The 13th Step- A Documentary Film, Exposing Sexual & Violent Predators, in Alcoholics Anonymous and its culture Available NOW on VIMEO!

Well- it’s here— now– finally after four years of work.  We won some awards, got into The Cannes Festival in the DOCUMENTARY CORNER, and fought hard to get Broadcast distribution. I get emails from around the US and the world daily about the problems in AA.

BUY IT HERE. CLICK ON THE BLUE THE 13th Step  on top Left !


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The film that tells the truth about the most revered self-help group on the planet. AA- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, promoted as the wonder of this century by ROCKEFELLER,  NEUT GINGRICH, DICK VAN DYKE, ELTON JOHN, EDIE FALCO, Senator Hughes, Chuck Lorre, Martin Sheen and many more.

Little did I know how deep the rabbit hole went when I started making the film in May of 2011. It was Christine and Saundra Cass’s murder in Hawaii that did it for me.  Learning about Karla Brada’s murder put the nails in the coffin as well.

But when I learned about how Pilots, Nurses, and Doctors are extorted to attend in such an insane way …I could not believe my ears or eyes as I read their contracts. This could be another whole film on CNN , FRONTLINE or 60 Minutes – but I digress.

The latest News about Corrupt Sober Living Houses, (Chris Bathum featured on ABC 20/20 recently)  fraud in Rehabs and how PROP 36 sends all the diversion folks to a SOBER LIVING, drug tests all clients and makes everyone follow the 1936 -12 step Prohibition WAYS of NO ALCOHOL , “no nothing” kinda mentality. YIKES !!!

Interesting note that Major Insurance is paying for The Sober Living sham, through a thing called IOP’s and expensive Drug Testing. Who owns the drug testing COMPANY you may ask? I find myself digging, again, down another rabbit hole. But, that’s another film. There is one pilot who I interviewed in this film. He was afraid to be seen.

Here is the link to rent or buy the film.

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45 thoughts on “The 13th Step- A Documentary Film, Exposing Sexual & Violent Predators, in Alcoholics Anonymous and its culture Available NOW on VIMEO!

  1. Thank you so much Monica for making this film! I lived through it. Ppl are amazed when I tell them what REALLY goes on in AA. The sexual inventory, can you say creepy…

    Anyway thanks so much! Are you doing any advertising?

  2. Genx- Thank you ! I know what you mean. People are shocked when I tell them what I discovered and found down that rabbit hole.

    Yes ….I will do advertising. Bench Ads, Some Newspapers, some Magazines.

    ANY Newspapers near you that you would recommend?

  3. The inlander. It’s a little more progressive than the spokesman review. That would be great if you did some advertising here!

  4. Hi Monica it’s Bob Hunley and as i have said. I had to leave AA and i admit because my Dr. Had me on the wrong meds. So i wasn’t myself. But i couldn’t stand the cultic idiology of the fellowship anymore. And to make it worse , i know this is rare, i had a therapist who tried the ” 13th Step” on me. Female preditor. There is no double standard here. Men can be traumtized too. But that mixed WITH being attacked and my face being punched , and other things , you have my full blessing to investigate The AA Birch club in. Hawthorne CA. The Torrance ( tlc) club in Torrance CA. And Hermosa is Iffy. Things bad happened there but I would have to talk to you because. The over medications , I wasnt acting right. So i gotta take some responsibiliy in how I left. My number if you want to text me is 1424 375 0850. Ps. I fired my shrink and never weakened to her advances. Bob Hunley. Thank you.

    • BOB- Hi nice to see you here again. Glad you are better,

      but a Therapist can not sexually harass you legally, and get away with it. I would go to the Board that supervises her and you could also sue her in CIVIL COURT and you would have a good chance.

      • Oh i reported her. They are doing a full scale investigation. She may loose her license and maybe looking at pris on time. And i was overly medicated from a male psychiatrist .I was so messed up. Thanks for welcoming me back. Your song a radio show rock. 🙂 Bob.

  5. Hi Monica this is Bob again. I have come to your site because I think I’m suffering some kind of cult trauma after leaving the rooms of AA. But besides being a devoted dad to my son the way i spend my time is covering karaokee David BowieZiggy style W makeup DRESS ext, Genesis, Doors ,Alice The Cpop.and I do my original blues songs to.o. anyway if you want to see the footage Im on you tube. If any of u want a laugh. But back to the seriousness , I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE CULT. and when the meds made .me not act right I was quick to anger . I never hit on women or anyone. I dated outside AA But got used. That’s the other. Issue , datesites are used carlots. Anyway im doing my best to keep busy W MY rioidiograph ink drawnings. I’ve been out of the. Cult for a coulple months I hate Social Media that’s my fear of bothering you, because I think social media is a dark highway with no lights. Kind Regaurds , Bob.

  6. After you have investigated Bob’s complaint come on to Wyoming and see what is going down here. Arranged AA marriages. I am in one. Hell yeah.

  7. My keyboard is messed up. I’m watching how to survive a cult. When I first on here I was on the fence. Not. Any more. I’m very depressed. I guess that’s normal after 19 years of cult crud. I never thought is be physically attacked to the point where i had to bring protection to meetings and depressed over a female therapist who GROOMED ME. Massive, listening to your radio show helps. Bob.

        • FIONA- move along now. We are talking about Leaving AA, not loving AA. You dont need this site— or do you??? So why are you here? To troll us , to bully us, to convince us that your Darling AA is so perfect and wonderful….

          • No! I am no longer in AA but if this is your idea of helping people I fear for all who turn to you or find this nasty little blog site. Sick and twisted is what it is.

            • Yes thats right. I dont know if you are aware but there many many people who are wising up to the nonsense of 12 steps. This my friend is just the tip of the iceberg. Also why should anyone have to put up with all the passive aggressive, psychobabble that gets trotted out ‘ad infinitum’ if anyone has the temerity to question the 1930’s woo. All it does is confirm exactly what is so apparent.

                  • I have been abstinent for 9 years and miss talking to people about living drink-free but it looks like I came to the wrong place. I will look elsewhere.

                    • Try Hello sunday morning,
                      Thats a great website and community, hope this helps. And good one on staying abstinent for so long.

                    • Try Recoveringfrom recovery blog. Or JonStewart’s blog a guy in the UK . They still like AA, left and are abas. Many here have really moved on. AND drink normally. Not all choose that but many of us are OVER IT.

            • Its not a nasty little blog. Many come here and get helped by our support. From being raped by men in AA, or psycho bullying. Pilots who are FORCED to attend an AA you FIONA would not put up with either I would imagine.

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