13 thoughts on “The 13th Step Los Angeles Premier at The Beverly Hills Film Festival !

  1. Best of luck with your screening. Had planned to go but it was too far to drive and I got caught up in that making money thang.

    Hope it goes really well and be sure to report back here on the good, bad and the ugly. 🙂

  2. spj- Well it went really well. Thanks for asking . I wish you could have been there too. There was a almost full house. There were people standing in the back of the theatre.

    There was a distributor there. We talked. He is sending it up the chain. People are interested. The film has been accepted into Documentary Corner at The Cannes Film Festival. Whoo HOO.

    We had a great time. Yes there were some pro AA people in the theatre. We went next door to The Farm, a nice casual farm to table eatery, with drinks and apps and more. ..almost 40 people joined us. Kevin and I for an after party. We stayed and talked and laughed for hours. I had a toast with one of my old spnosee’s . That is always very nice to say the least for both of us. We smile at it all. We toast. Neither of us has died, or gone insane or went to the looney bin. It’s a none issue. She for one, still has a MOM steeped both legs in AA still, so that has to be hard where I don’t have any family in AA anymore. Thank God!

    Some AA people came in and talked to me, as they recognized Kevin from the “old meeting place” and asked him what he was doing there. Which then he said “oh my wife made that movie you just saw”

    It’s interesting the things people say. So I got to speak my mind once more when they say outrageously stupid things to me that they have learned in the “rooms” that are absolute Bullshit. My favorite comeback is…that Bill got sober in The Oxford Movement, a fundamentalist religious conversation movement. That he stole that program (The 6 steps) and then he worked with about 100 people, wrote the book in a few years , published it in 39 and never vetted or researched any of IT!!! and now 75 years later people are reciting that newagey made up goobly gop as if it is TRUTH> Holy Jesus..let me just say this…when It finally hit me….it was definitely an ah ha moment. It was when I was doing one of my radio shows on the Big Book. Tearing it apart. So that radio show really helped to deprogram myself as I did it.

    So back to the Premier..the man who runs the festival, loved the film and so did Adam, this other guy who helps run it. I was so happy they chose it cause the few other festivals in LA rejected the film …Bet steppers are running it. The Producer from The BUSINESS OF RECOVERY, Greg Horvath drove up to see it as well.

    I was very excited and super happy. The technical side is a pain in the ass, but it has to be done. But thanks for asking spj- oh yea ,- there was a woman who came from San Fran who was a blogger who left OA, and one of our own on Anti Facebook pages, Kevin Patten was there. It was wonderful to meet some people who have been following it all.

    There were still some slight technical issues, but I will have to do another output and compress it again. A bit of clean up…its all good.

    It is finally coming to the world. when I began the work in 2009 which consumed my life and my mind and my time, to making the film in May 2011…it has been a long long journey. But Many were very supportive an said they think it will help to change the world around Substance use, and court ordering everyone to AA meetings.

    I have a PR person and we will begin to build a campaign and get media. I am very happy. But the work is not done yet still….hahah

  3. I am so happy to hear all of this. 🙂

    Congrats to you, your family and everyone who has helped you along the way – both on the internet and in person.

    Lois W

  4. Well done Massive proper professional job! I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you talk to the steppers. Did they hear you? To London and toasting you in person! GS x

  5. Massive, I’m just glad that your film is getting noticed and that you are reaping some rewards for all your hard work in getting the truth about AA out there…..

  6. This is WONDERFUL!!! Massive, you have worked so hard. You are absolutely brilliant as well! I hope there is some way for me to see it at some point, living out in fly over country like I do.

  7. I won – It won Best Documentary Film -Jury Selection for The Beverly Hills Film Festival!!!! WOO HOOO> I was so shocked. SO Happy. 🙂 Thank you all.

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