Robert Zemeckis Addiction Documentary from 2000

dr marc kernSomehow I get the feeling that Director of FLIGHT, Robert Zemeckis which stars actor Denzel Washington has not had a chance to read the, or my site here.  I know that he will be interested in what we are doing. So I guess I have a phone call to make 🙂 It just doesn’t make any sense why anyone would promote AA so blatantly in a big A film in 2012.  I am shocked by how many people think AA meetings are run by trained professional facilitators. There is NO SUCH THING happening in an AA meeting.



robert zemeckis pic


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5 thoughts on “Robert Zemeckis Addiction Documentary from 2000

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have writers…directors…actors…etc. consult with us on the various modalities prior to doing these types of projects? I mean for those who want to create realism rather than propaganda. Create a TRUE VIEW of substance abuse and/or over use by our being able to provide UNBIASED (yes… I’ll share further on this later) information…insight…education. I have some definitely and potentially contraversial (even among us) ideas here and they are somewhat inspired by ya gurrll… Marty Mann. 😀

  2. Right. As you know… Im still in deprogram/rantish mode. It has gradually calmed w/ the experience of people actually listening & responding to me RATIONALLY…LOGICALLY and COMPASSIONATELY. Still I see an eventual need for an organization akin to the one that Mann started but w/ several core differences: 1) It would be genuine & transpearent in its purpose & not a front for a hidden agenda. 2) It would honestly & openly present all substance over use treatment and/or program options. 3) It would stay current & establish itself as a reliable source of information, education & consultation on alcohol/substance over use; & in so doing distinguish itself as the organization to contact when planning any media project with substance over use and/or treatment component. For instance, would it not be interesting to have a show wherein two subjects; fictional or real w/ comparable substance issues dealt w/ these issues using opposing treatment methods? presently…its just a THOUGHT…musing…

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