The COST of the LEAVING AA blog and more ….

hot  coffee

hot coffee

Hi everyone. Did coffee every look and smell like this at an AA meeting ?

Well its that time of year where I will be paying for my server.  …Yes I have my OWN server to keep up with the millions of hits we get each year. So far we have over 4.8 million.

If you want to contribute we thank you . Mahalo plenty.

….Thank you for any contribution.


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11 thoughts on “The COST of the LEAVING AA blog and more ….

    • No disrespect but it should not be costing so much, more along the lines of the previous poster’s estimate. Seek out something less expensive then you won’t have to ask for money. A lot of folks are just struggling to get by these days.

      • Sorry Jake —I was talking to AL not you . But I dont feel the need to write the thousands I have spent—– the hundreds of thousand I spent on the film ….But its alot of money.

        —- yes I really have to have my own server I get Millions of hits a year so those small packages don’t work with the amount of traffic this site gets —-and people were trying to hack me all the time last year,….

        Now I know how Ilse (FTG) and Mark ( MA) felt about Stinkin thinkin.

  1. When it is all said and done and now the film is a 20.00 dvd, was it worth spending all of that money? I know that wasn’t the “primary purpose” of making it, but do you think you will eer recoup?

    But, yeah. Anyone who felt they got some good out of your blog should contribute to it. People would thank Agent Orange to the skies for all of the help they got from his site but wouldn’t donate.

    • I have donated to his blog Orange Papers and St-
      Of course it was and is worth it. I’m sure I will sell the film . Thats not why I made it anyway. It was a passion film.

  2. Those coffee beans sure look good.

    That coffee cup needs some sprucing up though. My coffee cup has an AA logo on it. AA Sucks!!

    Thanks for all you have done, and continue to do. I will gladly contribute. : )

  3. Donation done. Thanks for all your hard work Massive. I believe that this is a worthy and expensive cause. I put much more than this in the basket of AA meetings – now my money will be put to MUCH better use.


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