STEVEN SLATE on blogtalkradio Safe Recovery Tuesday February 19, 2013, 4pm PST – 7pm EST

Join Steven Slate and I as we discuss many non AA ways to get help with alcohol and drug over use issues.

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8 thoughts on “STEVEN SLATE on blogtalkradio Safe Recovery Tuesday February 19, 2013, 4pm PST – 7pm EST

  1. I just listened to this episode, found through Steven Slate on Twitter. I haven’t listened in a long while, but Monica, you’re still doing a great job.

    I’ve heard a good bit about the Mindy McCready story in recent days. I’ve never seen Celebrity Rehab, nor have I seen the “Intervention” show from 10 or 12 years ago. I saw enough abuse in AA, and heard enough about being in treatment and in the “hot seat” that I wasn’t interested in seeing more abuse. I had been out of AA by that time, and had known many suicides in AA. I finally concluded that the suicides in AA were much more because of AA than because of “the disease of alcoholism.” When deaths are reported in connection to Narconon (as has happened in the last year or so), people start investigating. When 12-step attendees die, their deaths are always “part of the disease.”

    I still need to write my biography…

    • HI Ben- WOW thats a mouthful. I had no idea you have been gone that long. Good for you. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Yea I have only been about to watch Intervention twice. It made me sick. I was never able to watch Celebrity Rehab for more then a minute. I could not believe they approved making the show. But thats A & E for you.

      PLease write your bio. We need more books telling the truth. Wanna skype. email me Im trying to get a group to meet up on skype. No video, just voices.

      Great post. The suicide thing. AA needs to be sued by hundreds.

  2. The suicide rate in 12Step programs is alarming. Telling people to do the steps or die & then when they do the steps & happiness eludes them these unfortunate people think they are failures cos they failed the program. Sadly those people couldn’t see through the “fake it til you make it” charade in time.

  3. I dont think 12 step is to blame. A lack of direction or a goal is to blame. In other words, we all have to choose what to do.

    • I do think the 12 Step approach and ecosystem is to blame. For all the people that went into the 12 Step mental contortion emporium that ended up dead, they went in alive and ended up dead by their own hand and/or mostly by someone else’s in the 12 Step ecosystem. At the very least, that should be enough evidence to make society take a second look at just what the environment is that tries to force a “psychic change” ( Bill Wilson’s words) in a persons mind and makes them kill themselves or someone else. There is more than ample evidence this happens because the veil of secrecy around AA is being lifted and when the tally is really counted it will be worse than a massacre. Gee, look at all these dead people. What is the common denominator? AA. Not booze, AA.

      Alive before exposure to AA, dead after exposure. Any questions?

        • Hey, let our concepts crawl up into your brain. You’ll like it, it works, cept, well, you might become really confused, depressed and despondent and kill yourself, but, hey, its worth a try because, after all, you are a helpless drunk with no future unless you give it a try. We’re the only thing that REALLY works you know. We’re the last house on the block for worthless pieces of broken shit like you and me so if it doesn’t work, well, I guess you are better off dead and we’ll have another shining example of someone who just couldn’t get our way of life, so even in death, you’ll be valuable to us. It’s all about us you know.

    • Stephen- WOW butchy boy !!!! You are in the wrong place. Go take an inventory and ask God what you can do for the man who is still sick. We are not !!! Hahaha

      We left AA and we are fine.

      GO away !!!

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