked. The poor little innocent things that just want to be helped. Bulls..t. Don’t turn your back because they’ll stab you and keep twisting. You catch them with the men using their bodies to get what they want. If you try to get them to understand they think you’re just jealous. Why is the AA program being so sabotaged? After 30 yrs I am still going and active and it is NOT a cult. One of the biggest problems is the majority of people don’t really want it. They are there for the wrong reasons. Whatever happened to saying no? How many of them if they were still on the streets would care if you threatened to go to this judge or do things to you to keep you from telling. I, for one know how these poor little desperate things are a manipulative, vindictive liar thief and anything else for attention. Just stop and think, anyone trying to help people get a bad wrap, accused of just doing it for money (and I know of one in particular that does) . Mark has put his whole life and reputation on the line and he’s nailed to a cross. Since when do we have the right to be the judge and jury? I am sure these girls are loving every bit of the misery he is going thru and they caused it. Start getting into investigating ALL the houses out there. Not just his. Go in undercover and see for yourself. There’s always 2 sides to every story. Don’t just assume you know the facts because believe me, you don’t. Mark’s not a bad guy, his heart is in the right place. Too bad all of you judgemental bast…s don’t try volunteering at some of theses places and you’ll see for yourself what really goes on.

    • Excuse me
      This is a forum for people who were harmed by AA
      Not someone like u
      It’s a helpful site for those needing support with leaving
      That doesn’t sound like u
      Does it?

      So u are here to represent ?

      To tell us you have 30 years

      30 years of what

      Brainwashed nonsense from a 1930’s modality
      That is failing horribly
      Causing people like Corey and Amy weinhouse to be dead ?

      Go back to ur predacious culty rooms were they will kiss your ass for your “time”

      Cause we don’t care about your stupid labels!

      One more thing

      Another woman blaming the victim , how disgusting !

    • anons,
      you are wrong, very very wrong.
      for want of more suitable word’s.
      i will use good and bad.
      there is good and bad in all walks of life.
      Not all of the teenagers and men and women,
      that go to AA do this. Some might. i have had men who have relapsed come to my door and try this with me.I
      didnt judge them or hate them for it
      i tried to help them.And i didnt go with them, i didnt take
      them up on it, not the drunk ones in AA or the sober ones.
      The people who first go to AA or rehabs should be getting supervised and helped by the staff.Or longer term sober members.
      Now the long term sober members who threw themselfs on me groped me tryed to slap there lips on mine, phoned me with obsenties.
      I dont judge them either.They were just sick broken people with sexual addiction and other problems.
      Those people harmed me at the time,scared me, just as i have harmed folk at times. But i gave them understanding. And put it in my past.While on this bolg i have walked through some of those things again, and felt anger at times while doing that.
      there is no judge and jury in my head or heart. they are in my past.Just as AA is.And AA as i expierienced it, was a cult.
      I didnt come here to sit in judgement of anyone in AA. And my own PRE AA beliefs were and still are to forgive.So eventually I forgave Them. No one else has to. People are free to think and be as they are.And in my life time i havent forgive some things over night.
      And if i ever want to have or make a judgement on someone or something i will.If i judge wrongly thats my problem. But when did it become a crime to make a judgement on something.
      i dont reckon i shall be answering any reply from you if there is one.
      im past careing what you think, i have got my own thoughts and im okay with mind isnt in turmoil.

    • You know I can’t believe that at one time I let women like u have ANY power whatsoever in my life. You really are RUTHLESS!!

      Once again though…proves my point that u brainwashed, ignorant, twisted minions are BATSHIT CRAZY!!!

      • And frankly the only ppl that care about your “sober time” are other brainwashed minions like yourself.

        Out here in the real world, where it really matters nobody gives a damn. If u caused harm to others with your alcohol abuse then u should not drink. Sweetheart that’s just doing what is right. If that’s your biggest accomplishment in life I feel sorry for u, I really do.

        Like massive said now run along and get your ass kissed by others as pathetic as yourself. Bye bye. 🙂

    • I really wonder if anons is Markey Mark himself. I don’t think anyone within a hundred miles of him would be on here supporting him, except him.

