Recovery Road- Another AA TV Show on ABC – Does Religious Propaganda aka AA belong on TV

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I have been thinking about this question for a few months now. When the TV show MOM went over the top about 12 step AA work a few weeks ago I took pause and this possible? Yesterday  I was just watching some TV  and I saw that ABC Family is launching a new show taken from a book of “Recovery Road.” The new drama, based on the popular young-adult novel by Blake Nelson, focuses on a teenage girl dealing with addiction. We saw the Ad on TV yesterday and we almost shit….Once again a Bullshit circle , which btw in most places doesn’t exist. There are rows of metal chairs squished together. And some batshit older Menopausal women in control…OR …a sleezy 60 year old sexual predator, or creepy old timer lurking, as well.

Laura San Giacomo is going to actually play an AA sponsor- GAG— not about Laura- I love her acting, but the idea that another show like MOM ( CBS by Executive Producer Chuck Lorre) will be on our TV brainwashing more children, teenagers and parents.

It’s  beginning to feel outrageous to me the level of POWER- CONTROL- BRAINWASHING going on in Hollywood and in our TV Culture by AA members. They are in our Courts too. They are in the FAA. Who knew?

Even Josh Fox , The Academy Award Wining filmmaker who made GASLAND and GASLAND 2 was up against the  Natural GAS giants, and he got press. he got on HBO – he got his film in theaters.

Is AA and its members more powerful and infested then The Natural Gas Industry?

I would have to say YES– a big fucking YES> Way bigger then Scientology as well. Bigger then the Catholic Church- Not in Members…AA has 1.2 mil they SAY in  North America. I doubt this fact as I have personally seen huge meetings all over the country shrinking. And do they count how many are coerced there as MEMBERS?  They- the DUI forced people are NOT MEMBERS. They put no money in the basket and they will not take a “service commitment” .

There are 1 billion Catholics in the world. But one is not sent to MASS for a DUI.

A nurse is not sent to MASS for  screwing up. A pilot is not sent to MASS for drinking too much. A doctor is not sent to MASS for taking his own drugs. SO…where does that lead us…I am not sure.

Those who have been harmed need to come forward like the BILL COSBY rape scandal.

So if you were  sexually harassed, your child molested, if you were raped,  scammed for money, and a family member was targeted and killed by an AA member— and you are reading this….consider contacting me and lets get talking…I mean really talking- writing letters to journalists and to our representatives. Writing letters to TV shows LIKE MOM and telling Chuck Lorre what happened to YOU in AA by an AA member. Maybe write letters to DICK WOLF who has taken on an AA problem in an episode on LAW & ORDER SVU – titled RAPIST ANONYMOUS ….maybe he will hear us.

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22 thoughts on “Recovery Road- Another AA TV Show on ABC – Does Religious Propaganda aka AA belong on TV

  1. For me the answer is very simple. AA is a cult that kills people. It is not a good idea to misrepresent a cult that kills people in the media as something that is fun and cheery because to do so makes it more likely that people will be harmed or killed by the cult.

    • I don’t think it is AA that kills people. I think it is the rehabs that destroy people. AA is problematic on its own but when you have 95% of the rehabs pushing AA non-stop and saying that it is the only way to stay sober blah blah blah. The whole industry is so screwed up because they think it is a one size fit all solution. It’s basically because AA is free. Go to AA it’s free! Do not go to a therapist and find out why the hell you drank like a maniac and tried to kill yourself.

  2. I can’t help but be impressed by the Christmas excess, what better time than to consider scapegoating your kids into rehab. Of course this is just a silly cynical opinion and not based in any fact whatsoever. It is, after all simply fictional family entertainment, based on a work of fiction and any representations therein of rehab should be treated as such.

  3. AA’s never depicted accurately by Hollywood. No gossip, cliques, cursing like the real program. Also, no praying or How it Works. Total fiction.

    • I don’t think I have ever seen an AA meeting accurately portrayed in the media. Usually, an AA “class” is depicted that has a bunch of people sitting in a circle engaging in a cross-talk discussion led by a therapist! Also, I was never in a meeting that didn’t start with “How It Works”, and have never seen a media depiction that includes a reading of “How It Works.” AA claims it wants “rigorous honesty”, while supporting media depictions that are far from the truth. Of course, this should be no surprise as deception and “bait-and-switch” recruitment tactics are recommended in the Big Book.

      • common- I agree- When we were cutting the film , my film, The 13th Step… It was my Editor, Barry who has been cutting Docs for 30 years and went to USC film school. He said ” M…. — we need footage of an AA meeting— I think we need some re enactment scenes. I agreed. So we planned it and filmed it. It was very cathartic and I think a very important part of the film for me. I think Shows should hire some of us as an expert and put this stuff into their shows so people will really know what they are getting themselves into. All that F*** praying and that Brainwashing Dangerous nut planting of Chapter 5 read by droning AA members.

  4. So true. Also, I just saw Michael Botticelli, Director of the National Drug Control Policy, on 60 Minutes tonight, 12/13/15. Wow, same old addiction is a brain disease, and he is a huge, teary-eyed twelve stepper all the way. The part about the brain disease is questionable, but there is evidence of it changing the brain. It is complicated, and how addiction happens is multi-faceted, and I do believe there is a genetic component and there are some elements of biochemical imbalance, including hormance imbalances at work. There is also the psychological, environmental and emotional aspects to it. Fine. Let’s keep searching. Also, the part in the interview about taking the stigma out of addiction, okay, fine. But, it is this relentless circle back to AA being the only way out of addiction that infuriates me. Like it is the only savior! Botticelli acted liked a spokesperson for AA. Hey, I thought they were all supposed to be anonymous? Anyway, no discussion of medications like Naltrexone or others for addiction, or even other avenues for recovery including harm reduction. Most of Europe and the rest of the world does not treat addiction like this. It is much more realistic. Just when I think we are gaining progress, it is the nutty media that takes us back to square one again. The fight continues I guess. However, it should not be a fight. Aren’t we all in this together?

