The “ASAM “American Society of Addicted Medicine is all Stepper Sh**T…did you know that?


I know they sound official. I know they think they are in charge. I know they think they are different. I know they think they know what is right for everyone, but really…a 1935 religious conversion cultish institution that is FULLY and I mean fully embedded in our medicine , The FAA and aviation. WOW …holy shit… I thought coercion when you got a DUI was bad. I thought sentencing a sex offender was bad and it is, but what I have uncovered is quite …fucking madness. I will not mince words here, because this is some scary shit.

So who are these guys? Are they special ninja addiction Doctors…. Nope. Are they specially trained for alcohol dependency? …nope… Are they trained in Japan with ancient warriors who fight voodoo bad guys addicted to alcohol? Nope.

They are all f **king steppers who think they are better then the rest. They are in control ….and they love it …Are they good men? Are they kind and loving and so they know how to make good coffee and clean ashtrays from the 1970’s.

DO they serve canned Carnation milk and white sugar with their coffee in plastic cups served up in plastic brown holders? OMFG … I hate that shit. Don’t you ?

Everyone needs to know and we need a reporter to tell at least this part of the story. I will be telling it in a segment of my film , but this story breaks the whole damn thing wide open.

ANY Doctor, Pilot, Lawyer, Nurse , or CPA who has lost their license and is being told they HAVE to GO TO an AA rehab and then go see an AA psych  sponsor, and then go to AA meetings can please hire a lawyer and sue their asses. Call me if you have any questions.


be strong, be fearless, be powerful and fight back !


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17 thoughts on “The “ASAM “American Society of Addicted Medicine is all Stepper Sh**T…did you know that?

  1. There are two more problems with that also. People established in AA recommend AA doctors, therapists, ect.. to newcomers telling them that doctors who are not in AA do not understand “us”. (I always knew to avoid them because the repercussions can be great, like being convinced to undergo various procedures without taking actual pain medication afterwards.)

    These doctors will defend AA against any new scientific development in the field of recovery. A few years ago the newspaper in my city wrote an article about a new development in a medication for alcohol/drug withdrawal. There was a very quick response from a VERY respected surgeon at the nearby university hospital, who happens to be an AA member, accusing this researcher of “using addicted people to make money”. The usual accusation against science. This gave the AA opposition to any new development legitimacy because of this surgeon’s well-earned reputation (the man has saved a lot of lives in his career and taught a lot of other students in medical school who have gone on to do the same, but is still a shill for 12-step anti-science). Of course anonymity keeps anyone from realizing an AA member doctor has his own personal motives in his/her opposition to new developments.

  2. The lawsuits are gonna be huge and everywhere. Class actions, wrongful death, career degradation, etc. All because some religious nutjobs believe they have the only real answer to alcohol abuse and have embedded themselves like a parasitic tick under the skin of numerous institutions. I think a lot of this was happening when the country was at war in the 40’s. Nobody was looking as there were slightly more important things to do and it spread like a weed. Once the foundation was in place, it just continued to grow from missionary zeal and secrecy. Thank goodness people are looking now and there is going to be a HUGE backlash. You just KNOW people in AA in New York follow the anti-AA sites and they realize the train is coming. Like a sleazy religious con man, they wonder how they are going to get off the tracks. Me thinks there are too many trains and too many tracks for them to avoid their impending disaster. Let’s see, what can they do that would look good but have no real substance? Announce a safety program? Nice touch, but its still a religious conversion program. Announce they are including other programs in their literature? Maybe, but it still is a religious conversion program. Announce they are making changes to the Big Book to be more open to all races and genders? Nice touch, but it’s still a religious conversion program. Take all references to gawd out of the BB? Never gonna happen. Admit they really don’t work, have known it for years and are sorry and will go away now? Nice touch but it doesn’t help the families of the dead and injured people in their wake of absurdity from the last 75+ years. There is almost enough critical mass of awareness to really make them look really, really bad to the entire country and a concerted effort by all experts and knowledgeable people backed by a PR campaign would make a huge difference. The main questions you want people to ask is ” How has this atrocity gone on so long” and ” what are we going to do to change it”. AA and the 12 Steps will become the perceptual equivalent of ecoli in raw meat. No one will want to touch it, everyone will be wary and want something to be done about it.

    • I hope these law suits are possible.

      Lawyer’s Assistance Programs appear to push AA also. There are links to AA and to Lawyers in AA. I don’t know if this program is coerced or not, but from what I have read online, Lawyers are encouraged to report colleagues who they feel have a problem. If AA is entrenched in the legal profession in a similar way as the medical profession; there is an even bigger problem.

      • BCM- I know they are. Its just that many don’t know how and are not empowered. But all the anti educating blogs out there are empowering these pilots and a few Doctors to fight back, I know two right now.

        Yes that link is all stepper shit for sure. I think its very important now for us to shift all the reporting from just bad NEWS horror criminal AA stories to Coercion of high level professionals so they can find us and resources on the web as well as the other 7 free options that are available. I’ll work on another post or if anyone here would like to write a nice piece for the front page for Drs, and Lawyers and India Chiefs! Please submit.

