Country Singer-Mindy McCready Dead Of An Apparent Suicide- Another person not WANTING AA REHAB!

This is very very sad.

On Jan. 30, a judge has ordered McCready to be committed to a treatment facility to deal with mental health and alcohol issues. However, after undergoing a series of tests, she was released from the facility the following day and allowed to enter into an outpatient program.

mindy mcgready pic

How can we reach the media. How can we reach these parents?

Forced to a life of AA steppers wacko 1939 religion and cult. Not everyone has the strength to fight their controlling ways. Her father had his part in it. He had her children taken away. Is he a stepper? I don’t know.

I’m glad I found Stanton Peele’s books, ADDICTION PROOF YOUR CHILD, ALBERT ELLIS Books, The Sinclair Method, Smart REcovery, SOS, AMY LEE COY, and so I could see AA for the nut house it is.

read the full story here …

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52 thoughts on “Country Singer-Mindy McCready Dead Of An Apparent Suicide- Another person not WANTING AA REHAB!

  1. Another person with mental illness obviously unaddressed because they just “couldn’t get it” in the 12 step ritual.

  2. Mindy McCready appeared in Season 3 of “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr.Drew and the public display and humiliation it causes to those it ensnares in its 12 Step torture of the human mind on public television. True to the 12 Step phenomenon of blaming the victim, Dr. Drew blamed it on the fact that she just didn’t follow the program.

    “Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment,” Dr. Drew says

    • JR wow thanks for that info

      I had no idea she was on celebrity rehab….it was a gut feeling…I F**KING hate this. We need out own reality Anti AA show. WTF….

      IT ‘s maddening. Thank you all for chiming in on this sad sad story.

  3. So very sad. I am sure asking what her part in all of the problems in her life did not help if she was mentally unstable. I wonder who the gun was registered to. People with drug, alcohol and mental illness issues should not have guns.

    • Celebrities like her need guns to protect themselves. No gun law would have protected her from herself. Besides, who the hell am I to judge her decision, I have no way to know her pain. I can only imagine what it would be like to be public property and have the entire AA entertainment complex in my business. How would you like to live a life of fair-weather friends, relatives, and lovers? I am sure they would want to get me sober because I am so great and important to society (not to mention their bottom line and personal status). But then again, no one wants to hear the truth; they want to hear some crap about how she got sober in AA to live a life beyond anyone’s dream. They want a poster child for AA which is what they got because she didn’t drink the cool-aid and died. If only she had gotten sober, we would still have our treasure. She showed them, she got out, she won; rest in peace.

      • I disagree, within 1 month of each other 2 people died in the same house from suicide from a gun. No gun- no self inflicted gunshot wound. Statistically people are more likely to die by suicide when a gun is in the house. Especially if someone is known to be mentally ill and an addict.

        • To be clear it was her boyfriend and father of her 10 month old son who is believed to have killed himself on the same porch that she did just one month ago. Some speculate that she might of killed him. Either way a suicidal, mentally ill, drug addicted person should not have a gun, or there be one in the house. Bad idea.

          • We do not need gun control or war on drugs, it does not work. What has worked for the past 200 years is solid hands on parenting, community instead of individual greed, and a level field in regard to government/ public gun ownership.

            A celebrity will be the last person to give up their gun. They are above the law. Drugs are illegal yet drug overdoses account for many more suicides than guns.

            From the CDC;
            Every day in the United States, 87 people die as a result of unintentional poisoning, and another 2,277 are treated in emergency departments (ED).1
            91 percent of unintentional poisoning deaths were caused by drugs. Opioid pain medications were most commonly involved, followed by cocaine and heroin.2

            I believe that when government disarms its citizens that all freedom is lost. Our forefathers knew this and that is why it’s in our bill of rights.
            Right now in America we are at the point where we are nearly completely dependent on government. The price for this service is servitude through taxes and the inability to save via inflation. Control and regulation continually infringe a persons right to create and live freely.

            Take away the guns and drugs and the servant can’t choose whether or not to participate. They are either on welfare or part of the force.

            In 1911, Turkey established gun control.
            From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control.
            From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            In 1935, China established gun control.
            From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

            In 1938, Germany established gun control.
            From 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

            In 1956, Cambodia established gun control.
            From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people were unable to defend themselves, and were rounded up for extermination.

