Say No to AA for a DUI – Stand up for 1st Amendment Rights

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I think its that time of the year where many might find themselves being sent to AA.

Many have no idea that AA is not a government agency. That AA is not regulated by the state. That AA is not safe. That AA is not a drug treatment program . It’s a  group—- a fellowship….lay persons coming together.

So why are our courts sending EVERYONE to AA meetings for any violation and why are the Courts interconnected with rehabs, sober livings that are totally 12 step run. How long has this been going on? Since Drug court began in 1989? No ….it started before that , but when drug courts began it got oh so much worse.


Now in AA, some are there to help. Some are there to harm. Some are there to serve so they can stay “sober” ….AA style….. Some are there to take whatever they can and never give back.

But where’s the warning label for Alcoholic Anonymous? Like Cigarettes…one day an Insider who worked in the industry outed those guys. We think AA needs to be outed for who is there, who is sent there and who goes there to prey on innocent civilians.

Even though there is a “leader” or “secretary” who picks or is picked that day or the week before – they don’t necessarily lead unless its a cult group like the PG group-

Most AA members don’t feel  empowered to really lead for the most part.

When they read the preamble before every meeting — how come they don’t say

” AA is a drug /alcohol treatment program” . ..oh that’s right …That’s because it is not that. So what is AA really? Is it a fellowship? Then how can you get ordered to join a religious organization from a Judge? Is it a religion? TO some it is. It’s religious for sure.

Over 35 Courts have Deemed it so. Is it a Drug Treatment Program? No —-other wise it would need to be regulated by the state. But AA’s rehabs grandfathered themselves in way back when as something called ” NON Medical treatment and they are governed by The Department of Health? How is this going on ? Well it is.

So I guess the next question is how do we undo this. So if it’s not medical treatment how is Insurance paying for it . I mean rehab— 30 K a month- or $1,000 a day paid by Athem Blue Cross for Action Family where no medical anything is occurring…Just being bused to AA meetings. Just attending AA meetings. No doctors, no PhD’s, no groups let by real therapists? And maybe your daughter or son may be bused to a place where all the AA meetings are filled with men like Eric Earle, near trailer parks- connected to the DOC filled with not so wonderful not really AA members. That your Daughter or son may mix and mingle with these kinds of criminals.

We need to educate the public and stop the judges and the ab541 classes from sending people to AA for a DUI offense.¬if_t=group_comment follow us in this new public group on FACEBOOK and share .

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17 thoughts on “Say No to AA for a DUI – Stand up for 1st Amendment Rights

  1. AA are rogue groups in that even though there is a leader- there are no 2015 rules running them. No sexual harassment policies in place, they are using a book ffrom the 13th Century….LOL….just kidding, but for real, they are using a book published in 1939. Never changed. Never vetted.

    Now every religion except a few —-updates their text every 10 years to make it relevant in today’s world. This is what makes a certain population radicalized. We have seen this is other parts of the world and you can see it in AA. When CBS 48 HOURS aired, some steppers went nuts saying HOW DARE CBS, that they were going to sue CBS …for what? FOr telling the truth about AA?

    I misspelled it

      • Matt- troll- banned- Thankfully no matt— I am no longer filled with your AA crap, your AA Ideology and fake Religious dogman-

        I love how you “spiritual bankrupt AA’ers’ come to a leaving AA blog to tell us how to be, who we are , and how to behave. The arrogance of you guys is so telling.

        Thanks for “sharing ” not….back at you….

  2. I’m a stepper, well not really a stepper, I hate the steps. However, I don’t drink well and I’m addicted to 12 step groups; it’s the only place where I can get the love bomb I crave (followed by the masochistic ego smashing ritual of course). Plus! my life got so better the last few times I was in group that I believe its the only thing that works. (As a man Thinketh, so shall he become!!!) Double Plus!!! its the only place where people will listen to my childish crap! Follow the follower I say as the member shares his line; oh no, not me, I share actual thoughts. No greater crime than having another express your profound truth after you thunk it without expression… (hat tip Emerson).
    I was at a meeting other day and a member was telling me he wanted to physically beat another member who was disrespecting the program. ( Big guy clearly from prison) Whew! Love and tolerance I think not, (pour) soul left the door open on a cold day and nearly paid with his life! Cross Talk! Oh yes… they feel free to talk among themselves while others (share)????? Rude? Funny? Just out of Prison???? Here’s my number??? Keep comin’ Back! oH mY**** They pity the (pour) soul who does not do the steps. I did the steps 1000 times and still lack the miracle, oh ya… I drank and warshed it arff. What repentance must I now pay to reclaim the full armor and favor of the loving AA god who blessed me with wealth and companions? I pray on my knees daily! Dear God! Take me! Show me! Give me power! Please! I’m in limbo between AA and Monica. :- /
    Why cant I have both? Leaving AA and Going to AA. Cant faith and hopelessness occupy the same place at the same time?
    Being of service? Not sure I can, No willing recipient for dime store wisdom or inspirational books, only a hook real or perceived. Free advice is worth exactly what it costs (hat tip N. Hill) Kindness is the currency of fools, as is broadcasting anything other than commerce or service without recompense. (current company excluded of course).
    Good day!
    I have reaped what I sewed and will spend the rest of my days imagining a better life so that it my materialize in my beliefs.
    Good day.