      At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where his heart was, it matters where his pecker was. It is not the intention that matters, it is the behavior. AND that is precisely where the disconnect is with the AA model. People have zero responsibility for their behavior, because it isn’t theirs, it is the sky daddy or the disease that makes them do things. I’m not in charge of me so if my heart is in the right place my dick can be anywhere. Preying on vulnerable people is a character defect that I must pray away and ask gawd to remove from me, but, hey, in the meantime, let’s bang some fresh stuff, shall we? Way more fun that way. And, as long as everybody plays along and keeps the secrets inside the secret society nothing happens to the predator/perpetrator. But, my my, people are starting to break the silence and looky what we have here. An organization crawling with predators and nut jobs doing all kinds of abusive, illegal and even deadly things to others.

      anons, there is nothing you can say that will lessen the facts of the abusive and predatory behavior of Marky Mark. Nothing. And, your attempt was totally pathetic.

      • So very true, spj. My disease made me do it, is just an excuse for predatory behavior. And if anons is a women it’s sickening and beyond reprehensible to make excuses for such behavior. The sick part is a lot of the women in AA do just that.

        They say, “what’s ur part in it” or “some are sicker than others” or tell u to pray for them. I mean come on, that doesn’t sit well with ppl outside of the cult…

  9. UYou ppl don’t know if he really did these things. Sounds like a crackhead trying to get some of his money. I lived in one of his houses for six months. And I’m still clean. Thank you GOD. For doorway to recovery. And mark.

    • I can’t resist…

      “UYou ppl don’t know if he really did these things” . That is true, I don’t, but others that are very close to the situation sure seem convinced. But nice try at what ever that was.

      “I lived in one of his houses for six months.” Oh, so you are a liar, thief and a cheat who was there because you aren’t all there? Your credibility to be an unbiased and accurate observer is now well established.

      ” And I’m still clean”. Yeah, well, so’s my dog so … what … exactly?

      “Thank you GOD” Would that be the Bill Wilson, Buchmanite, meddling, easily petitioned for parking spaces gawd or like a door knob or bed pan gawd? Specificity is imperative when invoking a gawd around us anti-AA folks that see right through all that horseshit.

      “For doorway to recovery. And mark.” Yes, many thanks to the predator and financial sleeze bag slum lord that makes money off desperate and vulnerable people and takes advantage of the women that come into his sphere of influence. The entire housing situation and his illustrious treatment of women would be forever tarnished were it not for your persuasive and eloquent post that served well to enlighten us morons here on this intertube, web bloggy thingy.

      “Sounds like a crackhead trying to get some of his money.” Interesting perspective. So, we don’t know anything, but your educated guess is one of the women was a crackhead extortionist because, well, it “sounds” like it. Sherlock Holmes I presume?

    • I also fell into his trap. Wanting to maintain my sobriety I moved into one of his homes, not before forking over a heft amount. He charges you $25 for every drug test, I have lived at two other phenomenal sober living houses. Neither of them charged us for drug test. Also the other two were based on the 12 steps, recovery, getting a home group, and service work, along with other rules. Not his homes, you don’t even have to work, as long as you pay your rent. Pretty much these are flop houses, people stay out past curfew, stay out all night, fraternize with other patients, woman clearly get special treatment. (Not surprising) I lasted a week and left. I was mad about not getting my money back, but my recovery is more important than the money I paid. I would advice anyone in this area not to go there. It is almost like he is running a cult instead of a recovery home. His background story changes depending on what your substance of choice is. He is super shady and not to be trust. I plead do your research on this guy. You do not want to fall into the trap I did

  10. This is still going on as I type this. Im in one of his homes right now. He’s preying on a female RIGHT NOW….AGAIN. This guy is married and has a daughter, too.

  11. DOORWAY TO RECOVERY – Recovery Homes – FALL-WINTER 2018

    Absolutely terrible environment for recovery and housing for both men & women. Director/Owner/Manager MARK BURCHELL claims many accolades and accomplishments that are completely false and fabricated stories. The deceptive and misleading image he portrays at all times used mostly to cover-up past scandals with sexually abusing/assaulting women members & continues to blackmail those less fortunate and addicts struggling in a desperate situation. His religious beliefs are forced constantly upon anyone in his presence. DO NO SUPPORT THIS ORGANIZATION IN ANY WAY ESPECIALLY LETTING LOVED ONES OR THOSE IN NEED STAY IN ONE OF DOORWAY TO RECOVERY HOUSES. This opinion is shared throughout the Southeast Michigan recovery community along with several articles online and local television news stories published.

    • DO not support AA in any way shape or form – AA is a belladonna hallucination crazy psychology cult that blames relapse victims when the AA hallucination does not cause them to recover dopamine receptors. A real doctor would be sued if he said people were dishonest if a certain method did not help them recover. And never mind that aa claims to be a “spiritual remedy”. Only people who are half bonkers don’t notice that AA is a abnormal psychology hallucination placebo.

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