Rachel Bernstein-Wednesday- August 5th- on Blog Talk Radio – Safe Recovery – Expert Cult Deprogrammer and Therapist!

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STAY Tuned. This coming Week on Blog Talk Radio SAFE RECOVERY.

Wednesday- August 5 @ 2:30pm. 1 Hour LIVE show with Cult Deprogramming Expert from Los Angeles, CA will be my Guest.

I am so happy to finally have found an expert and a trained therapist who really knows her stuff. We have talked…and it is amazing to find a person who is trained Β in this field.

I know many people have asked me over the years to find someone like Rachel. SO finally we have !!! Thanks to a new friend Michele, my roommate up in Big Sur!

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65 thoughts on “Rachel Bernstein-Wednesday- August 5th- on Blog Talk Radio – Safe Recovery – Expert Cult Deprogrammer and Therapist!

  1. I’m looking forward to this program and hearing what the cult deprogramming expert has to say. I wonder if she has direct experience in deprogramming AA members? I’d love to hear her share her experience, strength and hope about deprogramming AA members if she does!

    • There needs to be exit counselling readily
      available for AA cult survivors. A lot of psychological scars from that cult.

  2. That was a very good interview. Not much else to say. I really wish every mental health professional out there would hear this interview. Since most have completely rosy views of 12 step programs and how their fellowships operate.

  3. Scroll to the top where it says “leaving AA”. Go to the radio option. Select that and then happy listening to lots of different views on the subject leaving AA. Good luck with these simple suggestions.

  4. How cults like AA have been getting away with it all these years is beyond me!! How any mental health specialist failed to to speak out about that madness astounds and angers me. I have lost a good friend in London to that dangerous death cult. 99% of Steppers I have dealt with were pathological liars or insane. I pray (pun) for the day this death cult is finally exposed to the world for what it really is.

  5. Just listened to the show. WOW and many many thanks to massive & rachel. If only this show came out years ago!! What an intelligent & articulate critique on that death cult. My whole time in that cult flashed before my eyes & it’s adverse affect on me & my life. I commend Rachels courage in coming on the show and not holding back in her forthright views. If only I have listened to this show when I first got the instinct that something was f..ked up with that cult. This show brought up more indignation & healthy anger in me that needs to come up. I lost a good friend in London who was in that cult, a talented intelligent man who took his own life because of the brainwashing. I fight feelings of hatred at my time in there but now I will them flow with venom at that cult that almost killed me as well. Again many many thanks massive & rachel.

  6. There value is based on what they do for the group. They loose site of caring about anyone outside of the group. I know all to well, because Im living it. OMG, I always felt beyond uncomfortable in AA and know why now. AA has absolutely no clue how to deal with your emotional issues that stem from your background. So much I could comment on that its overwhelming. I wish I was in a position to meet with Rachel on a regular basis. Thank you for the interview Monica. Just the validation helps; yet nothing I didnt suspect all along. πŸ™

  7. Hi, just listened to the podcast and would like to share my “experience, strength and hope” (and I use that term in jest). I am a medical professional who has fought with depression most of my life. In between some stupid, impulsive decisions that I made, I managed to graduate school and work in my profession for a number of years. In a bout with the depression and courtesy of several issues in my life hitting me all at the same time including physical illness, I had the brilliant idea to try to off myself. I did so with an OD. I am however happy that it did not work. The result is that I wound up in one of those professional monitoring programs. For the next FIVE years, I am mandated to a variety of things such as drug tests (at my expense), a very odd sort of professional support group (also at my expense), psychiatric care and individual therapy (fortunately insurance paid) and yes, AA/NA attendance. That five years did not begin until 10 months after my little stunt, and a SIX month stay in a rather freaky alcohol/drug treatment program that in my opinion spewed AA crap at you 24/7. It took so long for the five years “sentence” to start because I had to wait until the treatment program was finished fleecing my families bank account before they would request the contract from the monitoring organization. I am also required to inform all employers of my participation (thereby disclosing private details of my medical care), and work under stipulations that make it near impossible to get a job. I have no argument for the psychiatric care and therapy because I do grasp that I need that. Other than the expense, I could not care less about the drug testing because I have nothing to hide. My issue is with the other aforementioned restrictions. Oddly enough, I have never smoked, don’t drink (can’t even gag down the stuff), and aside from this single attempt, have never even tried any substance that was not appropriately prescribed. The AA/NA attendance really irritates me because I don’t belong there. I already feel awkward in crowds. How is forced socializing with people I have zero in common with supposed to help. It’s just great for the depression. For those that think AA is the cat’s meow, have at it. The so-called “recovery” industry has done me no favors and in the words of the professionals (my psychiatrist and therapist), that I see, the whole experience has done more harm than good. As an outsider looking in, without a problem addressed by these organizations, I see AA and its stepchildren for the cults that they really are. I tried to swim through all that BS and saw contradictions at every turn. Sorry, I cannot buy that. If I hear one more slogan or maxim, that tells me things like “be honest”, but if you dislike it, “fake it until you make it”. (Make WHAT?), I am going to scream. I go to those awful meetings and frankly don’t listen and usually leave when I finish a chapter or two of the book that I discreetly read during it. I put another mark in the book of meeting attendance and get on with my life, knowing that I just wasted an hour I will never see again. I hope that one day this will be over and I will never darken the door of that cult again.

