NEW to LEAVING AA and FACEBOOK- Need help deprogramming ?

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HI and Welcome ! There has been a real surge in FACEBOOK activity with ex AA members. Please join us if you want on FACEBOOK in the deprogramming page. I know some dont want to let their identity be known so we are keeping this blog going.

It is a different kind of communication.

No more hiding the truth about AA and NA anymore !

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2 thoughts on “NEW to LEAVING AA and FACEBOOK- Need help deprogramming ?

  1. I left AA many years ago but continued to work in the treatment field attempting to make some reforms. Finally (after about 5 years) feel like I’m making some headway. I was in recovery from recovery for a long time.

    • hi Books- Welcome ! Glad to hear this. What kind of reforms have you made?

      There was a woman named Brooke who really helped me leave AA when I was blogging on stinkin thinkin blog in 2009-10, I don t know if you are her, but nice to see you here. 🙂

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