SAFE RECOVERY on Blog talk radio- Tearing Up The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Tuesday @5:30 pm pst September 24, 2013


Join us for a 45 min show “tearing up the Big Book” and all it’s ridiculousness!!!


Have you or someone you know been told to stop taking your medication in AA?

For years AA members have been playing God, Doctor, therapist, and marriage counselor.

Listen live, chat or listen free later on itunes, or on your smartphone, iphone.



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32 thoughts on “SAFE RECOVERY on Blog talk radio- Tearing Up The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Tuesday @5:30 pm pst September 24, 2013

  1. Good show, Massive/Gunthar/Sally! I have to tell you something sooooo freaking FUNNY!!!! I spooked the CRAP out of a family member when your show first started. You gotta look at it through his eyes, though, OK? OMG- This is soooooooooo hilarious!! He saw me RUN OUT of my bedroom, RACE to the bookcase, GRAB MY BIG BOOK, go BACK to my bedroom, SLAMMING the door behind me. Priceless… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • rainbow,
      how do i listen to this blog radio show. i’m awake very late.
      i’m working till 9 pm at night, when i come home i have been decorating.
      Doing my sitting room. i’m high off paint fumes, and have blue paint all over.
      i only heard the blog radio once before i cant recall how i got to it,.
      is there a link. i saw this man gunther on a video, not do long back
      and i liked his video.
      yes the burning of the big book’s. i haven’t done mine yet…but it’s on the agenda.
      one day the big book may be banned.

      • do you get itunes? You can download all the podcasts for free into your computer from itunes. If you have a PC you can listen form the website. Just google blog talk radio SAFE RECOVERY. There over 100 episodes! Enjoy. I was very tired today… sorry….I was on day 2 of juicing after watching Half Sick and Nearly Dead. But I wasn’t prepared with enough veggies so I was so sleepy! . Had to eat some dinner to bring blood sugar levels back up ๐Ÿ™‚ Im gonna try the juicing thing again but maybe add some protein powder into the mix…

  2. that is neat, I agree with that I never read the AA book at all, that book is just BS and that is what I was telling the aa group to nite,
    I do not give AA any cridet at all for me being sober
    it was my own choice not theres I do not owe AA anything except the suffering members what attend
    and my message is
    AA is a cult
    listen to monca richerson
    leaving AA and the talk show

    • i haven’t burnt mine yet, but i expect i will one day.
      I don’t read it or an of the other books i bought from AA/NA.

      I was told to get a big book when i first went, i couldnt read it then.
      i read little bits of it, when i first got it.

      I also heard it being read in some meetings.
      I began to give it more study just prior to my leaving AA.
      And i read it for a week after i left.
      I left in April of last year,
      Then haven’t looked at it since. But i think it could come in usefull
      for debunking AA.

      • I have to keep mine so I can tear it up and make more films and watch when they sue their asses in court one time after another. The time is here.

      • I swear- I think my big books are breeding. Ever since I left that freak show I’ve thrown at 4 away. Every time I throw one away, I’ll find another in a box. I can’t believe I had that many. It baffles me. Why? Folks were always giving me a big book, or a 12&12, followed by an annoying slogan, of course.

  3. Great show Monica & Gunthar! These tearing up the Big Book episodes are some of my favorites. Although it will tell you something about the scary power of AA that I always feel a little guilty enjoying them so much.
    I agree with you guys that America’s view of of addiction and recovery is entirely AA’s view. What’s more frightening is that AA is celebrated as a cultural movement that has ‘helped addicts” by promoting the idea that they are “just like us” but have fallen victim to a terrible terriminal illiness. We are told to applaud AA for blazing a trail to acceptance of addicts. I think it’s closer to blazing a trail of mental imprisonment and helplessness and pity.
    Can you imagine if any other social movement (like the civil rights, women’s rights or the LGBT) embraced the idea of powerlessness? They wouldn’t have gotten too far would they? Marthin Luther King’s speech at the Washington Monument would have gone something like “Even though I am a deeply flawed person stricken with a terrible illness, I had a dream. As I am unable to make choices about my future, I immediately called my sponsor and talked to him about this vision of liberation.”
    BTW M- others on the web have wondered how many times God was mentioned in the first 164 pages..

    • Thanks K…

      Can you imagine if any other social movement (like the civil rights, womenโ€™s rights or the LGBT) embraced the idea of powerlessness?

      OMG I KNOW!!!! THey are so nuts but they are caught up in some mystery dance of I owe my life to AA. I never gave AA credit. I worked too hard and changing myself.

      I will know soon. How many times God . HP and how many Musts!!!
      YOU MUST or you will surely die!!!!

      Gunther really nailed that one.

  4. i found the radio and listened to 2 of the shows
    is that you singing at the start, massive?
    if it is, you have a beautifull voice, and i liked the song.

    I am glad to have heard that.

    • sally- GLad you found it. G:ad you like the show. I was too tired last night. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes it’s me singing. I have an old cd on itunes called Handstories. Im going to release this CD soon.

      I know I keep saying that. Im so busy making the film. I want to get it done by winter and released by next spring.