            In 1964, Guatemala established gun control.
            From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            In 1970, Uganda established gun control.
            From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

            Don’t think America is capable of this?
            Try these sites.






  4. This is heartbreaking. This is why getting the truth about the truth out regarding effects of 12 step programs is so imporant. I can just see the pro steppers smugly smiling right now. They revel in the deaths of those who dont comply. I can just hear my sponsors saying right now…. SOME MUST DIE SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE… Will anyone listen now? Why… Whats changed. Im disgusted. Many more have died and continue to die in AA and NA. No one cares till it hits home…

    • I didn’t know her so I don’t have much feeling about it. Those I did know who died in AA did brought great sorrow. The feeling was similar to that of having ones heart torn from the chest while the flesh relaxes and melts toward the ground. You go to the meetings and realize that you too are vulnerable to the beliefs. You hopefully wake up and see that one was a coincidence but dozens were not. AA is cruelty dressed in a suit of benevolence. It is coercion wearing in the full armor of a God and every religion ever known. The band plays on as the imaginary ship sinks.

      • Anon
        I didn’t know her either but I feel the frustration and I somehow connected with a part of her as a singer. Im a mother, and thank GOD when I found Smart and SOS and ST , I no longer talked about AA to my children.

        I learned about Moderation, Dr Kern, Other books that were written in this century.

    • Illbefree- omg that is so f**ked up, but I know what you mean. They say that kind of crazy stuff.

      I recently found out that the 3rd tradition is not so anyone can feel welcome no matter how much you didn’t or did drink.

      It was created for gays. The only requirement for AA membership is the desire to stop drinking. Marty Mann’s Bio. Its interesting. I almost threw it in the trash last year when someone sent it to me blindly.

      Now Im getting to know my enemies better.

      WOW does that line get twisted and turned to suit the sayer.

  5. God that is horrible, I can understand, all the years I have gone to AA NA they set people up by saying work the steps or die. I know for me I am still alive, 4 months ago I had a friend what OD ed and died, he was a NA book gick and a relapse just as well, he would try to get me to be in the active part of NA but I never would, I told him to be careful of that program because people what have mental illness are more effected by those NA readings, I would tell him that I stay clean and sober I go to a meeting everyday and when the meetings over with I am done, I do not want a sponsor or hang around with my own gender, I have civil rights being in this country since these people want to control everyone’s life, they arnt controlling mine. I have known a lot of people what have died in the program because of them members big mouths, NA AA can kiss my ass.

  6. I thank Charlie Sheen for having the guts to go public about the crazy AA/NA world. I too was trapped in it & it drove me to the point of planning my own death. “Do the Steps or die” is a dangerous mantra among other stupid slogans. It is a dangerous mind-fcuk in those rooms.

    • Bitter too. I loved what Charlie did. I got to meet him last month and tell him how much we all loved what he did. !!! It made him happy. I told him there is a whole anti stepper community out here.

      He gave me a big non AA hug!!! 🙂

  7. 30% of the nine celebrities of Season 3 of “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr.Drew are dead.

    Mindy McCready – Suicide Feb. 17, 2013
    Joey Kovar – Suspected drug overdose Aug. 17, 2012
    Mike Starr – Prescription-drug overdose March 8, 2011

    The 6 celebrities still alive.

    Dennis Rodman
    Heidi Fleiss
    Kari Ann Peniche
    Lisa D’Amato
    Mackenzie Phillips
    Tom Sizemore

    Breakdown of the show and celebrities:

    • Wow JR, that is amazing.
      The sad thing is that with AA’s 5% success rate they may all be dead soon. I had to leave, I just couldn’t watch the slow motion train wreck any longer. It got to the point that I didn’t want to meet new people in AA, that way it wouldn’t hurt as bad when they died. Of the half dozen or so people I knew who died in AA only one died of self inflicted gun shot.

