Petition to Health Workers regarding Alcoholics Anonymous infested in Healthcare- Social Work and in Therapy

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.53.14 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.53.05 PMWhen I first left AA I had no idea how bad things were with AA members, called two hatters, working in all of these fields. I have signed this petition. Read what some of the people have written…really amazing how damaging AA really can be.  When will Hollywood Filmmakers and TV show runners get the Telex… call …letter, that AA fails for 90-95 % of those who go there for help.

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20 thoughts on “Petition to Health Workers regarding Alcoholics Anonymous infested in Healthcare- Social Work and in Therapy

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  2. Signed. I am glad to see this petition. I have encountered staunch Atheists online who will defend AA to the core because of mass media white-washing.

    I also encountered a two-hatter on a liberal message board who turned into a belligerent Nazi when I posted about a book that discussed negative aspects of AA being a good read and having interesting points. Two-hatters are just bursting with serenity, right? LOL

    • oh I love that. When they start out all lovely peace maker, and then fly into a rage when you disassemble their bogus points.

      More often than not they then call me a pussy….. A pussy because I suggest people stay away from 12 step for their safety. LOL.

      And any Atheist that claims to support 12 step is just a lier. They could possibly be agnostic, but I encounter a lot of Atheist thought, as I am one, and not one real deal atheist will support 12 step. For it is so blatantly juxtaposed to its most basic belief.

      So called Atheist steppers are simply confused, or are in denial about the real nature of the program, or what it means to be “Atheist”, or more commonly both.

    • Knew this guy who was an avowed atheist who chaired meetings using the 12 Steps, when I questioned the God aspect in the 12 steps he would get pissed at me, now he doesn’t talk to me cos I criticize the program. It’s so pathetic in those rooms when you think about it…

      • Belladonna, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change…

        Look up “spiritual” and “religious” in any dictionary or thesaurus and you will see these two words practically fornicating.

      • Anyone claiming to be an atheist in any 12 step group is likely mentally ill. At a minimum they are masochistic. There are lots of Atheists who go to church too, but it is not because church is cool. It is because they may still be in the closet, and afraid of what will happen to their lives if the other cult members find out.

        But 12step and Atheism are clearly non-congruent. And 12 step associations can be nothing but harmful to the atheist.

  3. Thanks for posting this petition Monica. I have met so many good people who have spent years relapsing in AA, struggling to find out what they did wrong.

  4. I notice my circular thinking from time to time after my years in the madness. So you can imagine how it affects a stepper after 20 years, it’s like being on the wall of death without the thrill.

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