3 thoughts on “New Anti AA Alcoholics Anonymous Educational Postcard available

    • The post card is a good idea! I wonder if a go fund me campaign woulld provide help for a non profit effort to inform the public aboiut options. The US Surgeon general needs tp get one.

      So many are suffering – misled & labeled dishonest when AA doesn’t help them …. when other methods [such as The Sinclair Method] are as much as 75% successful for the same demographic. AA needs to be sued for misleading fraud and damages against the public [ same as big tobaccos] – AA Inc knows they are causing fraudulent damages by allowing the abuse of their defective copyright product. [AA being free and suggested does not negate liability for damages – AA is equally harmful as big tobacco]

      But nobody else seems to notice or care about the AA rehab medical mal-practice epidemic … they just keep misleading more victims into AA failure. it’s unreal…. It’s the biggest malpractice epidemic in history? 1 million new victims every year … costing 30 billion every year …over the last 40 yrs …is 1 trillion in fraud. Yet Apparently the AA rehab industrial complex is too big and holy to admit failure.

      Some AA warning& failure statements may also be helpful on post cards and flyers. Perhaps criticism should be done by a disavowed party so you don’t get branded as a negative blaming organization -> AA loves to play victim to criticism of its own failure even though its blames “those who do not recover” in every AA meeting – in the preamble ?How it Works?. A real doctor would be sued if they blamed people when a treatment did not help…. as a known consequence of AA’s extremely poor efficacy

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