The Guardian and Jon Stewart mention The 13th Step and Monica Richardson in today’s Article


WOW is this a nice surprise. I don’t think I could ask for a nicer present then this one a sleepy, Sunday morning in California.

Jon Stewart,  who was an AA member for 14 years, left AA almost 2 years ago and we began to speak on Skype and through email. I had him on my radio show Blog talk radio Safe recovery , and we finally met in person in May when we screened the film in London at The Mayfair  . It was like meeting an old friend from AA  who was now an ex stepper. We had many thoughts in common and some of his experiecne was very different from mine. He still feels AA saved his life and I never felt like that. I feel like I saved my life. But none the less, we agree on 90 % of everything else.

He is a super nice guy with alot of important stuff to say about change around alcohol over use…ect…

Here is the link. Please go and speak your mind. Love you !!!

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11 thoughts on “The Guardian and Jon Stewart mention The 13th Step and Monica Richardson in today’s Article

  1. Very informative article about AA. So many things he said hit home. Thoughts vs. feelings are very different.

    The AA programme makes absolutely no distinction between thoughts and feelings – a key factor in cognitive behavioural therapy, which is arguably a more up-to-date form of mental health technology. Instead, in AA, alcoholism is caused by “defects of character”, which can only be taken away by surrender to a higher power. So, in many ways, it’s a movement based on emotional subjugation.

  2. I was thinking; I dont think your thoughts or feelings are important or recognized in AA; unless there about worshiping AA. Important Thoughts are viewed as feelings and then minimized; called just feelings.

  3. I was dismayed to see you and the other hystericals jump in on the comments section. This is what divides you and Jon – Jon has emotional intelligence and balance. That is why his articles are featured in respectable newspapers and yours are not.

      • that sells for 20.00. I am sure that it makes her feel better, but it hasn’t done much. It’s pretty anticlimatic and she spent a fortune on it.

        I wish people could see it.

    • Marina- I learned many facts making an entire movie for 4 years. Those topics are important to me and thousands, if not millions of Americans being forced to attend AA meetings for DUI offenses. Against their will is as serious as rape and murder and hiding sexual predators.

      AS for The “mugshot ” comment you can take you mean ass back to your stupid Love and Light Hypocritical meeting of alcoholics anonymous and stay off my blog ….

      • I am trapped in sober living and have to go to meetings. I have over 7 years sober but had to move into sober living to save money and retrain for a new career. My ex-sponsor felt it was more important to go to meetings everyday than look for work. