Rep. Earl Blumenauer questions New Drug Czar’s Michael Bottecelli’s lack of “real answers in this Video …MUST WATCH!

earlblumenauerpicOMG this man, Earl Blumenauer,  gives me hope that a politician tells it like it is, when an AA member, michaelbottecellipic

Michael Bottelcelli  who is now in this big position.

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9 thoughts on “Rep. Earl Blumenauer questions New Drug Czar’s Michael Bottecelli’s lack of “real answers in this Video …MUST WATCH!

  1. Legalizing marijuana sends the wrong message but legalizing cigarettes and alcohol is just fine because they send a healthy message…. Lmao!!
    Back on topic…..yes I can’t wait till congress finally decides that maybe they should take a look into the problems with AA.
    Keep up the good work Massive…..:)

  2. Plentiful cheap ‘dope’ for those of majority age who so wish? And the Congressman “does not want kids smoking marijuana.” Right.

    Remember, Massive, AA loves having a large pool of disoriented prospective future fellows to recruit. You must get high to get low – ‘to hit bottom’ – to be “saved.”
    Err, excuse me, ‘to recover.’

    By your own admission, you were a step zombie for over a third of a century.
    Righteous. Explain your position on the drug lobby please. Did you recently take money from a George Soros front to use for making the 13th step film?

    P.S. What happened to the recent Stanton Peele article link? . I missed it!

    • eman- More then half is my own money. You can see who donated on indiegogo.

      Yea I do get to speak my mind when I see brainwashed Bulls**t. And you are here why? Explain my policy…Sure ….when Im not too busy, I think Id rather explain it on my radio show.

      • Fair enough, Massive! I’ve often enjoyed your radio show and will continue to monitor it. I work at the call in time for your radio show so I’ve only gotten to call in once about a year ago.

        The whole ‘ball of wax’ concerning drug/alcohol public policy has been skewed by the long term presence of AA and its ‘Two Hatter’ agents of influence. Your recent post about ‘ABC SoberLiving’ is not irrelevant to this for instance; this thread about the deputy czar and the Congressman is another example – as you point out.

        So thank you Massive for your site here and your radio show there and your forthcoming film . .everywhere!
        My comment above came off too harshly and I regret its tone. All the best… .

        P.S I oppose drug legalization schemes, but criminal and other sanctions should focus on the big players and those that wash their money, not so much on the end users. Again, AA does not make these things any easier to sort out.

    Like this comment: “Congressman “does not want kids smoking marijuana.” Right.”
    Lol…..I noticed also that he had to keep reiterating that, also. Conflicting messages, politicians love to do that, hedging support, I guess.

    • Has pot smoking become so endemic that its approaching legalization will become a fait accompli? To me it appeared that both parties in the vid were talking out of both sides of their mouths. The deputy czar wanting money for 12 step ‘treatment’ (perhaps) and the Congressman wanting to show that alcohol is as dangerous (more so?) as weed is and that we ‘don’t’ want our kids getting stoned but we don’t want ’em busted either.

      I have to work at not being too cynical because excess cynicism neuters the political process.

  4. Somewhat of a tangent here, but I have to say it is creepy that this new drug czar is an AA cult member. You absolutely KNOW he believes the world needs more AA because it worked so well for him, so everything he does will be skewed towards getting AA more entrenched in system. THAT is truly scary shit !!

  5. Several of my local pols have been bamboozled into supporting a local anti-drug – help the kids org. Over the years it has become increasingly apparent that its founder, the mother of a dead young adult heroin OD, is an ALANON member or booster. She peddles a program into schools because her then school aged son ‘started on pot…’
    Powerlessness, disease theory as fact, the whole nine yards with cartoons to boot!

    No doubt the hold 12 step had on me – as defiant and program imperfect as I was – blinded me to the obvious, but the true nature of the philosophy was two hatted: hidden under the rubric of a ‘public service, non-profit and each year its AA-ism seems more pronounced.

    What’s creepy to me besides the dep czar “being AA’ is that those of us who have left or are leaving AA do not communicate well in person during chance encounters because one doesn’t know the sentiment of the other party. For me, this makes it harder to denounce AA!

    The ‘Faces of Recovery’, ‘Treatment Works!’ movements and hype are pure or bastard two hatter phenom and it must be difficult for our politicians to buck the crap. After all some public figures must have been exposed to AA and been as horrified as most private citizens are upon exposure. But a few will convert ( AA Recover) and with the zealousness of a Marty Mann seize the leavers of suggestion…(Power.) Shades of AA augmented manic/depressive are to follow.

    Insidiously, we have no good way of knowing the dep czars actual connections….
    ( Does anyone care to fill in some blanks here please? )

    I have confidence that the AA skeptic movement, in part led by Massive, will change this deplorable state of affairs. May I further break my ‘AA lethargia’ and be of better help . Perhaps I can cut and paste some of my posts here and forward them to my aforementioned pols.

    P.S. Too bad the Affordable Care Act is increasing funding and mandates for “Treatment Works” stuff while considerably cutting funding and mandates for hard medicine such as provider reimbursements and public health infrastructure.

    As an American leftist, however, I do applaud building a constituency for universal health care – call it ‘Medicare for All’ – even if that constituency, the newly insured, come at the expense of subsidies (hand-outs) to insurance companies and Wall Street speculators. Fat Cats hate ObamaCare not because they can loot the system – and they are looting – but because it engenders the principle of the right to healthcare – one of FDR’s 1940’s era Economic Bill of Rights proposal.

  6. great post and thanks. I do hope to change some things. There is hope in that there are 3 films been made that will effect all of this. One Little Pill by Claudia Christian and another I can not speak about yet and mine and the CBS 48 hours Piece that will come on TV in Sept 2014.

    There will also be the Lawsuit against AA that is still brewing. I report as soon as I can.

    More later. Gotta get back to work. 🙂 please post all is good. Do you have a Facebook page too. Seems FACEBOOK is really brewing with Anti AA pages since the meltdown on OPF occurred in FEB …

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