    • Working the steps, & working the program, just means praying to God. And having a relationship, with him. Calling that steps, or a program, is pointless, & stupid. In AA we do NOT trust!

  3. Anon, dont worry if you feel that your experiences seem like childish crap from what you write it seems a reasonable post.It seems you want to stay due to being involved in a group which has some redeeming features for you but dont agree with the core group philosophy. I had similar thoughts around considering some factors around staying going, staying a bit, then going, staying a while then going a bit, and the staying a while..for me my decision was to leave and see. There is suggestion that AA effectiveness comes due to the group protective factor of fellow abstinence minded folk and as yet there is nothing that indicates “working” the steps is the cause of sustained abstinence. To simplify imo it is highly likely that life is going to get incrementally better stopping drinking de facto. How much depends on higher powers or running or nutrition for example or indeed nothing is purely subjective and is more likely defined by internal/socio/cultural constructs following that all important decision and motivation to actually just not drink anymore.

    • Out of the Woods!
      Thank you for the support mate!
      Half measures in AA is availing me something, albeit not as much as inspirational books. My favorite this week is Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.
      AA is a one size fits all program in a universe of variety and versatility where Chaos and Symmetry make the fabric and energy of our being and surroundings materialize. I am a grateful De-facto implementation of action used to improve my situation. Yes, I can and will exist comfortably between scylla and charybdis; if you will… AKA; Leaving AA / Going to AA!
      Am I confused? I think not!
      Bravo! I have it all! No need to choose here. No war to win.
      And now for a little share…
      Today I was at a meeting talking to another attendee who incidentally is a psychologist (that’s a kind of doctor with a PhD). She immediately picked up on the fact that I was not “towing the party line”. She laughed and suggested that I keep it down or face charges of heresy! Sometimes people ask me how much time I have, my reply; I have no time now and I never will. If they ask why I explain that actual humility is the great leveler and necessary for me to feel well adjusted. As someone with time I became privileged and important, unteachable and closed to enlightenment. I may have never been as open or well adjusted as I am today. I am a fly in the grease , by Natures standards, the most welcome part of any discussion or backyard.
      Over Christmas I did taste the Armagnac, although I did not feel any effect. (YUM just the same)!!!
      How truly great it is to be alive!
      I love Leaving AA!

        • well anon- You know I hate AA and why– and yet I know you are not a troll so – it’s fine- It’s a semi free country ….LOL….so do what you need to do and what you like doing and you are always welcome here if you need to blog here.

          • Thanks M.
            It’s coming down to consciousness for me. If I exclude anything I feel I limit my consciousness. When I got carried away with daily drinking I found I became unconscious, even while awake. In my less conscious state I broke my own rule of not drinking to get through problems. My processes suffered, especially the conscience which I define as knowing or gut instinct. I also became very negative and began to attract the same. Today I work daily on seeking a positive attitude and a high level of consciousness. There are many great tools and inspirational books that can help a person find this state of being. I also find that when I am seeking consciousness I attract people of the same mindset, most outside of 12 step acquaintance; I always ask them what they are reading or studying so I can have a look. I avail myself to it all. What I learned alongside you about the problems of AA is valuable. AA is a religious program. The God disclaimer does not count because they do have a doctrine or commandments; 12 steps, 12 traditions. Religion is a type of consciousness, so is atheism, so is science. Theoretically, the Nature of the universe may dictate that all are necessary parts of being. Without argument they are all parts of the world in which we live. I can live without one or the other but I will be limited in the expansion of my consciousness. AA, Leaving AA, Inspirational Books, Literature, DSM, Science, you name it; ill take a sampling of each. I believe that this attitude is that of an open mind and the highest level of consciousness that I can achieve.

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