2 thoughts on “Stanton Peele talks frankly with ZACH Rhoads Young Justice on Youtube

  1. My experience shows me that much of what Peele says is true. The real problem is that 12 step groups are often a way to garnish a get out of jail free card for many. And of course for the non-criminal substance user will benefit little, if not be harmed by arranging their lives in such a way as to fill it with individuals who really deserve to pay for what they do/or have done.
    The real big problem is that 12 step groups often create an environment where the activities of such individuals not only goes unchecked, but is masked in an effort to save face for the fellowship as a whole. This of course can result in numerous forms of damage to the individual seeking help.
    This is of course is of no consequence to the fellowships. As the individuals suffering is irrelevant.

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