(09/24/2015 Boston, MA) Mayor Martin Walsh smiles as he speaks at the Inner City Capital Connections Program event at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Staff Photo by Matt West.

(09/24/2015 Boston, MA) Mayor Martin Walsh smiles as he speaks at the Inner City Capital Connections Program event at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Staff Photo by Matt West.

DOES MARTY WALSH know that he is seriously breaking the AA 11th TRADITION by doing this? DOES HE CARE? What happens when he drinks again.  Well , maybe he wont. But really Marty? How are you being of “service” by labeling yourself in front of a group of regular folks there for a different reason? Did you here the DEAD NOISE in the room after he did it? Did he then realize that they were not laughing or saying…HI Marty…back to him. I saw the speech, and he didnt care. Marty Is so use to talking at AA meetings and being treated like an AA rock star that he didn’t even notice that the room went dead silent.

Here is the full story.

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32 thoughts on “MARTY WALSH MAYOR of BOSTON OPENS with ” HI Im MARTY and I”M an ALCOHOLIC!

  1. I wonder if he just committed career suicide through revealing this nugget at the DNC, especially with it’s huge audience? Beyond that, what about attraction not promotion? Steering clear of the media and maintaining anonymity? Seems like the mayor of Boston blew it.

    • This is what living in the AA fishbowl for 20 years does to a person’s perception. This jackass doesn’t even realize that most normal people would be ashamed to be in recovery for 20 years. Maybe his sponsor put him up to it.

      • Hi Michael- I think its a weird mindset that people in AA have after a long time. But I find that Movie stars, semi stars, music peeps, even the ones behind the lens, have a very distorted perception of themselves.

        The ” Im a sober ROCK “star among the reg people creates a monster of an ego.
        Not with people like ROBIN WILLIAMS, but it does fuck up one in the head to be told you are “Special” “different” and you are Better then others because you were a fuck up and now you are CLEAN AND SOBER….hmmmm….maybe not….maybe a whole lotta no your not — SO I agree with you 100 %.

        I hear from people in the DC area, that Joe Bidens son is a big mouth in that area. Like He also is the son of the VP but he brags about his sobriety in AA card like its something to be proud of. I will be glad when this is no longer looked at like this. It will take a few famous pp to come out who use another path to undo it. It will take the outing of AA for what it really is now in 2016.

        I know some famous people in Hollywood who have been really bullys to other sober very successful men. I also know one who is a serial Financial Predator owing over $250,000 to many men from that mens stagg. He belongs in jail.

    • No, in fact it is one thing that got him elected mayor. His opponent tried to shame him by bringing it and trying the “rigorous honesty” ploy. Marty spoke honestly about it and he won. Far from career suicide, the opponent then complained that he won with what he called the “addicts vote”. No one brought it to the forefront but him

      Marty can break his own anonymity.

      • No one speaks for aa on behalf of aa thats a violation of the cult traditions. Anonymity is the ‘spiritual foundation’ of aa. So its okay now to break anonymity if it provides political leverage? More contradictions..its so funny how the revered word of aa suddenly means jack when it suits. Jeez you guys are so fickle.

  2. SO true ROb- But with our Drug Czar Michael Bottecelli already doing it all over the eastern seaboard…Who cares anymore. They use it as some sort of BADGE– till they relapse– In my world I think– WOW- they are breaking their traditions in a huge way….but on the other hand I think AA NY loves the free Publicity.

  3. Read this guys Wiki page, its fascinating. He recovered from a childhood cancer and lived to finish school and pursue politics; I presume wanting to make a difference. Apparently he has 20+ years sober and is a sort of human rights activist.
    Go to Wikipedia and search Alcoholic Recovery and you can see 1000’s of celebrities, politicians, musicians, artists, inventors etc listed who admittedly have time in 12 step.
    Why hasn’t anyone created a Wiki page for leaving AA? Its an important and valid part of the discussion. Stinkin’ thinkin’ does not have a page and neither does your movie.
    All this stuff belongs up there on the user content encyclopedia.
    You can do it!