  8. yea it is true, them AA thump nuts are dangerous with there crap and slander, when I first started going years ago I thought it was a need to get a permit to buy fire arm to keep at home, there’s guys in there what would like to beat me up because they do not like the person that I am, I wish i could right on here and tell the stuff I have experience threw the years,

    I guess i can say I must be somewhat lucky or what, I have some what seem to figure that there is some sort of a goon squad or what I’m not sure but I do not trust the members, I do not get into any cars or talk over the telephone, to them,
    and i am rude to the ones I do not like,

    I know that it seems like why go back for? but I feel like it is my right to go for my self. and I anonymously support anti AA NA web sites

  9. Article-

    Gun-related suicides are getting attention again after singer Mindy McCready’s death.

    Country singer Mindy McCready, whose troubled personal life often overshadowed her music, made several suicide attempts using pills in the past decade. She died this time when she used a gun.

    The role of guns in suicide is receiving renewed attention in the national debate over firearms violence after the shootings in Newtown, Conn. About 19,000 of the more than 31,000 gun-related deaths in the USA each year are due to suicide — far outnumbering gun-related homicides.

    Complete story-

  10. I have no sympathy for suicides. Period. I have known severaI in my years and they were aII reaIIy screwed up with or without a 12 step program, booz, or dope.

    This McReady woman had fame, fortune, and 2 chiIdren to Iive for. If that is not good enough, tough.

    Further, to dump responsibiIity for her suicide on AA is just wrong- going to some meetings and a rehab is not a justification to kiII oneseIf. SuicidaI Iosers wiII find a way, gun or otherwise.

    AII right aII you whiney, sicko, Ieftist, Ioser women on this site, have at it. I’ve given you pIenty to get your bitch on about…

    • Depression is an illness. People who commit suicide have died from depression. As someone who has suffered from depression since at least age 12 (and it runs in my family on both sides), I do have quite a bit of empathy for people who suffer and die of it.

      • Of the half dozen or so people in AA that I new who suicided, two committed due to being dumped by their girlfriend, the others died due to hopelessness related to their inability to do the AA program while not being offered options. Most of those I knew in AA that were taking anti-depressants were able to attend meetings and be reasonably comfortable. I only know one who was taking meds that suicided, he overdosed on the pills in combination with drinking Listerine. I tried to show him options, he refused.

    • Yuk,

      Im not going to comment on most of what you said. However, I would like to say that you do indeed have a pattern and seem to enjoy criticizing women in a crude negative way.

      You dont like women do you? Maybe this anger has something to do with your mother?

      Try reading the thread again; with an open mind. Half of the comments were made by MEN with similar points.

  11. yuk, yuk, yuk- well well we haven’t seen you for a while.

    Kinda cold hearted …don’t ya think? I was once a hard ass with a tude like yours when I was 20 about suicide. But as I grew up I grew some compassion. From being in AA way too long I know a few…my brother in law did it last summer and Ryan did it last JUNE>

    SO here’s my ass kicking advice for you to take or leave…

    GO get some water, a sprinkler can, some organic plant food, some nice organic soil and feed your fucking soul cause you need something dude!

    • Nice (snip)there massive.

      In this case the suicidaI creep not onIy offed herseIf, she kiIIed the famiIy dog. TaIk about trying to do maximum harm to the famiIy and her chiIdren…and you want to defend that?

      Honey, you (snip) are going to feeI sorry for her and bIame a 12 step program that she effectiveIy rejected, in no smaII part because you are desperate for materiaI.

      AA certainIy has its probIems, but I can see the cadre on this site is just as warped in their views as AAs Ieadership. You are going to have to do better.

      I wiII be sure to inform (snip) of your advice the next time I see him..

      • yuk yuk man AA- your post here makes us all see the arrogant a hole AA member you are. Your condescending, better then attitude always prevails and overrides any spirituality you might think you have…..whatever…..

        WHo the F***do you think do you are…

        your gonna tell my husband, WHAT are you nuts? Do you think my husband is my father? Do you even know my husband?

        DO you think this is an episode of Big Love. It’s not.

        Do you know my husband. DO you have the balls to say anything to him…. GO AHEAD …..I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!

        Oh and btw mr fancy pants … there are more men posting right now who have left AA because of men just like you, Controlling , punitive, condescending , and judgmental.

        Welcome to the happy wacko cult of alcoholics anonymous!

