The 13th Step- An award winning Documentary is available to Buy on DVD, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!


The 13th Step is for sale on DVD ….NOW. We will be fulfilling all Indiegogo Campaign rewards as well. DVD ‘s are being made this week. Shipping will begin as soon as we receive them. Thank you for all your support. Please share this good news on all your pages, blogs, twitter and with freinds.  We will also come to certain cities to do screenings and do Q & A’s.

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27 thoughts on “The 13th Step- An award winning Documentary is available to Buy on DVD, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

  1. Cool! I’m glad to see this being released to the general public! I’m even further looking forward to hearing of the buzz this will cause. More and more I wish AA to collapse. I don”t mean this in an evil spirited way, it’s just that AA does so much harm to so many people. If it doesn’t colllapse, at a rock bottom minimum changes need to be made to make those who go safer!

    • I agree fully and then some. I have a close friend who has recently stopped drinking and sought out AA. She went to her first meeting just three or four days ago. After the meeting two guys approached her and begin causally speaking to her; she thinks nothing of it. A woman comes up and passes her # to this woman as she said she’s open to being a sponsor. One day later my friend receives a text from a stranger. A man had asked the sponsor for her number because he wanted to make sure she was attending some meeting where he was going to introduce her to some great women. Without a second thought the sponsor passes out her number to a man who has been to prison, alcoholic, ex meth addict; turns out this man had 6 years of sobriety. He’s calling texting my friend to ask to come over, meet for tea, have lunch, where does she live. Started texting sponsor woman asking about my friend multiple times per day. My friend calls this woman the sponsor and learns of his behavior. In addition to this predator, the second man who was speaking to her at her very first meeting ends up showing up at another meeting across town she stated she was attending. She went last night and he was there again. No one in the meeting even knew this man. I find it ironic and scary that all of sudden this guy is at her meetings. It may be a coincidence but I’ll go with gut instinct and state it’s not.
      Less than one week and this has taken place. She’s a pretty middle aged woman with good job etc. She wants to quite drinking, not get raped, killed, stalked, hide etc. AA talks about God and a higher power. AA is a breeding ground for predators; recently sober women and women in general are easy targets for a master manipulator. AA is not a safe place for women in my opinion. This is my opinion. She will not be attending AA and will not be meeting with a so called healthy sponsor with wisdom; the one who gave her number to an ex con. Didn’t even bother to ask her first before passing her information to a dangerous man. She can go to an all women meeting or seek another method to stop drinking and move on successfully. I hope other women see and read this post. Listen to gut instinct. When your vulnerable looking for help; reaching out to strangers in a fragile time of need is not a great idea. Predators prey on weakness and people who can’t “see” clear. Must keep women safe.

      • Teresa- Hi and Welcome ! Thanks for posting and I hope it helps others not go there. GLad she is safe and going somewhere else or to SMART or MM of SOS or just talking to a good non 12 step therapist. There are many trained in CBT and MI.

      • I’m so sorry to hear this happened to your friend but sadly I am not surprised. I hope she is able to continue on her path to health in a safer environment .


  2. Hi rob- Thanks- I also want court ordering to stop and and I want the world to know there are 6 free options and Naltrexone is very useful for many hard drinkers.

      • It is already used here. Its just that many Doctors don’t even know about it. Its also an inexpensive drug. No big money to be maid like oxi and other opiate based drugs.

        Also , one can detox with it so no rehab or expensive detox will be needed either. And it works for that addicted drinker. So once again …no help to 40K rehabs… …money …money

        Its like Addiction and Cancer Business are not interested in finding a cure or solution.

      • Hey, Massive! Received my copy of “The 13th Step” in the mail today. Watched it tonight and really liked the documentary. I liked hearing your story and those of others and you also interviewed some people such as Lance Dodes, Stanton Peele, and Gabrielle Glaser whose books I’ve read and value their opinion, and it was nice to hear their input as well. It’s interesting, as I have read over some of your material and those of other writers, I often envisioned what the headquarters of AA and those few running it at the top were like. The ending of the documentary with you being told to leave and the entire scene that unfolded is pretty much what I had expected. Headquarters only cares about their money and keeping their program alive. I sometimes wonder if the doctor and counselor who recommended 12 Step rehab to me knew what they were sending me to. My private counselor at that time also worked at a rehab, but it was one that was so expensive there was no way I could afford it. So she sent me to the less expensive one she used to work at and looking back I really feel like I was ripped off. I hope your film and work will help make a difference and wake more people up to what is going on. I can tell you your work has helped me personally and I appreciate what your doing. I not only want AA to become safer for those who chose to stay, but I would like to see what I almost consider a monopoly on treatment programs by AA come to an end. I agree with what I heard some say in the film, treatment needs to be based on science and I also don’t believe it needs to be treated as a disease. I liked you introducing other alternatives to AA in the film and my hope is that some of those programs or others based more on science will eventually replace what I consider treatment from the Dark Ages.

    • I wonder if there is a story behind the big law firm representing AA no longer doing so? AA maybe unwilling to part with cash for it’s defense? Got a few legal bills and dropped the big law firm as it’s expensive and their HP is on their side, anyway? Or did the big law firm get a gander at the inner workings off AA and drop AA as a client? Maybe a combo of the above? I have an inquiring mind, I’d love to know why AA no longer is being represented by the big law firm…..hopefully this means good things for the Brada case against AA!

    • Good news though is that November is not far off! I’d love the decision – against AA of course – to be read on November 15th, which is my birthday….would really add some oomph to my birthday for sure! Crossing my fingers that AA does NOT emerge victorious!

  3. I have just got my copies and LOVE the movie. It is balanced and well done.

    Thanks so much to Monica and everyone who participated in it – such courage!!!


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