    • I am so sorry for what has been done to you, my God, a suicide attempt ended with you being treated like a 3rd class human being to the point that it sounds like they are promoting your depression rather than wanting you to recover from it. 12 step is so ingrained that every mental health issue imaginable is now thought of as “untreated alcoholism”. That world has become so all-encompasing that mental health “professionals” see it as a cure-all in so many cases.

    • being around steppers always helped with my depression, made me feel real good about myself. Mainly in that I do not live a life where I am totally full of shit. And I am not easily suckered into soft thinking.
      And reciting slogans like a 4 year old in preschool is way behind me.
      I’ve grown…

      • Heh! Those people/steppers that I encountered in that so-called rehab (still not sure what I was being “rehabbed” from, those clowns had no clue how to even treat my high blood pressure when my meds for that needed adjusting.) told me that I was “too smart for my own good.” Ummm, thanks. I take that as a compliment. I was also told to not think so hard. Soooo, I was supposed to just “drink the Kool-Aid and yap slogans like a four-year-old in preschool, as you say? Sorry, I can’t do that and not throw up at the same time. Now that it is several months on and although I am still mandated to those meeting that I still don’t actually listen in, I am now at a point where I can chuckle at the absurdity of it all. I believe that they preach a culture of helplessness and dependence on the nonsensical blatherings of some guy from years ago, that doesn’t even make sense. That these bizarre (and misguided) philosophies have infiltrated our medical and legal systems so thoroughly is truly frightening.

        • HI KT- Are there no other options in your area? Did yo know you can not be coerced to go there. to a religious organization in america. There is another guy fighting back now….

          • I am aware of the efforts at promoting the fact that it is a civil rights violation to force me into that stuff, however the “alternative to discipline” crap that I am dealing with as a result of what is clearly a mental health issue, is chock full of “insert issue of choice here” anonymous adherents and they unfortunately hold my professional license and thereby my ability to earn a living “by the balls” to use a rather vulgar phrase. I make plenty of noise about the forced attendance and the response is a threat to send me for a “fitness for duty evaluation” AKA a means to suck more money out of me. Unless I am willing to give up the profession I love, I cannot do too much complaining no matter how wrong they are. I see it as another example of how deeply this garbage has infiltrated our legal and medical systems and an idea of the amount of damage that is being done to people like me in the name of promoting a cult.

            • I sympathize with you and the many other professionals being extorted with the cult religion of AA. I often wonder what it is going to take to peel religious pernicious woo masquerading as treatment for substance abuse off these institutions? There seems to be two that could work in conjunction;

              1. Some type of mass demonstration or even professional walk out or work stoppage.
              2. Class action lawsuit or some other large legal effort.

              Both of those would hit the media and draw attention to the issue. There has to be a lot of you by now across many industries and there is power in numbers. Imagine if pilots, lawyers, medical professionals and many others called in sick for a week or two.

              Further, if, in the larger social context, AA is a substitute for incarceration – meaning that it is an equivalent of punishment at some level – then you are not necessarily being helped, you are being punished as well by being forced into an AA and 12 Step environment. You are not just abusing substances, you are broken forever and a bad person for doing it. Shame on you, you have a spiritual malady and character defects or you wouldn’t be doing that. You have been sent to the land of powerlessness and guilt and shame where you will have to relive your problems and endure the problems of others for the rest of your life. Yeah, that’s not help, its sadism. Institutionalized, mass sadism.

