Parents- Children with Addiction – opiates or alcohol -Advise

As a long time ex AA member I HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT send your children to any 12 step rehab or sober living. AA is 95 % fail rate.

  • The FBI is cracking down and investigating Insurance Fraud for SOBER LIVING
  • Ask what credentials those working there have.
  • Treatment does not take place in SOBER Living.
  • Sober Living has NO DOCTOR – its a house that is over priced where your children may be treated like they are in prison
  • In CA and Pennsylvania no background checks happen in those rehabs.
  • Even and IOP Intensive outpatient may just be More AA – Big Book Studies and watching bad AA propaganda Movies like 28 days with Sandra Bullock.
  • Body Brokering and Kickbacks are going on all over the USA with rehab and Sober Living Fraud.
  • Being an AA member does not make one an expert on anything except their own drinking, drugging, failures and success.
  • Criminals can be also sent to your kids soner living.
  • Heroin may be swirling around and in those rehabs and sober livings. Your child is better off coming home to YOU.
  • Please research and Attend Craft for families. Stay away from Al ANON.
  • AA members are not experts and have NO TRAINING! Do not listen to them unless they prove to be trusted. Men who are intersted in your sons may be pedophiles.
  • Your teens should NEVER go to AA or NA meetings without YOU!

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One thought on “Parents- Children with Addiction – opiates or alcohol -Advise

  1. I didn’t understand it at the time, but my counselor was so set on sending me to a sober living house. I was in an inpatient rehab in the state I’m from, but a different city. When I returned to my hometown it was planned that I continue outpatient rehab with the same treatment center and also live in a sober living house instead of with my mother with whom I was now living. I was in my early 50’s and had moved back to my hometown to help care for my mother and there was no way I would say yes to the living arrangement she had in mind. When I told her no, the counselor’s whole attitude toward me changed for the negative. She also started trying to convince my mother that is was necessary. I was not your normal alcoholic and she knew it. I had only abused alcohol for 11 months when I entered rehab and it was brought on by life crisis (divorce, serious accident at work in which I was badly injured, and death of loved ones within period of one year) and choosing the wrong way to deal with many losses at that time. When I decided it was time to get my act together I could not safely detox, which is what landed me in the hospital followed by rehab. I now wish I’d known I could have just chosen to safely detox and skip the whole 12 Step Rehab nonsense. Anyways, her inability to understand that it was more important for me to return home to help care for my Mom following my Dad’s death really puzzled me for the longest. This became even more of a huge question when I started attending outpatient rehab in my hometown with many people who lived in this pathetic home in which she wanted me to reside. The horror stories I heard made me wonder how anyone stayed sober in them and I couldn’t believe this is where she wanted me to live. Way too much drama for me to have lasted more than a week! However, since then I have learned so much more about what goes on in some of these homes and rehabs including the kickbacks that some of these jerk counselors receive for sending their patients. The more I researched and read, the more I’m convinced my counselor had another motive than my welfare and her new addiction is money.

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