    • The alwsuits are gonna be big everywhere….spj…yes they are and I hope I hope they happensooner then later.

      BTW – There is a great lawyer if someone needs to talk to someone. Just email me.

      Yes I believe I read something in one of the old books About Dr Bob. its in their charter to never change the first 164 pages. The over 500 references to god and the over 50 or so MUSTS or you will die, Im sure will not be improved on , leaving AA an organization that could be possibly violating the use of what a 501c3 is. Seems that a c3 is suppose to be an advocacy and education org. which it is clearly not.

      Maybe they will get in legal trouble for that.

      Quite possibly if we could round up all the Docs, the lawyers and pilots, nurses and such for a class action it could be a heavy hitter kinda thing. Or they can each sue individually which is better for the plaintiff anyway. Cant wait.

    • When AA was being formed, Traveling Medicine shows were still somewhat popular. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob were nothing but a bunch of lying salesmen, whose pitch, the American public sadly bought and the Recovery Industry took full advantage by building what is now a billion dollar substance abuse treatment industry found in 12-Step rehabs throughout our nation. Over 90% percent of all rehabs are based on this garbage, no wonder there are so many who never recover! Surely we can do better!

      • Jane- I agree 100%. Change is a coming. This year 3 films are coming out that addresses a part of this picture, The 13th Step being one of them. One Little Pill is done and looking for distribution , which I am sure they will find. Then there is a 3rd which is killer ….I can not speak about it yet. It is also finished.

        Then there is the piece by CBS 48 hours which will air this year as well.

  3. Good thing the ASAM has a great website with addiction medicine practitioners weighing in on critical issues. Like this piece of news about that bastion of addiction medicine research, you know, that guy from the Kennedy family that was a total out of control loser and drunk. Yeah, most of them, I know. But, hey, in his infinite wisdom and deep addiction medical awareness, he says that alcoholism isn’t a behavior thing, it’s a braaaiin diseeeese. Yes, Steppers would rather admit they are mental lepers rather than own up to making dipshit choices and ruining their lives and others. Kind of hard to be a Kennedy and have a fucked up life, I guess you lose country club privileges or something if you drink too much in that clan.'s-description-of-addiction-as-brain-disease

    And we should listen to this rich twit why, again?

  4. I honestly find the corruption of medical science by 12 steppers to be depressing. However, I recently ran across a website, Medical Whistleblowers, that addresses the 12 step corruption of the medical establishment head-on. What is really great is the website is run by a veterinarian, Dr. Janet Parker. I think this is especially important because here is a person with a credible scientific background that has no vested personal interest in preserving the medical establishment’s (i.e. ASAM) perverse status quo. This is a “must see” site.

  5. I got over my depression once I left AA, but I’m still working on getting over the anger. Anger at my doctor and counselor for referring me to this program. A program that most certainly does not “Work if you work it.” A program built on hidden lies from it’s Founders and anything but the truth. A program of brainwashing that has the audacity to use these tactics and then informs you you’re brain needed a washing like your some kind of mindless idiot that can’t think for yourself. A program that allows rapists, child molesters, and other violent criminals in their meetings through the help of our court systems. You never know who you might be sitting next to and AA will not take responsibility if a predator uses the program to find it’s next victim. I’m mad at the 12-Step rehab that took me in when I was at my lowest, having ended a 30 year marriage and losing several loved ones in a short period of time. I returned to drinking abusively over an 11 month period as a way to forget after 30 years of abstinence. The only reason I ended up in rehab was the withdrawals were life threatening when I tried to stop. Rehab did absolutely nothing to address the problems that caused such a relapse. Instead of just stopping like I had done 30 years earlier with no help and no drama, I was indoctrinated into the drama-filled world of AA and fed lies. AA was the last thing I needed. I’m mad at all the members who made heartless comments and asked ridiculous questions when my depression not only didn’t get worse in the program, but increased dramatically. Statements such as, “Get off your pity pot” and questions such as, “Are you working the steps, Did you do a thorough inventory, and Oh My, Are you keeping secrets?” I suppose I was, because I really wanted to reply, “No you, ####, my 30 year marriage failed, I’m now distanced in terms of miles, anyways, from my sons, I lost my father to cancer, my 27 year old cousin to cancer, and my aunt and uncle to natural causes. All of these casualties occurred in a 6 month period, I drank over it, stopped and went to rehab, where I received no help for the underlying cause and I’m still depressed and sitting in these depressing meetings and listening to #### comments and questions such as yours are dragging me down further.” I hit my rock bottom in the rooms of AA. I decided I’d had it. I almost successfully took my own life with an overconsumption of alcohol and pills, something I had never attempted or even considered in my 51 years of life. I came near death. I would have been carted off to jail had my brother not come and taken me to the hospital instead. From the hospital I was sent to an institution. So what’s that you guys warned me about, “Jails, Institutions, and death?” I soon discovered AA was not the so-called solution. I found out more about the program, it’s founders, what they believed, and who they gathered their beliefs from. I found out what kind of man the womanizing, LSD experimenting, copyright thief, insane, self-centered, jerk, Bill Wilson was and then I was really mad at any counselor who knew this and kept this info from me. I left the program and quickly discovered that unless you remain a sheep within the herd of AA, don’t expect any phone calls even if you tried your best to leave on good terms. Five months later and I finally feel free, I’m finally able to come off some of my meds from depression, I don’t have to visit my counselor near as often because I’ve finally worked through my problems with a NON-12 Step counselor and received answers that really helped. I also found help through Jesus, who I respectfully call by name now and not some whatever you want to make it higher power. I’m over the hurt, and depression, and making progress toward getting over the anger the sorry excuse our country has accepted as a solution of recovery.