    • No it shouldn’t be a fight. It should be the cooperative pursuit of a truly effective, evidence-based approach to treating addiction (heck, even Bill W. was open to new approaches). Instead, AA has dug an “all-in” deep hole for itself, and the media, healthcare system, and government have jumped in. Unfortunately, there is no graceful escape strategy for either its associated people (i.e. if you leave you die) or allied institutions (i.e. leaving is prima facie evidence that the institution has been involved in malpractice and/or civil rights violations for years). So most everyone and everything remains sort of stuck in limbo.

      • Well said. Even ol pervert Bill would be appalled about what is happening today. He was very interested in niacin therapy and other biochemical reasons for alcohol dependence, but he got shot down by the AA community.

  5. I predict AA will be 50 % smaller in 5 years and tiny in 10. Claudia Christians Film about Moderation and Naltrexone, ONE LITTLE PILL , Greg Horvath;s film, The BUSINESS OF RECOVERY and THE 13th Step will help. We need huge National Media, We need Big Billboards all over the country about alternatives. We need many new non 12 step out patient rehabs to be there for families who already hate AA. They are there.

    We need a famous person to be a spokesperson. Who will that be. I am praying…

    • Your “prediction” is not realistic, probably another 50 years to get to that and only if the alternatives become more effective.

      • Naltrexone effectiveness;

        CBT effectiveness;

        aaannd AA effectiveness;

        Its just about raising awareness that AA is not the only method of recovery despite the flagrant promotional activities. People are getting better by these methods, they just don’t have to go round telling everyone because if they dont they will be signing their own death warrant etc etc,

        Perhaps you might be so kind as to support your claim with something to back up your effectiveness claims ?

      • JUDY- dont let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Move along…

        AA took 40 years to get popular- the mid 1970’s. It needed Dick Van Dyke and two senators and a National Press Conference in Washington DC to get a new jump start for it to grow. It was NOT a GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENT at All !

        It spend years —planting seeds in FUCKING GRAD SCHOOLS- mine was one of them – sending stupid speakers to Catholic Parishes all around the country. How sick is that .

        Next- The ACT that congress passed to pay for more rehab and Betty Ford’s Driven National Movement. AA grew more from that point on then in the previous 30 years. read Gabrielle Glaser’s New York TImes Bestselling book HER BEST KEPT SECRET.

        The last ACT was promoted by Hollywood. Marty Mann came to Hollywood and partnered with great film makers to make Narratives about Drunks and they all ended in an AA meeting The Lost Weekend and The Days of Wine and Roses were the precursor to “I am a teenage Alcoholic” with Linda Blair 1975, A lead Character on ABC hit Soap Opera, ALL MY CHILDREN also got sober and went to AA…Then in the 80’s we had Michael Keaton’s Clean & Sober…Tim Robbins – The Player, and Andy Garcia’s When a Man Loves A WOMAN…

        The 90’s into the 2000’s there came a barrage of TV shows with AA propaganda thread lines.

        Drug Court begin in Florida in 1989, and 1990 in California. TWO AA members and Judges in Los Angeles began sending people in droves to AA to get court cards signed. In 1997 we had a woman who ran San Quintin become in charge of the entire Penal System in CA and she was on the Board in NY General Service AA at THE SAME TIME. Now in EVERY Court room in every city it has become practice to intimidate and coerced EVERYONE to AA meetings, DUi, and many other offenses.

        It has been dying and shrinking for the past 15 years.

        They can force people all they want, but eventually there will only be criminals, sex offenders, the dregs of the earth and mentally ill old timers left.

        The nice good AA ers will be in their safe home weekly meetings with their 6 favorite friends.

        Sorry for the history lesson.

        • Thanks massive, I personally appreciate that.

          Also don’t forget all the tough love in the 80s. I’m a product of that time. Movies of the week like not my kid and tough love. All the abusive teen treatment centers. Luckily I didn’t end up in one of those, but I heard about them from other kids when I was put in my first treatment center. My mom went to al anon and freaked out bc I was experimenting with weed! So, that was the beginning of brainwashing my generation.

  6. Don’t hardly turn my TV on anymore because nothing is hardly worth watching and certainly won’t waste a minute of my time watching this BS. You can count on it, they won’t show the real AA because if they did too many would find it boring and turn the TV off.

  7. I posted this on the ksite article about Recovery Road but it would not accept the comment for some reason. Re “Thanks to a diverse portrayal of addiction, a respect for addicts that neither minimizes nor exploits the pain they’ve inflicted, and a warmth that makes a painful subject easier to digest” I don’t currently get the program but wonder if there is a “diverse portrayal” about the majority of people fail to thrive in 12-step groups and subsequently, and on top of their problematic us of drugs, are labelled by that social group with group doctrine and stigmatizing labels… such as being one of those “contitutional incapables”, as being in “denial” and the host of other shameful ways the recovery establishment sends already vulnerable people into further self-imposed isolation when a number of groups SMARTRecovery, SOS, Lifering, WFS…. would help reverse the stigma imposed on people by a group which has historically held itself as some sort of obvious universally solution for addiction which “cannot fail to work if you work it”, leading to the disenfranchisement of people seeking more than a “spiritual/religious cookie cutter solution to recovery.

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