    • How about a wiki page for the Anti-AA movement? Orange Papers, this site, etc… I’m not even how sure to create one of those pages, but it’s a good idea.

      Another thought would be a Wiki page for alternative recovery therapies… SInclair Method, HARM, SMART

      • I think it has to be created by a third party so it isn’t promotional. And it’s best created by someone with good writing skills and education.
        I too think its a good idea; the discussion is healthier if balanced, without opinion and organization contrary to the 12 step movement this is impossible. I believe the editors look for objective info and not subjective opinion.
        I believe the film which is a hard media creative doccument deserves its own page.

  4. People were silent? I noticed that people were silent when the other speakers introduced themselves, too. It is called listening to what they have to say. I saw that with the RNC speakers, too. It is respectful.

    • Also he was involved in classes..what class? some kind of religeous education with a certificate at the end…

      • Some people don’t deal with sobriety well, and being around another sober person just makes it worse.

        from the comments section of the article…

  5. I have a feeling I’m not alone, but I’m just wondering if anyone encountered what I did during my short stay in AA. I heard way too many comments made by some members that insinuated that because they were recovering addicts that they were some how special as a result. Don’t get me wrong, I believe recovering from any addiction is a great thing. The only difference between them and me is I now believe I’m recovered and I don’t have to live the rest of my life in recovery, thank goodness. However, recovery itself is not what seemed to be growing these individuals egos. Some members actually voiced that they were glad they were alcoholics because this introduced them to the special program of AA and the 12-Steps for which some actually believed gave them an enlightenment that the average person could not obtain therefore making them special. It appeared to me that some almost wore being an alcoholic as a badge of honor. Maybe that was the case with this politician. I wish I was making this up, but I heard this BS rhetoric with my own ears. It didn’t make me mad like it did when I used to hear some of these same fanatics compare their so called disease to other diseases such as Cancer, MS, Heart Disease, etc.., but their ego trips were a big turn off to me personally and just one more red flag that led me to find out more about a program I soon learned I’d made a big mistake getting mixed up.

    • I can confirm that i heard the direct quote of being ‘chosen ones’ many times. Chosen as in god choosing. Its funny to think back on it now.

      • Wow, I figured it wasn’t just a few crazies at the local AA I attended here in West Texas. As a matter of fact, it didn’t seem to matter where I went in Texas. Similarities existed at every out of town meeting I attended. It’s nuts!

    • JASWIM– OHHH BOY !!! Did you nail it on the head. This is EXACTLY what I heard for years. I hated it. SO weird…..It’s time things change.

      • It’s weird alright! Maybe some of it’s intentional. Make it’s members feel special so they will want to keep coming back.

  6. Yes, everything sucks, if it didn’t suck in some way it couldn’t survive on earth.
    The trick is sucking just enough and in the right ways so that some definition of personal success can be achieved. Its a waste of time trying to be all positive; my goal is to provide good service, create, and be somewhat decent but also suck.
    I like this politician, he sucks in ways that most politicians don’t suck and excels in others. He provides the diversity that nature demands. People like Ma Theresa, Dali Lama and Gandhi suck because they are anomalies that confuse the masses into believing there is some human condition that can be achieved that doesn’t suck. That really sucks!

  7. Walsh is a ridiculous fool. Why does thie city of Boston elect sleaze balls like
    this guy for serious public office. The introduction at the DNC was inappropriate and deliberate. He used AA for personal political gain. No humility…only caculated
    introduction that is expressly used at AA meetings. The DNC venue is not an AA
    platform. The last truly decent Mayor of Boston was the late Kevin White. The voters of Boston deserve better political candidates then what has been served up these last few decades.

    • M Roberts – I agree- this made me so mad. I heard he was a stepper. Goes to show how High up and how embedded they all are in positions of power and influence.

      A woman who ran the entire penal system in CA. was on the AA Board for a time. ARGHHHH!

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