Recommended Books

Her Best Kept Secret
By Gabreille Glaser

From Death DO I Part
By Amy Lee Coy

The Sober Truth
By Lance Dodes

Babylon Confidential
By Claudia Christian

The Cure for Alcoholisms
By Roy Eskapa

Take Control Now
By Dr Marc Kern

You’ve Been Lied To
By Hank Hayes

Beat Binge Drinking
By Donna Cornett

When AA Doesn’t Work for You
By Albert Ellis & Velton

The Feng Shui of Abundance
By Suzan Hilton

Harm Reduction
By Dee Dee Stout

How to Change Your Drinking
By Ken Anderson

Responsible Drinking
By Frederick Rotgers

Anatomy of an Epidemic
By Robert Whitaker

Getting The Love you Want
By Harvelle Hendrix

By Ilse Thompson and Stanton Peele

Beyond Addiction
by JeffreyFoote, Carrie Wilkens and Nicole Kosanke with Stephanie Higgs

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