REHAB and Sober LIVING Fraud and Corruption- Were you effected?

Lately in the news we have seen a few bad apples being taken down by the FBI and exposed for crimes and serious corruption . Crimes like Sexual assult, selling drugs to clients who are seeking help for addiction.

I too am being contacted by those harmed. It seems like a waterfall of calls I am getting lately regarding this aspect of Steppers and making money from people in need.

How does Athem Blue Cross, United Healthcare and many other companies not get to the bottom of the billion dollar rehab/ sober living scam/drug testing–health care racket. WHY is our health insurance paying for AA /12 step rehab with 4 people to a bedroom all charging $1,000. a day?

Urine tests, drugs testing is also big money.

Have you or a family member been hurt. Tell us your story. Maybe its time to shut down all sober living and put rehab in Commercially zoned areas with medical professionals there to attend to drug and alcohol addicted folks. Detoxing take 3-5 days. So why does anyone need 30 days in rehab and then farmed off to a house ( sober Living ) where they are driven to AA meetings 5-7 days a week and are sharing a room with 4 people. They are not getting ANY MEDICAL CARE—- so why is insurance paying at all? Oh Yea Obama Care made this easy game. CA Care are a bunch of suckers too.

Chris Bathum is going to trial for his deeds soon. Florida and New Jersey have also been exposed by the FBI and some are going to prison.

Its got so many legs. So many parties making money. Are they All AA two hatters?

Rehab Mogul will stand trial in $176 million fraud case

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5 thoughts on “REHAB and Sober LIVING Fraud and Corruption- Were you effected?

  1. I would like to tell you my experience with wrong meds i notified the company that i was allergic too. Also place kicking me out during a national emergency and i never failed a urine anylas. Please help. I was sent to these places for a conditional release. I was not notified about. This is the craziest rights violation i could think is possible besides death. These people have left me homeless. In an allergic reaction. Tried to force me to sign my bank accounts over. Please i have medicine bottles. Documents. Hospital records etc. Please help… I can send you my case number you would be appualled to what am i having to go threw. Some of the process since apirl felt like corruption other parts felt like discrimination and rights violated with deadly medicine. I am from palm beach county so i am sure no attorney judge halfway houses or sober houses are allifated with courts unless federal. The us needs to find out about this.

    Christina j Krupski

    • hi Christina- Please email me at – I am Monica Richardson the filmmaker for The 13th Step . This is my blog.

      We are working on exposing Fraud and body brokering in Rehab and Sober Living.

      We are also still exposing sexual harassment in AA at all levels.

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