        You seem like a happy guy, all the beautiful words you have to say towards others wow thats amazing, did you learn that in AA too, how to be so loving and kind towards others.

        Why are you even here. AA must be really working for you. Go find your self a pro AA site to spew your crap.

        Your banned you troll. Stay off my site. NOW!!!

  12. One can debate about how sympathetic one could or should be about suicide. Either way it does not take away the fact that it is a tragic event and AA does play a role in suicides. AA even admits to it based on their own experience, and I suspect based on a lawsuit. Check it out here on the AA approved literature.

    Here is a book that just came out ‘ Inside Rehab“ How it could work better, and why it doesn’t.

    A startling new investigation of addiction programs says 28 days and 12 steps add up to inadequate treatment

    So we are not alone with the knowledge of how the 12 step cult has failed millions of people. This is not a gender driven cause, as many men are involved exposing the atrocities of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

    Now Dr. Drew has 5 people who were on his watch on Celebrity Rehab that are now dead. He is a joke whining over and over on TV comparing alcoholism to cancer. Sticking to his disease theory that helps send people to their grave. He talked to McCready about 10 days before her death at the urging of her loved ones. Obviously they were pro 12 step and wanted Dr Drew to talk to her. She did not want to be in rehab. Why not have in house help, and have someone helping her from the comfort of her home? She should not have been alone and should not have had access to guns. Her boyfriend apparently was a gun enthusiast. That did not help protect either one of them.

    Maybe it was good the children were taken away so this was not a potential murder suicide.

  13. I left AA several years ago for SOS, but was in it for about 13 years. I can think of 4 people in AA who killed themselves, and one in ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics). One man had gone off his psychiatric medication cold turkey; I don’t know if it was voluntary or not, or if he had been encouraged to go off it by AA members or not. He came to an SOS meeting the day before Thanksgiving, and was feeling depressed because he had accidentally hit a cat with his car. He didn’t say anything about feeling suicidal though. He then spent Thanksgiving with his family and we later heard he killed himself that weekend. From personal experience with an abusive family, though I don’t know if his was or not, I know how spending time with them can trigger suicidal thoughts. That was the main reason I broke off contact with mine. I also knew a woman in AA who committed suicide by taking pills, a man who shot himself, and an old boyfriend who killed himself. He was engaged and I think his fiance had broken up with him. Other people in AA were saddened by their deaths; they were not glad that they had committed suicide because they were, or supposedly were, not working the program well enough. I personally was suicidal a great deal of the time in AA, but I had had suicidal thoughts even in childhood. My depression actually got better when I first joined AA, but worsened a few months later when I had a head injury. Many people go into the “programs” with serious problems to begin with, and our past drinking/drugging hasn’t helped. I don’t think it can all be blamed on the 12-step programs. As for the guy in ACOA who committed suicide (only in his early twenties), he did have a rotten childhood. Sometimes I think talking too much about past abuse makes one feel worse and worse, so maybe part of his suicide could be blamed on ACOA for encouraging that. But then, a lot of so-called therapists do that too. One other bad thing I will say about ACOA is that they say you can have a beautiful new relationship with your parents if you work the steps. It takes two to make a relationship, and if the other person is drinking/using, abusive or mentally ill and not doing anything to change themselves, there is no way anyone can have a healthy relationship with them, no matter how hard they try. So if you believe what ACOA says about that, you are basically set up to fail.

    • One thing I can blame on 12 step culture is that if a person suffers from depression and also drinks to excess; it seems they are far more likely to be treated for alcoholism in a 12-step oriented facility than receive actual professional help for their mental illness. When the “alcoholism” becomes the be-all and end-all in “treatment” for that person, with the main goal being to get them to stick in XA; the outcome for their neglected depression may well not be very good.

    • I agree with you about the ACOA stuff. Working the steps to deal with childhood trauma is a huge mistake.

      Bill and Bob and Oxford make them up to help the worst of the worst drunks just STOP DRINKING! Nothing else. The way pop psych uses AA 12 steps like a “design for living” like parroting in AA meetings.

      This practice is very very harmful. I tried and It was horrendous.