    • Hang in there Jane. What really dumbfounds me about the whole rehab experience is their “professional” staff seems to fully know that what they do will have extremely poor results (yes, around 5%, the same as quitting on your own). However, they continue to plow through lectures that are supposed to provide you the “tools” needed to abstain from drinking while charging you good money for their services. What tools? Their real purpose is to collect your money and dump you into AA.

    • JANE- WOW >>>>… Wooo what a lot you have gone through! Im so sorry. I’m really glad you wrote your stuff here and got free. Im so tired tonight as we edited the film all day. Then went to the movies with my oldest son and husband, and laughed at the funny new Seth Mac Farland movie.

      You are so spot on with EVERYTHING !!!!! you wrote here. I wish we could sit down and have tea and talk …It so bad…what needs to happen is people like you or whoever needs to sue the rehabs for fraud and file charges with the health insurance companies for providing religious conversation for health coverage. I know a great lawyer if anyone lives in California and feels the need. There sure is a plethora of shitty rehabs here. Or anyone who wants to sue AA as well.

      • You should start a thread on suing AA and rehabs. There has to be a reason more people don’t do it. I think they basically sign away the liability of any outcome when entering rehab. However, people are never made aware that the 12 Step model is religious conversion and faith healing. In many cases, it is dressed up like science/medicine , so people are being defrauded if the rehab isn’t clear on precisely what the patient is getting. I see billions of dollars in wrongful death lawsuits in the future. People need guidance and your lawyer friends can provide it in a thread on the subject. It needs to be discussed. 2 cents..

        • spj- okay will do ! Good idea.

          I am traveling tomorrow to Louisville and then Arkansas. While I am on the road I will begin to work on this. I have stuff I wish I could tell you but we have to wait till the next thing happens.

          As soon as it does I can release the info and then put it all on line here. Until then I will create a thread that addresses it in a general way. I will discuss posting the Attorneys name who can help with the lawsuits. This lawyer has already prevented a person who got a DUI from being sent to AA meetings. Instead the judge gave the person 1 day at the MADD class. Imagine 1 day at a MADD education class or weeks ….months of 2 AA meetings a week. The lawyer had to say he could not accept this as he was working on a case that conflicted ….. get it …..

          This will lead to many more people when they find this out. I will consult with him. He was also very affordable and not a rip off artist like so many DUI attorneys. In fact that is noth is main business. His has been more wrongful death of children …. he is a great guy! So we have to patient for a few more weeks or maybe 6 more weeks….as it unfolds. Don’t worry ….I will report here on the situation as it comes to pass. When it does…I know it will explode and there will be hundreds and then thousands of lawsuits against …you know who …and then lawsuits against the rehabs and the best is lawsuits against Kaiser and Blue Cross for paying for a religion instead of Health care and real mental health. This aspect will help take it down/
          Under the radar I hear the insurance companies are furious about OBAMA care forcing the paying of rehab over an dover again. But if OBAMA Knew what AA really was.

          We wil be calling Michelle Obama to ask her why AA is being promoted on the website. That should be fun.I have called the white house many times over the past 20 years about many issues I care about.

          I also believe that our film will empower many Judges, Lawyers. Pilots and Doctors, nurses etc who have been coerced to ban together to dismantle the current system.

          The truth is their are fewer of THEM and more of us. They just got in , back in 1944. The internet will bring on the truth and those powerful , rich men and women who have been bullied and forced to the AA religion rehab will finally fight back. We need them.

          ALSO , from the private emails I am getting… huge numbers of good long time sober member of AA are leaving and are also drinking normally so something else is happening at the same time. This story will also get told somewhere in our culture.

  6. As I think more about this concept of lawsuits, it is probably something a very wide swath of business does not want to happen. With lawsuits, there is a lot of discovery and the shadiness of the 12 Step, faith-healing model probably has some pretty long tentacles that extend into many, many areas of society. Any industry that generates more than $10+ Billion annually has a LOT of invested parties. If society really knew the truth about how this all came to be and who was, and is, involved in this massive faith-healing hoax that masquerades as treatment, it could ruin careers and topple mini-economic empires. Literally, billions are at stake here, so this is gonna get really interesting.

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