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  1. AA isn’t a cult. You can come and go as you please. You might be holding a resentment that you can’t get free of. Perhaps you should get some therapy or go back to actually working the steps.

    • LOL – Hey Jerry, You can not come and go as you please when you are extorted there by the FAA as a pilots made to go for 3- 5 years.

      You can not come and & if you are a NURSE sent to AA for 5 Years . AGAINST your will – Made to believe in your idiotic ideology form 1935.

      You can not come & go when you are a DOCTOR forced to go to AA for 3- 5 years – against your will. 1 . 3 million are also forfced to attend AA meetings through probation and DUI’s. EVERY one in the US through Probation is forced to go to AA.

      If you want a liver transplant and they know you have a drink problem – you are FORCED TO GO TO AA meetings ? I mean like WTF …

      Your stupid language – “resentment” you know Jerry – in the real world people get mad when they are COered or forced somewhere.

      Now about what makes up a cult.

      A group that says : ” ONLY WE CAN HELP YOU ”

      If you ” LEAVE you will drink , die or go insane”

      ” ONLY WE HAVE THE ANSWER” your family cant help you — only WE CAN” — what HORSE SHIT that is .

      These are only for starters.

      ALSO — your steps taken from an Evangelical religious group called The Oxford groups — more religious Dumbo jumbo .

      • I know the steps were taken from the oxford group everyone knows that. What’s your point. It’s not religious it’s spiritual and you don’t have to go if you don’t have to. You seem really burned up why don’t you just forget aa and g if you don’t like it.

        • Jerry- did you not read what I wrote about what has been happening with PILOTS< NURSES and DOCTORS, for the past 40 years. FORCED TO AA MEETINGS AGAINST THEIR WILL? FOR YEARS? ALSO did you not read about all the court coercion with probation and DUI's .

          • It’s okay Jerry I have seen lots of people try to reason with her but she seems obsessed with her jaundiced views. It’s really sad but just be glad you and I are not that way.

            • GINA – do you not care that professionals are forced to JOIN an Organization against their will for years. and they must believe in the ideology or they cant work ? So you like AA and you think everyone should like it ? How crazy is that thinking. So how Obsessed are you on a LEAVING AA blog when you dont need help LEAVING AA…

                • Are you Jerry or GINA – trolling – Yea DUDE I left AA and I am an activist to make it safer, Expose it and stop it from being used as a place where Pilots , Nurses and DRs are sent .

                    • It is against the surpreme court to mandate aa meetings, another option is always given. Seperation between church and state requires that. People choose to go to AA because it is free and it works. It s on them if they bitch afterwards.

    • It’s not a cult, we just hold hands and pray. We read a book over and over written by a drunk con man. You don’t need those bad ppl just us. Come as often as you can. The most important thing is to just come.

      It’s not a cult and you’re not an idiot.

      Ya right.

      Good news is although it will always be a cult, you don’t always have to be an idiot.

        • Np, I don’t come here a ton, as I try to avoid the entire thing a lot. I feel like they took something from me that I can’t put my finger on. Thinking about it all sometimes feels like a further violation. So that’s why I avoid it.

          But sometimes I wake up, and i come out here and come out swingin. Later on I’ll remember and smile I admit.

          I never mean to make anyone feel bad, and I hope that anyone who breaks free looks back on this site, and any fiery comments as a positive.

          I’ll also mention that I’m getting near one year no aa, and still no booze. I was over that day one I think looking back.

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