              • OMFG.. That is the first time I have seen AA as institutionalized mass sadism so I did a bit more research. Please read and ponder how this diagnosis relates to Wilson and his clubhouse members-
                “Sadism can also include the use of emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of fear, and a preoccupation with violence.” Change violence to “Jails, Institutions or death” and the entire AA ecosystem is sadistic.

                More – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadistic_personality_disorder

                Every old-timer I ever met in AA was either overtly or covertly sadistic and super passive-aggressive. They simply relished their tough love and psychologically and emotionally lashing you with it out of the blue. And these people are in positions of immense power over others – yet they are powerless over people, places and things. My ass.

            • KT- I am sorry to hear this. I know of a few lawyers that maybe would take your case and you can sue them , and the Board of whatever you are a part of for extorting you to AA. I can be reached through this blog and comes into my email. Then we could speak on the phone.

              If not …that’s okay.

              • I would not mind suing them, etc, except that I am deathly afraid of losing my license. My reputation and marketability in my profession has already been trashed beyond repair. It is no small miracle that I actually found a company willing to take a chance and hire me. My board of **** already “accidentally” suspended my license.” the response was something along the lines of “oops, our bad. Here we’ll un-suspend it and you can go on down the road.” Problem is, the damage was already done. There is an article on the KevinMD website that perfectly illustrates what I am going through and the inappropriate place that AA, etc. has in professional monitoring programs. I would love to speak with you. I am glad to find someone that is brave enough to speak out against this. Please email me privately and we can exchange phone numbers.

  8. Thank you for the brilliant interview with Dr. Rachel Bernstein.
    You both are doing pioneer work and are making history.
    I want to say that in my experience as a long-time AA member the influence of Louise Hays, the new age author, has wreaked havoc on AA-thought since she started spewing her nonsense in the 1980’s.

    Many people were looking for solace in her dippy philosophy at the time because, I believe, the 1980’s was a time of cold materialism and the beginning of a tragic aids epidemic. In L.A., many of the very same people who attended her meetings also attended 12-step programs. People were desperate for answers and became vulnerable to the magical thinking of both cults. AA took a major turn for worse on two points–the influence of Synanon and Chuck D. and Louise Hays.

    I personally witnessed Louise Hays tell a young woman who tearfully asked her why she was raped in which Louise Hays responded with ” You wanted to be raped in order to learn a life lesson.”

    I will NEVER forget or forgive that.

    Louise Hays told young, sick men dying of aids that they wanted to die because they hated themselves for being homosexual. Two of these handsome, young, and sweet-hearted men later came up to me in AA meetings and expressed their terrible grief at what they were told. I tried to comfort them and reassured them that Louise Hays was wrong and she has no business talking to people like that. But I was the only person I knew of in AA that ever questioned the cult tactics of Louise Hays.

    Louise Hays and her cult of shaming has exacerbated the “What part did you have in it” tactic of guilt and trauma in AA.

    • yes at last someone who actually takes a step back from the chunterings of new age woo. Apparently she caused an otherwise undefined “cancer” to simply disappear through simply getting in touch with wooniverse etc etc. Soon i hope these people will be exposed for what I call now “white psychopaths”, morally orientated but still way way off the curve, seriously just watch any Echart Tolle video and actually listen to what he says. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Also notice he never actually smiles.

      How on earth these people including AA have managed for so long is beyond belief it really is and it is sad that society has pathologised themselves based on these nefarious gurus.

      • Hi out of the woods,
        well, Bill Wilson himself was a ‘channeler’ and medium.
        AA is a new age belief system, based on the mystic ramblings of a man in communication with Boniface, the 15th century Spanish monk.

        AA is NOT Christian, contrary to what many claim. And read what Bill Wilson wrote about Irish Catholics, it is blatant bigotry and appallingly dated discrimination.

        Now, having said all that I do not vilify Bill Wilson as others do because, put in an historical context, AA was SOMETHING for SOME people. Nothing else was offered at the time, except the Belladonna treatments.

        If AA kept some men from going home drunk and beating their wives and children I say Bravo!

        But it was designed for a tiny demographic. And that’s okay too. It was never meant for women, minorities, gays, native people ( read the story by the ‘indian’ in the Big Book, it is an insulting and laughable attempt by a non-native writer) or anyone else outside of the shoebox. FINE. They didn’t even want the IRISH, for God’s sake!

        But I can see where Wilson’s channeling and Ouiji board antics invite the worst minds of the 20th century–namely Chuck D. and Louise Hay.

        It’s just MIND BOGGLING that they have fooled so many, but then again we are brain damaged, are we not?

        • Yes agreed many christian theologians have renounced Wilsons’ philosophy, as i’m typing I can’t ignore the image of Wilson from castaway, :). It did provide a “solution” historically, however what is clear is that there was only one medical professional, Dr Silkworth who put up and wrote one letter, that’s all,in support of ” how it works”.

          At the time indeed it was Something for Some people, and by this definition has some kind of exclusivity, AA literature is sadly unchanged and therefore representative of social values that are becoming more and more redundant .

          Granted there is the type that is hopeless, ask any GI specialist, and they will vouch for this, it also alleges that AA maybe doesn’t work as well in the 21st century. It’s not hard to understand why, but have these individuals been afforded the best choices in treatment, has the “powerless” demographic become more populous now society is more knowledgable compared to the mid to late 20th century let alone the 1930’s when penicillin was only just being trialled.

          So are “we” brain damaged depends on whether ones brain is indeed “damaged” from an organic point of view. If the level of “damage” or difference is cognitive,developmental or sociological the chunterings of new age gurus suggest we are, the more you buy into it the more you become damaged and over thinking every thought for whether it is indeed spiritual enough. Off you trot to the bookshop to get the latest guidance etc etc bit addictive really…

        • Bill, Dr. Bob, Clarence Snyder, Ebby Thatcher all came from the Northeastern WASP upper middle class-prep school milieu. They were snobs!

          Bill wouldn’t have anything to do with the people who attend meetings today. These people are suckers if they believe they have anything in common with Bill W.

        • C- It was incredible meeting you at the screening on Sunday. It gave be goosebumps.

          Oh btw- I threw out my 3 Louis Hays books …right in that big black dirty LA trash can. Thanks to you !

    • OMG that is crazy ——Horrible. I bought 3 of her books 15 years ago and read one of them.

      After leaving AA her books started to look strange to me and I stopped opening them.

      I see now …why…

      Im going to give them away. Thank you for telling me this.

  9. i read all the posts. i havent heard the radio show, is it still available to listen to.
    i read a louise hays book a long time ago someone in AA sugested it to me.
    it didnt do me any good and left me feeling hurt inside.just the same as AA did.
    i saw that aa man tonight , i walked right past, as he was getting in his car.
    And i didnt feel nothing .no anger no thought of revenge no need to talk. it had no effect on me whatsoever.
    im free of the place the people i met there and there teachings.im free of the bad thoughts and feelings they put in me, or increased in me.
    i really feel for those people who were told they wanted to be raped. or get aids.
    these people have no hearts. they are not humanatrian.
    and the man sent there for haveing a dabble in substance, and depression.

    • Awesome. So important to get the word out far and wide how truly evil and dangerous this social death cult is. It drives people to suicide by the relentless trashing and tearing vulnerable people apart. Worst still is the sicko old timers who are convinced they have to do that. To disgusting for words.

    • good thankyou i might call in, i have a land line now.
      im feeling much better than i have for some time.

      i will not break breath again, to the AA’s i met, who abused me.
      i would speak to some,i saw in AA, those who did me no wrong.
      but not those that i got to know.

      i will never forgive some people from my past.
      the shit they put in my mind is gone as is my anger thoughts feelings. around my own experience in there.

      .i may feel for, or get angry around some of the posts again.if i hear of an X AA being abused. or i may take a shot at a troll.
      but, my stuff is gone.
      by that, i mean the things i expieranced, im no longer haveing troubles around.no longer angry or hurt or sad inside, no longer confused or anxiouse about..

      however i wont forgive.

      i often heard .love the sinner but not the sin..or we must forgive to get well ..take it on the chin..turn the other cheek..dont fall out with the person stay friends..be of service to them..forgive.

      i refuse to..thats what they want,and they want that so they can go on controlling.

      people who have been abused a lot will understand this.

      i will never give my own power away to anyone again.
      i will not sit down and have a cuppa and a laugh with the people that have abused me in the past, present or future again.

      looking forward to the radio show.

      • Absolutely. I will never forgive the emotional abuse they put me through. I can hardly stand speaking to them anymore as they are so fucking judgemental. Most of them to be honest! I just want to enjoy the real world now. It’s so refreshing realizing that it wasn’t me it was the brainwashed sickos and their disgusting holier than thou horseshit!

  10. It’s a readjustment still realizing I don’t have to feel guilty about every little thing I do. I was conditioned to believed they were constantly watching and spying on me. It’s just awful. Now I just want to live my life the way I see fit. Who the fuck are they to judge that?!

      • No kidding! Horrific! I’m always paranoid they’re watching me online like they’ve got nothing better to do. Scumbags!!

        • I swear they’ve got spies like Scientology but it’s not getting the media attention. That to me makes it even more dangerous.

        • one of them sent another AA into my work place my first year out.and has also been tracking me on facebook.
          i have no doubt he also spys here, he gave himself away with things he said to me.
          when he first contacted me, a few months back,at first i was glad to see him.
          i had always regarded him as the 1 friend i had in there.
          now i want no contact walk by him and do not trust him.
          it may be different for some who leave, but for me its best i have no contact again.
          take good care

  11. The early AA meetings were closed to African-Americans as well. How f…ked is that? How that cult got away with it for years is way beyond me. That Hay woman and other self-styled gurus are nothing but bullshit artists. Eckhart Tolle goes on about inner happiness yet looks as miserable as a damp squid always. Rarely saw Wilson looking happy joyous & free in any photos I saw of him, if anyone sadly is prone to depression & anxiety then that cult can be fatally lethal.

    • It can totally drive a vulnerable people to suicide. Too many lives lost to the cult. Horrific beyond belief. Still tough emotionally some days. Getting better a lot more. I can finally interact in the real world more comfortably. Took several months. It does a lot of psychological damage.

    • i didnt know there meetings were once closed to african americans.
      i knew there were many raceists in AA where i live.
      im not sure but i recall reading something about gay people also
      not being allowed at one time.

      peace of mind..yeh i didnt find any that i got to know, who actually had that.
      they were all grumpy angry abusive.
      some might have got that at times..but none of them keep serenity.no one can keep peacefull inside all the time.
      peace comes and go’s for me..im human.

      they get rid of everyone in order to get serenity, because they cant handle people or things .
      i recall tapes i listened to where the speaker was saying that himself.
      “i had to let go of my brother for good he was interfering with my serenity.”

      i no longer want to get it.i no longer care to try to become an enlightened being.i dont care to be gahndi..did i spell that wrong.
      and if i did want to i doubt very much i could get there in AA.

      They pissed me off way too much.besides im ok being a human.

      bill wilson suffered depression for years.so it didnt work for him.
      you take good care.

  12. This is a good thread and I enjoyed the podcast. Whether or not AA is a cult appears to depend on what definition of cult people are using. I am adamant that it is a cult and not just cultish in fact I see it as the uber cult because it has been so effective in expanding and embedding itself into the culture that for a very long time few could see it for what it was. Not so now. Older (sadly) and wiser now and I see bullshit real fast nowadays. So I enjoyed the above comments about Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle and new age woo in general, they are right on the money. It is all false and barking mad.
    Nowadays I am neither religious nor spiritual, I am just intelligent. I find the whole thing repulsive. Overcoming my drink problem meant becoming more rational. I found REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) very helpful in this regard and I waved goodbye to magical thinking quite a while ago. Funny thing is that the drinking was like one side of a coin while magical thinking/ spiritchool stuff/ you know what I mean, was on the on the other side of the coin. That coin does not bye any thing of value, throw it away.
    OK that will do from me I am off to watch a documentary about uranium and the development of the atomic bomb then I will start reading a book on physics that I got from the library. Hardly the activities of a brain damaged alcoholic who needs to get back in the program. Or is it my disease talking? Hmmm?
    One thing is for sure I won’t be reading Bill Wilson, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle any Yoga guru, swami, savant, soothsayer, fortune teller , mendicant, fakir, healer, seer, prophet, know all wannabe, twit or any one else who doesn’t know the difference between evidence and testimony, fact and fantasy.

    • HAha… The oddest part about me is that I never bought into the shit yet I still hung out for quite some time, it got to where I thought my head would explode from all the nonsense. On some weird level I thought I could help them get away from god…. with minimal success… I did manage two start a prayer-less meeting once… lol.

      Yeah I like to point out to some people sometimes that if you want to build your house god you will constantly be dealing with the walls caving in…. because there is nothing there to support the structure..

      They get pissed and call you an angry “atheist”, no, more like annoyed “atheist”…. As we are constantly bombarded with the woo and illogic of the magical thinkers. Its like hanging with 3 year olds all day, or the bad monkeys from the original planet of the apes….

      I do hams to keep my drinking under control…. works fine. No magic or miracles required………

    • Yep, it’s a total myth you can’t ever drink moderately. I’ll have a half a beer and put it down, not like the old days.

    • oh that reminds me ..in the letter i sent in today..i told them i was happy to be free of AA.
      and thats the last letter im sending in.i have sent many. i have also been in a few times in past 3 years and tried to tell them.
      from this day on i refuse to have contact with them unless it is vital.

  13. Nice discussion here. Swami …Im with you . I find it very scary how embedded AA is in our government and judicial system. I just watched FURY with Brad Pitt and it got me thinking how a Dictator takes over. Frank Buchmann was crazy for Hitler and loved mind control.

    AA has ben weeding its ugly cult head in our society for 40 years now. It really was not that big before. I have a feeling that some of the hippie gurus who took LSD were also eventually in AA. I am going to research this. It makes sense that a large portion of AA’s membership is very hippy dippy and many just forced there. Oh its a big job but we plan to get a screenings going for professionals….I agree… Its a cult . I waver sometimes , because its leader is dead, but even MIDTOWN is still growing even after Mike Q is dead. Not a good sign.

    How many anti AA blogs do we need? I do think that those who are willing to make some calls and write letters need to do that. AA needs some big time exposing.

    AA and 12 step survivors support group and blog. Maybe this is another one we need. Also I think there needs to be a Leaving NA.

    • I have to admit to being a spiritual (for lack of a better word) seeker of sorts. But I really have NEVER been able to buy into the pre-ordained (you were asking for it) BS, period. I can see how that could get embedded into AA in areas where it is popular. I would find it difficult to explain my spiritual “suspicions” (belief is way too strong of a word for my outlook), but they aren’t that stuff. The Louise Hay makes life nothing more than a bunch of actors in a play and the villain is just playing a part, he’s there for YOU to learn from (barf)!

      Down here in the south it is fundamentalist Christianity that gets tracked into AA. That’s yet another mess of torturous concepts. People say things in meetings like “I am finally ready to start reading the Bible and go back to Church”, as if anyone who doesn’t do that hasn’t reached that wonderful state of “readiness”. Like someday you MUST. It really affects AA members politically too, the opposite of “hippy-dippy”, needless to say. Extremes are NEVER good IMO.

      I wonder if the religiosity/spirituality of judges and therapists factors into sending people to AA?

    • My first sponsor dropped acid more than 100 times, and he was like one of the big kahunas in the rooms where I used to live. He was EF Hutton, everyone would lean in and listen intently every time he spoke. LOL

  14. i found the radio link and heard it. it was good. and helpfiull . haveing been in 2 cults in my life trime , and both those cults mentioned in the show.
    i sent another letter into AA today,i went before there meeting and didnt see them.
    i told them, 98 per cent of rapeists walk free, especially if there victim was drunk. that rapesits are being court ordered to there church. that if i speak to an AA and when doing so that AA harms me, AA will say i played a part in it, and or blame me because i spoke to that AA.
    So therefore i cant speak to them anymore. i told them AA/NA are not safe places to be.that though i was made to think i was an alcoholic,im not.that i have learnt to modarate.that all letters mobile txs cctv camera and info around things such as threats to my life by an AA among other things and info given to outside agencys have has been logged with police.and or are in good hands. that i no longer blame myself for what THEY DID. and that if i get any further harrasment or anything criminal done to me in the future i will go to the law.
    and that i will never sit down have a cuppa and a laugh with anyone who abused me in my past.that i will not break breath to anyone who used or abused me in my past.
    that i will not give them the chance to do it again and keep controlling me.
    the posts are good the radio show was good. i have been out to the theatre with
    a woman who lives near me,.shes got 3 days off work,and nice company.
    okay im off to read my book.

  15. Amazing how all her check list for a cult matches my experience with PDAP and especially the social psychology of an abusive like the Pdap leader like Andrea Lacy, very deceptive and abusive woman.

    • landy
      what is pdap, what happened if its ok to ask.
      and you want to say.
      im meeting people all over the place who are abusers, and users.
      trouble is some of them get me in the gut head or heart so much
      it makes me want to scream swear and knock them out..so then im abuseing.
      right now i want to walk in AA and spit venom in there smug faces

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