      • Thats great,im jealouse i love music and wished i could be a singer.
        my Mum was a nurse,but also a non professional singer.
        She sang with bands on stage in working mens culbs.
        Dureing the war, she was in the airforce,she sang on the radio to the troops..the wilfred pickles show.
        She was asked to record a record. on her way to do it there was an air raid, so she missed that chance..
        she sang ballads and blues. and she loved jass .she also loved shirley bassy.
        and did a great cover of big spender.
        Aw my hearts comming back, just had a wave of emotion
        go through me there.
        my mam couldnt half belt out a song, unfortunetly i didnt inherit her talent.
        and i still cant play guitar right either. Im tired too, been working for 11 days straight now, no wait i had one day off in there so 9 days. And comming home and decorating..Just got tomorrow to do then have the weekend off. Im going up to my Dads in november,so buying my ticket off my wage.
        good luck with your cd cant wait to hear it you really are very good.

  5. Interesting stuff! Just happening by … I’ve never been seriously addicted to anything but at one time, i was slowly building a daily habit of beer and cigarettes. Plus, like everyone else, i was addicted to sugar. I started taking vitamins for completely unrelated reasons, but i noticed that taking the right nutrtition supplements would completely wipe out any cravings for 1) sugar and carbs, 2) nicotine and 3) alcohol. Doing some research i learned that alcohol dependency is very mich tied in with sugar metabolism, insulin etc. Why don’t AA and other traditional approaches build diet & nutrition into their model?

    • >>Why donโ€™t AA and other traditional approaches
      >>build diet & nutrition into their model?

      I asked this question in a meeting a long time ago.
      No one could give me an answer except that it was an
      outside issue. Typical AA response. Gawd forbid anyone
      should talk about anything pro-active and intellectual.
      All I ever heard in the roomz was– God, War stories,
      God, Steps, God, slogans, God, relapse, God…
      You get the picture….

    • “Why donโ€™t AA and other traditional approaches build diet & nutrition into their model?”

      AA is a religious conversion system. It is not science or medicine and NOT a treatment for alcohol abuse, so there is no reason to focus on anything real about health and wellness. It ain’t their thang. Spreading the religion, book revenues and maintaining the group are AA’s main objectives. You, well, you only matter if you tow the party line, and, even then, you are expendable and forgettable in very short order after you leave or die.

    • “Why donโ€™t AA and other traditional approaches build diet & nutrition into their model?”

      AA’s nutritional advice can be found in chapter 9 of the big book:

      “One of the many doctors who had the opportunity of reading this book in manuscript form told us that the use of sweets was often helpful, of course depending on a doctor’s advice. He thought all alcoholics should constantly have chocolate available for its quick energy value at times of fatigue. He added that occasionally in the night a vague craving arose which would be satisfied by candy. Many of us have noticed a tendency to eat sweets and have found this practice beneficial.”

      • “One of the many Doctors …” One more line of Bill Wilson BULLSHIT !! Which doctors and how many is “many”? Just like fuckin “rarely have we seen a person fail”. Rarely my ass. They were dropping like flies even after professing their love of the 6 Step program of the Oxford group. Remember, when Bill wrote Chapter 5, there were no 12 steps previously – the path he talked about was a lie too !!

        • spj- rarely have we seen a person thoroughly follow this path. Out of how many men…who really followed his little rules anyway. Few. And who taught Clancy I in LA to be such a Nazi stepper?

          • That entire environment is such amorphous junk nonsense that anyone, anyone, can claim to be an expert and start controlling the lives of others. What is worse is the incompetent moron has a very powerful religious conversion system in their hands and can use it with disastrous results. It happens all the time and is the social equivalent of Russian Roulette. In many cases people fire the AA nonsense into people’s heads and the recipient ends up dead. And the program and the people that actually facilitated that death get away with it. More people die in AA than any other method including doing nothing. There has to be a reason. Tragedy like that just doesn’t “happen”. It happens for a reason. What is that reason? They were alive before entering AA and now they are dead. Why?

            • I think the reason is that any behavioral modification program that is built on “powerlessness” and suggestions that one “fake it till they make it” while waiting for an elusive miracle could easily lead to death, particularly when the behavioral modification program aggressively recruits sociopaths from jails and severely disturbed individuals from institutions.

              • The death rate that Valiant discovered was from an earlier time frame than today. I wonder if the death rate is even greater today? I mean, 5 or 6 dead from Celebrity Rehab already? What if it is 5 or 10 times greater today? Seriously, this shit has got to stop. AA has to go.

                • suicides in AA are huge. Someone just emailed me last week about an NA suicide. He was told to stop taking his meds and BOOM….he hung himself. His friend is a mess.

              • I might add, AA not only aggressively recruits sociopaths from jails and the severely mentally ill from institutions, it actually elevates these same people into positions of power within the organization while openly acknowledging that these same people will never fully recover but are condemned to a perpetual one-day-at-a-time only recovery.

            • spj- that anyone, anyone, can claim to be an expert and start controlling the lives of others

              I really saw and heard this happening in the men’s stagg in Hollywood. A few old timers, one who was borrowing tens of thousands of dollars from successful actors, and writers with less “time” and when they came to him for pay back he told them to “go write about it” !!!

              I have moments where I want to go stand out side that meeting and ask if there are any men in there who have ben ripped off.
              I also heard that gay men are going their to get away from the gay predators. BIG PROBLEM with that subject !!!

  6. Diet, vitamins, nutrition, Therapy, self care, Meditation, Exercise, Great therapy, rage work, balance, pursuing my dreams, Having fun, having a life out side of AA ….all this and more. But AA kept me trapped in many ways. I will explain more later. Thanks Rainbow !!! I agree.

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