NASHVILLE TV SHOW on ABC Promotes AA as a “go to” ….for Addiction and Alcohol Dependency

I recently have been watching this show. I was a fan of Hayden Panettiere from HEROS, so I was curious. Now I do like the music and it’s interesting to watch where they are going knowing that the music business is in the toilet… so I also wanna see these guys working. I mean musicians. The world after all still needs live music right? I do 🙂

T Bone Burnett is the Music Supervisor on this show as well. But really what got me watching it was that  a journalist told me to watch it because of this stepper component. We ex steppers need to keep our enemies closer right?

So the sponsor played by actor Robert Wisdon and sponsee played by Charles Easten seen on the left,  are having the usual coffee shop coffee meeting… ok…let me gag…. When the sponsor tells the sponsee  that he is better then a therapist!!! I wanted to beeachhhh slap the guy right through the TV but , hey , it just wasn’t possible. No offense to the actors, I like them, they are doing a great job acting, but the stepper talk….wow …so dated. Get with the times creator Callie Khouri! Do some digging. Google Alternatives to AA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is this blantant promoting of Alcoholics Anonymous that makes us  sick.

The music is the saving grace on this show along with some of the actors and great set design. Love the songs, singing and music. But please cut the stepper crap out.

Your thoughts on how we can reach these Hollywood types to wake up and mention other choices like Smart Recovery, SOS (Secular Organizations for Sobriety)  or Moderation. Why can’t some of these shows depict a character have a problem and overcome it and drink moderately? That’s what 95% of all troubled drinkers do.

Come on guys…’s not 1935 anymore. AA is  outdated and filled with sexual predators and violent criminals anyway!

Here is my question to the Producers of the show …If you went to a Dr and he pulled out a manual from 1939 and tools from then…wouldn’t you run?

I would. So here is a dentist from the 1930’s or would you prefer cigarettes that were advertised that they were good for your health?

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20 thoughts on “NASHVILLE TV SHOW on ABC Promotes AA as a “go to” ….for Addiction and Alcohol Dependency

  1. The producers, actors, and media services people are all in AA. They are brainwashed and un-reachable just like the trolls who come to alt sites to fight their religious cult battle. AA meetings offer unfiltered shares which become the intellectual property of screen writers who can’t come up with original information on their own. This is another hidden danger of AA participation; what is said here does not stay here. Have you noticed how outrageous and ridiculous entertainment has become?

    • “”AA meetings offer unfiltered shares which become the intellectual property of screen writers who can’t come up with original information on their own.””

      Typical. And during the commercials of these brainless movies, excited AAers all over the planet are texting their sponsors, saying, “omg! they’re telling MY STORY!” …to which the sponsor texts back, “WTF are you talking about? That storyline is clearly MY story, I tell you!”

      I’ve got a storyline for Hollywood. “Once upon a time a woman named Emily Griffith miscarried her baby during a snow storm in Vermont. Gilly, the father, buried it in the snow for the wolves to find later. The world was a happy place. The End.”

      • How about this Hollywood?
        _______, an AA member was very good at 13th stepping newcomers. One day he contracted prostrate cancer which the groups saw as divine intervention. ______ died from the disease but not before his family found his pubic hair collection taped to the back of an olde English style Easy Does It print on the wall while cleaning out his apartment.
        ______ not only liked accumulating years of abstinence in AA, he also enjoyed collecting screw-venirs.

        • ANON= I agree. All this stuff we see is the makings of alot of wacky comedy and some serious drama.

          Hope you are doing well.

      • Rainbow- you are really fuuny!!! Gilly, the father, buried it in the snow for the wolves to find later. The world was a happy place. The End.”

        You do know your AA history well ! LOLOLO

        • I know way too much about AA history for sure. I became really restless and bored out of my tree about this time last year, so I picked up several biographies about Bill & Lois & AA. I began reading Pass It On & AA Comes Of Age. I began seeing Bill W in a whole different light. What’s this, I questioned — a 12-year-fuckaffair with his secretary? and Lois knew? and she stayed with Bill nonetheless? experimenting with LSD? a Spook Room, seances and Ouija Board at the Stepping Stones compound?

          Bill W’s biography alone (by Robert Thompsen) was enough to make me want to run from AA. The entire program of Alcoholics Anonymous was based on LIES, contradictions….and a huge upside-down pyramid scheme. Then I found the Orange Papers. OP led me to Massive.

          I am bowing and namaste-ing all over y’all. xoxo

          • @rainbow,

            If you haven’t read it, get the Cheever bio on Bill W. She had access to the documents in the AA archives and reviewed the medical chart from the hospital where he spent his last days. The poor guy was begging for a drink in the end. Sad that he wanted one. Sad that they didn’t have the compassion to grant his wish.