  14. Thank you my friends for honestly addressing this sensitive subject…most of you with mutual respect, intelligence, integrity and compassion. I do not know what it is about another human being’s suffering and death that brings out such nastiness in one(s) still on the top-side of the soil. But I never want to understand people such as that, because to understand them, I’d have to be at least somewhat like them; and to be anything like them would make me vomit from my eyelids…


    There are a myriad of factors that contribute to an individual committing suicide. The complexity of it is mind boggling and psychiatry, psychology, ministry and even medicine have not figured this unfortunate dichotomy out entirely yet. Still, one thing is clear; AA, NA and other 12 step programs have shown to be very harmful to many people’s emotional and mental well-being. One of the primary tenants of practitioners responsible for caring for ill people is “Do No Harm”…

    12 step programs would do well to consider that tenant.

    Being in AA harmed me. That is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I did not kill myself or anyone else but I have empathy for those who have suffered to unimaginable degrees. To fail to help hurting people in this society and to only attack them after the fact, is irresponsible, negligent and in some cases…deadly.

    If a person is already struggling with depression, which is by the way REAL disease, AA does not help. Toying with the minds and emotions of people with mental and emotional illnesses is just ignorant and dangerous. And if that is too hard for any adult of average to low intelligence to understand then it is also too hard for me to explain it to that person.

    If a person is already dealing with suicidal ideation; AA does not help. Constantly telling a suicidal person that he or she will DIE if they do not do this or DIE if they do not do that is exceedingly harmful and dangerous. It causes the individual to hyper-focus the individual of intense outcomes, emotionality and death-centered extremes, outcomes and effects. This is DANGEROUS for any person with suicidal thoughts. If the people in AA do not understand that, they ought not be working with other individuals as they do…and they don’t understand it, as we know. This is why SMART does not allow sponsorship. It is unwise…unprofessional and unhealthy.

    If a person suffers the loss of a significant other through suicide, AA does not help. It has been shown that when a suicide occurs within one’s family or circle of friends, the instances of further suicide in that circle increases. These treatment programs ought to be responsible for knowing this as it is common knowledge among true practitioners.

    In fact, AA, directly due to the manner in which unqualified sponsors mistreat people and the non-sensical “treatment” outlined by Bill W. who slowly killed himself via excessive and addictive smoking, causes people dealing with depression and anxiety to experience worsening of their symptoms which in some cases leads to increased suicide attempts and suicides.

    Any intelligent and literate person can discern this independently through due diligence, study and proper research.

    Men and women struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation need and deserve valid, research-based medical and mental help. For those who have no compassion for these people, perhaps a contemplation of the fact that these people surround us all might at least bring on some concern due to the fact that these people are all around us. They do not just kill themselves.

    Mental illness deserves proper care and treatment for the good of all.

    Substance over use and abuse issues deserve proper care and treatment for the good of all.

    Gun ownership issues deserve proper consideration and regulation for the good of all.

    To deny these things indicates a level of ignorance and arrogance that negates any further validation for discourse with such an obtuse commenter.

    For the rest of us…

    How can we do better?

    • One thing I am noticing since the Sandy Hook killings and shootings since then is the topic of the state of our mental health system. I do not remember quite so much attention it being given. Do not know if anything will become of it, but it is a beginning at having a dialogue at how both the mental health and drug and alcohol treatment in this country need serious help.

      Did the hospital that McCready was in know she had access to guns? What outpatient treatment was ordered? Was it 12 step? Was she on anti depressants? Did anyone offer to come stay with her once she left? Probably because she was famous she was able to wield some power and get out of the facility so soon. Why did her father ask to take her kids away? Was she suicidal?

      Considering her boyfriend died from a gun, I assume was his since he was a gun enthusiast, and she was still under some suspicion in regard to the death of her boyfriend- that her family or the police would of tried to ascertain if she indeed had access to guns. The system
      certainly failed in this situation.

      • Been around those nuts in West LA also for years. Some seriously sick scumbags on “powerless” trips. The regulars in the Alano Club,the Marina Center & Share are sick as hell & dangerous to be around nevermind being sponsered by. I seriously wouldn’t let children & teens to be around most of these nuts. Those people are losers in life & those rooms are the only thing going for them. Up in the Bay area there is the Dry Dock & a club in San Carlos & you will see the same types of people.

