SHOW today on BTR- blogtalkradio Safe Recovery “Are you tired of 12 step programs?” You Are Not Powerless!

A short 15- 30 minutes show on just that and what are th eother numerous options.

join me today at 2 pm PST


call in 818-475-9211

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6 thoughts on “SHOW today on BTR- blogtalkradio Safe Recovery “Are you tired of 12 step programs?” You Are Not Powerless!

  1. That bench advertisement photo is awesome. We need to design biz cards with that verbiage on it and allow anti AA supporters to access a free file from which they may choose if they would like to print biz cards…flyers…stickers and postcards as leave behinds…esp. at AA meeting places around the counyry. To be sure despite any and all True Step Stomper rhetoric there will be open minds and longing soul out there who want to here that there are viable alternatives to powerlessness…unmanagability…insanity…jail…institutions and death. I would be happy to design some material for the New Year… I would like to know what the most concise…clear verbiage ought to be… Something that people open to a New Way from AA would find relatable; something that list the most visible viable empowering alternatives… I dig You Are Not Powerless to start with.

    • illbefree- thanks. 🙂 Sure. Lots of activism happens behind the scenes by some bloggers. on this site go to the top…thread…GO to Safety Tools. CLick on it and you can print the Is 12 step not working for you. I have someone who is helping me design these things. you can reach me privately @

      Have you checked out


    I will def be checking out what you already have. The more people that see this kind of material, the better. Most people/newcomers/ new ex-AA’s still do not realize that there are strong voices teaching alternatives to AA’s do or die ineffective bullspit. They have a right to know. (If you all ever need an extra helper, don’t hesitate to let me know:

    Yes, I have been to It is one of my FAVORITE sites…that and Orange Papers…

    I was even on a site that mentioned Karla Brada and the work you are doing on behalf of her parent’s suit. I LOVE IT!

    Once AA and sponsors start being sued for the harm they do to people; they will not be so arrogant and bill-willed run riot over the lives of vulnerable people. Right now they just do whatever the hell they want with absolutely NO REGARD for the well being or effect they have on a person.

    As my ex sponsor said while I cried asking her if there was anything I could do for her not to hurt me so terribly; “OH WELL.”

    I’ll never forget it…

    OH WELL…

    PS: Oh and I read your message about going to a meeting with me while I ask them, “If alcoholism is a disease WHY do AA’s in general get so angry and upset with relapsers?”

    I have a good friend in CA. that I may visit some time in 2013… If I do I will be so HAPPY to take you up on that. It will just be a hoot to see the poot they shoot… They NEVER give straight answers to straight questions.

    My sponsor used to cover this by saying, “Yes, well Darlin, AA is full of what we call paradoxes, but it works if you work it so just keep coming and take it easy…”

    “Yes, Weezy…”


  3. Soon these azzholes will find out what True Power is. They tried to convince the wrong people that they were powerless. Yes, I need to work on the “alcohol-problem” but that does not mean that I am some kind of ignorant piece of sh!t to abuse, misuse and place me in situations where I could—where WE could end up murdered like Karla and so many beautiful people guilty of simply looking to AA and so-called Sponsors for help.

    It is time for major EDUCATION.

    Maybe God brought me to AA for a reason afterall…


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