          • I think it’s great that Bill Wilson wanted a drink on his death bed.
            Heck, I wanted one and took it and now I could care less!
            How does that serenity prayer go? Why be miserable over something you can change. I remember sitting in my house with a terrible headache from stress thinking how stupid it was that I was denying myself stuff that I wanted because of untrue beliefs. That was the day I decided to approach drinking and smoking from a different perspective. I am grateful that I now drink and smoke responsibly. I don’t have to die in bondage like Bill Wilson.

          • The one Rainbow alluded to when she wrote ” “Once upon a time a woman named Emily Griffith miscarried her baby during a snow storm in Vermont. Gilly, the father, buried it in the snow for the wolves to find later. The world was a happy place. The End.”

  2. Massive, How about this for a thread topic?
    “How can people still in AA discourage 13th stepping and other forms of predation within their groups?”

    • They can make a statement that discourages sexual and financial predation which they can read before every meeting. The meeting can put on a MAKE AA SAFER Workshop.
      They can make announcements that the sexual harassment predator can be sued in Civil Court and there is a lawyer in Los Angeles now who will do it.

      Encouraging people to sue people in civil court when they have stolen thousands of dollars from you under the pretext of being an ” AA buddy”

      With friends like that I don’t need enemies.

      Other members can take the 13 steppers out back and tell them to knock it off or else or they will be thrown out of the meeting place. The laws in our government supersede the laws in AA… meaning their stupid antiquated traditions and whats written in the 12 and 12 about how nobody can be thrown out. Oh yes they can. ANd if not the victims need to know that they can sue old-timers for sexual harassment and if its more ….then they need to start going to the police in droves and documenting it everywhere on the web and thru new media.

      They think they are above the law. ANd right now they are and they are getting away with it in a devastating way and it is a rampant problem.

      young women could wear secret cameras and catch them doing it and post it on youtube.

  3. errr…that’s not AA, that’s some stupid writer’s interpretation of it. No where does it say AA is better than a therapist or that that’s a sponsors role.

    This article is so poorly written, what is the title supposed to say? “NASHVILLE TV SHOW on ABC Promotes AA and a Go To ….for Addiction and Alcohol Dependency” What’s “and a Go To”?

    The worst portrayal of a 12 step group was on Breaking Bad. Fucking ridiculous. But why would the entertainment industry get it right? Their job is to entertain not educate or promote things, they use these tropes as well tropes. They won’t use other organizations because that would take too much energy and they aren’t well known. It has nothing to do with promotion and every thing to do with laziness.

    • Hi Annette,

      Maybe you never were in AA…… I right….or are you? The drill I heard for years from the old timers was that ” hey man, we can help when the normies can’t” we know better then therapists. See we’ve been there so we know better. We are the only ones who can help. Not even the family can help. They need us. We are special. Get the drift. This is how the steppers think and yes it is what they say.

      Hence the dialogue was true to how condescending and arrogant AA sponsors can be.

      I have heard that so often said in a meeting your head might spin.
      The “go to” is all they ever go to. Stupid antiquated AA OR NA.! SO you don’t like my headline. GO create your own blog then. The more the better.

      Are you kidding? Someone on this show is a stepper… to have this be such a strong thread in the storyline. Now they are bringing on a sober , sex crazed rocker for Charles Easton’s character to go on tour with? And Hayden’s mom in rehab. I think I said it earlier. I need to gag! Writers, Producer’s …whoever is writing this shit. There is more out there then F$$$$$$ stupid ass AA. Can’t the mom go to a SMART RECOVERY meeting or to an SOS meeting or to an MM meeting? AA was created in 1936. The Book in 1939 has never been re written or updated. AA is shrinking by the thousands every year. Meeting after meeting is shutting down in LA. If rehabs and DUI’s were not funneling hundreds there, AA would be 50 % smaller in 1 month.

      • I watched a documentary “Confessions of a Porn Addict” on Netflix last night. Talk about absolutely stupidity. I thought AA was bad? Sex Addicts Anonymous is just as lame and pathetic as AA. Masturbation is not a disease, Hollywood! (or am I missing something?) I cringed and wanted to gag throughout the whole show. Meetings galore, with slogans and fuzzy hand holding with the serenity prayer.

        Maybe it’s a good thing Hollywood is promoting these lame excuses for entertainment. After awhile, the people watching are going to have to see through the brainwashing techniques and stupid slogans. Maybe.

        • rainbow- wow sounds crazy. The men and women in SLOA need to know that courts are sending pedophiles and 3rd level sex offenders meaning REAL RAPISTS to those stupid f####king meetings.

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