  15. AntiDenial the following link will answer some of your questions regarding Mindy McCready:

    She was in a terrible place after her boyfriend and father of her youngest child killed himself. She had been doing much better prior to his suicide. She had started work on an Anti_Suicide video prior to her death:

    Someone she LOVED and was so close to actually killed himself. She found him dying… Can anyone who has not been thru that even imagine it? Since she was someone who had attempted suicide several times before this COULD have been a HUGE red flag for those around her because suicides often follow suicides… And the fact that others that she has known due to the reality show also committed suicide has likely affected her as well.

    Suicide stirs up something in vulnerable people (especially young people) that ignites MORE suicide. Professionals know this; reality-show treatment-quacks, AA & NA yahoos obviously do not know this!

    Her father could have gotten help in the house for her and the children instead of having the state come and put her children into state run foster care because she was unable to get out of bed after her man shot himself in the head. I mean SERIOUSLY! Resources were available. Now her youngest child has suddenly lost his father and his mother. And if this child of tragedy grows up depressed, addicted, suicidal and homicidal one day, I guess the spit-wads will all blame him for that as well? I hope things have changed by then. I really do!

    She also needed to remain in the hospital because she seemed to be utterly unable to function. I do not know why they allowed her to leave.

    Dr. Drew Pinsky attempted to defend the rehab show today on the View. He reminded me so much of the typical AA BS talkers when he refused to take any responsibility. Is anything ever their fault? Do they ever ask themselves what “their part” in anything is?

    Hear “dr” Drew on The View via the link below:

    Even though 5 people related to his “treatment” program have committed suicide… he and his program admit no responsibility according to him because the person is responsible to follow their own program. It is Mindy alone who failed.

    Remind us of any damned thing?

    But this shyt is his bread and butter. It is not like we can ever expect him to be rigorously honest—especially since EVENTUALLY someone may have the nads to sue him and the show and the so-called “treatment-program” for malpractice.

    Thanks Massive! The way they are handling this is a perfect example of what we have been discussing and not extra “material” for us to use. This is someone’s LIFE.

    Many of us have actually felt the PAIN of seeking help in AA and NA, yet only getting harmed. We know what kind of “help” she got. And REALLY ultimately, I do feel that she bore responsibility for choices…even in her very weakened state. No one is saying that she is not responsible. Look! She is dead! What more punishment can she bear for not “following the phuckin program?”

    The real point here is I think death is the price one pays for TRYING to follow the phuckin BS program from hell and the crack of Bill W.’s delusional ass.

    12 step programs drive many people to suicide. It is a FACT…(as well hidden as it may be). Unfortunately, they (the program’s suicide victims) simply can’t testify to that right now…but common sense would at least beg the damned question…

    How many people have to die?


    Anyone who honestly would like to learn more about how exposure to AA & NA effects vulnerable adults is welcome to read the piece I wrote on the subject last month…unfortunately there is plenty of “material” & victims to draw from…Please also go to the links provided within the piece.

    Does AA & NA Bullying Contribute to Violence and Suicides

    • ILLBEFREE- Any news on why her boyfriend Wilson committed suicide( assuming he did )? She was apparently doing better, he also was a new father of a son and in a relationship with a beautiful talented woman.

      There seems more to this than meets the eye.

    • ALL of THIS leaves me feeling as I felt months and months ago when I wrote this:

      Snowy Clear Clean Blue

      Snowy clear clean blue…





      Snowy clear clean blue…

      Clean clear blue cold


      The distant fainting trill

      Of effervescent waves

      Vibrating over water

      Drowning as it saves

      Filling tombs with echoes

      Hearts with love denied

      Stillness shunned by sightless atoms

      Chilling tears once cried

      Snowy clear clean blue

      The heavens I have found

      There’s naught left dear to do

      ‘cept melt into wet ground

      Blue clean snowy clear

      Sharp white steel on vein

      Departed now held dear

      Swept back from whence one came

      The snow’s covered my windows

      It’s crystal clear from here

      La Tabula Rasa

      No blues or dues to fear

      The misty snowy shadows

      Solidified and clear

      Sanctified& closer

      To finer blues

      And tears

      The snow’s covered my windows

      My consciousness sold; bare

      Baptized in waters pure

      And indigo like air

      Damn all the soul-less hollows

      Rid me of their debts

      Bathe me in the back wash of

      Blue waters where

      I wept

      The ever present drone

      Of angels over head

      Berating sons and daughters

      For blaspheming the dead

      Willing wombs to open

      Bones and skulls inside

      Consummating ill-intentions

      Towards one who loved, yet died

      Snowy clear clean blue

      As vast as endless sky

      Still deeper than iced ocean

      Faint like dolphins’ cry

      Blue clear clean and snowy

      As vestal garments torn

      And bloodied for my one and only

      To kill such “love” was born

      The snow’s covered my windows

      It’s crystal clear from here

      La Tabula Rasa

      No blues or dues to fear

      The misty snowy shadows

      Solidified and clear

      Sanctified& closer

      To finer blues

      And tears

      The snow’s covered my windows

      My consciousness sold; bare

      Baptized in waters pure

      And indigo like air

      Damn all the soul-less hollows

      Rid me of their debts

      Bathe me in the back wash of

      Black chasms where

      I wept

      Snowy clear clean blue…





      Snowy clear clean blue…

      Clean clear blue cold


      Snowy clear clean blue…





      © 2011

      • Reading about other peoples pain and even suicides can be very emotional indeed. It can bring up our own memories and feelings of despair. Our story does not need to end like Mindy McCready, she made a horrible mistake.
        We do not know what her demons were. She was still a talented, beautiful woman with two little sons that loved her and needed her. Their lives will be forever changed.

        I do not think most people who commit suicide really have a grasp on how it will impact their loved ones. Maybe the people in their life did not convey their love in a way some people can interpret. It does not mean though in reality they were loved very much.

        Even though one can empathize and even relate to Mindy McCready, it is not a place any of us really want to be. So many people of loved ones that commit suicide wonder why the person did not reach out to them or call them. If you or anyone reading this feels gravely depressed – please reach out to your loved ones, friends and even hospitals and hotlines. This to shall pass.

  16. Thanks for the links. I really cant bear to listen to DR. Drew anymore than I already have on the news. He will NEVER take any responsibility. But while I was searching on this topic as well, I discovered DR. Drew is coming under a lot of fire for the Celebrity Rehab show.

    It was good her father was concerned for the children, why not have help come in? He hinted there must of been some, because someone has to take care of a 10 month old. But why could that not of continued?

    She did get her son Zander back from her Mom, so their was a lot of family discord. Some reason they had to go to foster care and not to family.

    Wow- she did an anti suicide video? It is sad how suicide breeds more suicide or suicidal ideation. Those kids are going to have major abandonment issues.

    • I meant to mention in the link I just posted it said this;

      “Wilson, a record producer and father of McCready’s youngest son, Zayne, died of a gunshot wound at the same home in January. His death is still being investigated.”

      Looks like it has not been confirmed that his death was suicide. A lot of hear say.

      • Hi Sue and Thanks for the link! Interesting she shot his dog but not the other 2 dogs.

        Who was watching the children while she was in bed for 3 weeks? Did they get tired of helping? Maybe they thought she would overdose drinking and doing pills. No comment from her family yet from what I can see.

        I saw a clip of Dr Drew tonight that had me yelling at the TV. He was asking addicts he knew if they were ‘ cured’ ‘have they conquered there addiction?!’ No of course not- it is a disease! If anyone tells you different they are lying! It is like cancer… he went on and on with his fan club.

        Unbelievable crap!

        Actually AA is like a cancer that spreads and kills people. It is a cancer in our society that is sucking the life out of people and their families.

        • AntiD,

          Sounds like it may have been his dog but there are so many unanswered questions. Ive been trying to find an interview with Jenna lee (fox news) and Dr. Ablow: that I saw yesterday morning. It’s was very interesting. One of the things he mentioned is that shows like Celebrity Rehab, minimize the persons underlying problems.

          In the process of looking for it, I found this: Dr Drew got to know the singer well when he helped treat McCready for love addiction on his show and said he’d referred her to professionals who could continue to help her afterward. What a guy!!

          Read more:

          Drew states here that he treated her for a love addiction.

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