Mendez VS Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office of Santa Clarita

Update: Addressing AA Lawsuit by Karla Brada’s Parents Jaro and Hector Mendez.

Court August 19th , 2016: Judge Rita Miller gave a trial Date for early 2017. AA Santa Clarita AA Central Office showed up this time.  More will come. Justice will be served for all those Murdered by Men court ordered to AA…and more…lots more!

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34 thoughts on “Mendez VS Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office of Santa Clarita

  1. Oh, I hope justice will come. It’s time AA and its members to become accountable for their words and actions.


  2. I knew you had to have left something out. There is a hearing 11/23/2016. That is when it will get tossed out.

    11/23/2016 at 09:01 am in department 16 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Hearing on Demurrer((AS TO DEFT. SCV CENTRAL OFFICEOF A.A, INC. ONLY))

      • yes we know about that date but The Judge — a real person and real judge set a trial date and many other dates besides these two dates. I was in COURT…

        • I don’t doubt that you were but that doesn’t change anything. If you follow the evolution of the caes, the same thing happened last year when the demurrer hearing concluded with Judge Rita accepting the position of AA. That was last November despite that there was also a trial date set in January. Another hearing followed in Dec, and then the Court officially announced that it sided with AA and GSO in January.

          Interestingly enough, the attorneys for AA used CA case law that determined there was no duty owed to Karla. This case more directly approaches AA in its practice. You will notice too that the other defendants have been relieved, too. That bodes favorably for Intergroup.

          I am not God nor did I portend to be. I have simply followed it to a logical conclusion, one that has been reached before with the same fact base.

          I notice you deleted my earlier post that posed a good question – what do the Mendezes expect to gain from suing this Intergroup that never met Karla and didn’t know who she was?

          • You are not Donita- there is another blogger with that name already (snip) Karla’s actions were independant of AA it seems. I am surprised really that they even tried to sue. Karla lived with, and was engaged to, her killer. She brought him into her home. When he battered her she bailed him out from jail and had him back, dropping any charges. So sad, that was a warning she did not heed.

            • You people are the most disgusting group of individuals I have ever met.

              I brought AA meetings into Oahu Prison in the mid 1970’s with a group of caring Hawaiians when I was in my early 20’s- ( brainwashed Stepper that I was) . Those killers had more heart and soul then the two of you. Blaming Karla….How dare you. Talking legal stuff like you are a lawyer or whatever….

              DID you sit in court day after day listening to the testimony …I did– boy did I learn alot…

              what the FRYS did— her AA sponsors convincing her to go bail out Eric, after he beat her up. —The Fry guy and he were friends from Prison — I have never heard of such rubbish in my life . Also knowing about the intricacies of Domestic Violence which was a part of what she experienced. A complicated issue for many who are murdered by a VIOLENT Offender who was court ordered 55 times over 22 to AA meetings —

              or haven’t you seen my film The 13th Step yet?

              ALSO Area 05 in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA was already warned by me and a few others about the dangers that were occurring in AA ALL over California. Paul Cleary wrote a 7 page letter to the Board in 2008. The Board Voted to do nothing. The Pacific Regional Service Assembly held in LA in 2010, at a Hotel near LAX< 500 + Attendees, had a round table discussion about the Predators in AA. ROOM filled to the brim documenting hundreds of deadly stories all over the 9 states , 15 regions that encompass The Pacific Region of Alcoholics Anonymous . What did Santa Clarita AA Central Office do to WARN the public and AA members, that these men who were violent offenders were seating in your meetings up there? NOTHING ! They knew! YES AA it THAT ORGANIZED. YES AA is CONNECTED from Meeting, to District, to area, to State, by GSR, Area Chairs, Delegates, Pacific Regional Trustees connecting every meeting to the top of the pyramid in NYC. The 3 non profits that comprise AA in its many forms. ALL with BOARD Members that are responsible for their members. THAT Is LAW- NON PROFIT LAW> . Move along . I will be deleting all of your posts, your trolling and any reincarnations of yourselves you try to Create. I have your IP address. POOF---- gone!

              • Whoa. It’s good to hear a human being for a change. My home group has gone crazy this year as well. We have people drumming up drama wholesale. The war cry to the abused is ; what’s your part in it or I’m not getting involved. They do not see that not getting involved is getting involved. Telling the creeps it’s ok continue.
                To sin by silence is to make cowards of men.

