ABRAM TUVOV CONVICTED of 4 counts of felony rape – Court on FRIDAY May 25, 2018 in INDIO, CA COURT

UPDATED 9-6-18- After two trials- where at the 2nd trial Abram Tuvov was convicted of four felony rapes, the judge in this case allowed him to walk free the entire time even after he was found guilty. Tuvov then fired his attorney and asked for a new trial, a third trial, which the judge is allowing. Corruption in CALIFORNIA is so bad. They lean towards criminals .

ATTENTION Journalists, News , Associated Press, Palm Springs News- please come to witness what will happen with this Convicted rapist- Sentencing has been postponed before. We hope and pray Justice will be served.



NAME  ABRAM TUVOV- Member of alcoholics anonymous for 20 years. Lives Palm Springs and Santa Monica CA.

CASE# INF1600703

Judge Otis Sterling

DA -Samantha ( SAMMIE ) Paxio

District attorneys office 760-393-2617

Location : Indio Court – 46200Oasis Strett, Indio Ca 92201

Friday 9 AM May 25th , 2018 Court room- 2 G upstairs

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4 thoughts on “ABRAM TUVOV CONVICTED of 4 counts of felony rape – Court on FRIDAY May 25, 2018 in INDIO, CA COURT

  1. Monica,
    Thank you for what you’re doing. Just watched your documentary, “13th step” and appreciate your boldness, bravery and commitment to the greater good. I am in AA; was sober 23 years and then relapsed. Now, have 90days. Over the years, I have seen harrowing stuff. The sponsor of one boyfriend told my boyfrine to perform oral sex on him as part of his recovery. A man in one group I attended had a lot of AA guys stay at his home. He was murdered and hogtied, presumably by one or more of those AA’s. This was 18 years ago. Nobody ever speaks about it and there was no mention in the papers. My mother is 47 years sober but has had her struggles with AA and been cast out of groups over the years for speaking out about the misogyny and the sexual harassment and assault she saw, namely by one man, Ray O’Keefe…no problem breaking the asshole’s anonymity. He would tell newcomer women, “If you get a year you get to f- me.” Other men regularly hunted and prowled after new women. One time a sponsor of mine who was a lunatic actually physically assaulted my mother in a meeting. In another group I attended in L.A, a man wasqqq shot and killed in a meeting. It was before I lived in L.A. but it is part of AA history in that community. Have known others too, along the way, who’ve been propositioned by sponsors, etc. I now only go to women’s meetings. The dogma is a whole other issue and one that is troublesome to me; will figure that out in time. Meanwhile, just want to say thanks for that documentary. People need to know.

  2. Forgot to mention—Ray O’Keefe was an AA guru and the biggest, most lecherous 13th stepper in that group. I was actually propositioned too by an older male sponsor I had. It’s not that big a deal in my mind because it was a silly come-on and he was old but still…

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