THE DOC ( Department of Corrections) is coercing Everyone out of Prison System to AA (alcoholics anonymous) Meetings, Sober Living, 12 step “treatment” (wtf is that)….etc…with American TAX Payers Dollars!

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First off I want to reiterate what Maureen Maher said in her pre video to the CBS 48 hours piece, The Sober Truth that AA is not a professional treatment. Its just a support group….a fellowship….a lay persons support group. So why would the DOC be sending every body there, even those with no alcohol or drug issues?

Last Tuesday I interviewed Barry Hazle on my blog talk radio show… who had sued the state of California, his probation office and the 12 step rehab he was forced to attend and won 1.9 Million dollars.

Barry Is an atheist.

During the interview I asked Barry a question . Something I have been fearing might be true. Something that makes AA and it’s intrencment into american society a scary reality. Yes it’s true that every person coming out of prison gets sent down some sort of AA rehabilitation tactics. Really. Well…Barry said yes this is true.

But my tax paying money is being used to do this? We are paying for AA religious indoctrination Bullshit daily. This made me really upset to think this is true.

Im not sure about you, but I know that we needed this CBS 48 hours piece. We need my film to come out and we need a lot more activism and education as to what AA is, why this needs to stop and then we need to stop it.

Even as I wrote this I can’t believe its true. SO pilots, Doctors, Foster care kids, everyone who get’s a DUI, everyone with a mental health issue and nurses and lawyers and …you get it….

Goodnight for now…

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15 thoughts on “THE DOC ( Department of Corrections) is coercing Everyone out of Prison System to AA (alcoholics anonymous) Meetings, Sober Living, 12 step “treatment” (wtf is that)….etc…with American TAX Payers Dollars!

  1. I have spent so much time trying to explain to people in the “Fellowships” why this is bad……… But I am arguing with morons.

    It seems to me to imbedded in their own traditions why this is bad. The issue is self support. Not just the money…. But my experience, as I got involved with NA right as prop. 36 happened here in California. NA was a very very diverse group, there were pot heads such as myself, pill poppers, and many other people, who did diverse things. All of whom came to the rooms of their own free will.

    But once the court slips came in mass after the passing of that bill. It became a criminal freak show, and very much more dangerous.

    by allowing outside agencies to dump their problems on these groups, they completely poisoned the well. Most all of the non violent criminal element left.

    NA became a place for people who were told to be there, not a place for people who wanted to change their lives. It really ruined a great thing.

    I think self supporting, and declining outside controbutions includes where we endorsed a flow of new membership promoted by an outside force. And that promotion is a mandate. I still think NA is better than AA for many reasons. But both rationalized this major shift when it happened. And it degraded both fellowships when the flood gates opened.

    Not to say that all the problems that exist now, did not before then. With preditory behavior. But certainly the situation became more exaggerated at that point.

  2. What is the Adherence rate for these programs . It appears AA is in decline. Is this because they are going into , NA, and overeaters and oversexers and overshoppers and over everhthing else anonymous???

    Do you find it interesting that many people quit smoking and cut out caffeine without a program of any type???

    • all great points in that last sentance. AA decline in this town is fairly obvious. You have two groups. The elderly, and the court appointed.

      Anyone who comes in from the street out of a desire to find help, runs for the hills, soon.

      I think most of this is due to the court mandated stuff, and everyone has one or more sick experiences pretty quick.

  3. A nurse commented on the 48 hours piece. She worked with Kidney transplant patients. She said that ALL kidney transplant patients, in order to get their donor organ, if they had any history of drinking ANY alcohol (not abusing alcohol, just ever having drunk any) had to attend AA for six months as a condition of being able to have a life saving operation. She was truly appalled by what 48 hours revealed, as she said patients who were not alcoholics were being forced to attend before they’d get treatment.

    • Mandating people to AA for a kidney transplant is despicable. Of course, AA strongly encourages such mandating by signing court and hospital/rehab slips to confirm one’s attendance. There is nothing anonymous when it comes to signing statements confirming attendance at AA meetings. The courts and “professional” healthcare supporters of AA are either ignorant or just obviously full of shit.

  4. Hi Ms. Massive,

    Take a look at this from The Fix as it relates to a section in the ACA (i.e. the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act). In short, this is advocating for Evidenced Based treatment as opposed to AA’s proven lack of efficacy as introduced and promoted in most (very few don’t) treatment centers. I believe that the DOC is streamlining referrals, if you will, to 12 step groups because the vast majority of offenders that get released have already been introduced to some form of 12 steppism while incarcerrated and do not have insurance when paroled out of the corrections (eco) system.

    It looks encouraging, (yay for sicience based approaches) but based on your post, it seems like there might be some “high level” stepper in the chain of command that is promoting this effort.
    Scary indeed……………..

  5. Part of it has to be money, throw all the people with mental health problems, people who need education in order to be able to hold a job, and serious criminals who they don’t know what to do with int AA and not have to pay for mental health care, or education/rehabilitation or continued housing of criminals.

    Save tax-payer dollars, use that in the next campaign.

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