  3. (snip )

    Paul Cleary was angry that he didn’t get his desired result, but that isn’t the same as saying that it was ignored or not discussed. It was and it was decided that any issue should be handled at group level. Every year, this is reiterated in an AA publication.

    But let’s say that Intergroup DID have a pamphlet it together by …(snip ) a

    You can delete all you like, Massive, but nothing changes the events schedule. It is a matter of record at the courthouse and anyone can see it. Delete.

    • Even if it’s thrown out, that doesn’t mean it’s justice…

      AA needs to warn new ppl that not everyone there is safe. I don’t want to hear your rebuttals. They do, that’s the end of the story!

      • What it does mean is that AA, GSO and more than likely Intergroup are not culpable. You have to be able to make a case. I think the fat lady will sing in November, and that will exhaust everything the Mandezes can do. They cannot bring additional suits against AA and GSO. I imagine that will also b true for SC Intergroup.

        Intergroup doesn’t go to meetings. People buy literature from it.

        • The lawyers make a case. Hundred is not thousands who have left AA actually do have cases. They just walk away. EVEN the other parents of Dead , Murdered, raped children. Central office tells the world of Santa CLarita where to attend meetings, answers teh phone for 12 step calls and refers the Public to AA meetings. THEY ALL KNOW – who is sitting in their meetings out there.

          Maybe you are this stupid but I was IN AA for decades and even I know all this – like – How it works— More About Alcoholism- blah blah blah- go to a meeting and talk about my blog why dont you or have you already. Character assassinating me.

          Oh— oopps — another chance to ask GOD to forgive you for your short comings. I am guessing you in SC.

          • Sure, attorneys make the case and John Noland failed to do with with AAWS and GSO. (Snip ) You can’t even point to anything that SCIntergroup could have done to benefit Karla as they never knew her or talked to her.

            (snip) I see no reason to go to a meeting to talk about your blog or anything else. I find it interesting that no one is encouraged to read the information or to do anything but follow your lead blindly, something you claim millions of AAs have done since 1935.

            • Okay lets say in 80 years 10 million alcoholics were saved by “AA”.

              Next lets divide 10,000000 (thanks Mike D) by 80 yrs,


              Pretty short on efficacy…

              and to think they won’t put in any safety measures is laughable.

              • Unprofessional un licensed quack therapists lol just really you make me laugh..

                So what safety guidelines are there,

                post away and put the world to rights…

                • I’m looking forward to to AA’s spokesperson divulging where and what they do to ensure member safety, when immersed in an unregulated, unmitigated, highly religious self help group with a very poor efficacy rate..people are getting wiser…don’t you think the world has enough god and all it’s violence and lies and suffferings,

                  Hoping to see some emapthy that isnt Fake xx

                  namaste? apparently,

  4. NEWS FLASH- to any person who does not like this blog LEAVING AA.

    Go create your own blog. This is not the orange papers or stinkin thinkin. I pay for the server. I talk to ex steppers who have been raped, children murdered and raped.

  5. I think the real question is, not only who or what may have a legal responsibility to make AA safe As much as the moral responsibility we must not shy away from. We say we want to be morally correct and of service to God and the people around us. We have made AA a playground for people who take advantage of our members. We are responsible for the hand of AA to reach down for a hand up. Not the hand of an abuser looking to put down.

    • You couldn’t be more right, but this happens on a group level, the very thing that Paul Cleary argued against. Do you reach out to newcomers and suggest gender specific meetings? Do you pull people aside whose behavior is questionable? Do you point out that not everyone’s motive for coming to AA has to do with getting sober? Some are just there to appease someone.

      I have done all of these things, but there will still be things I cannot help. Besotted people are going to do what they choose to do and there isn’t much I can do about it

      • It has also been asked that you refrain from posting and have had you username blacklisted.

        Despite this here you are again telling everyone what to do about this that and the other ineffective measures on member safety

        Yet you continue to post over and over using many sock puppets,which clearly shows that if someones got enough obsessive inertia no amount of having a word will make one iota of difference.

        Jeez y’know you arent clever at all.

  6. At a minimum these lawsuits shed light on how very dangerous AA and NA meetings are. That is why Karla is dead by her AA boyfriend.


    So they exposed Karla to this violent twisted madman and he killed her. Thanks AA for nothing. You should be afraid of how twisted and violent your members are and protect those you profess to serve. Instead you create a perfect storm for death, rape and devastation. Violent criminals in AA and NA Meetings Articles

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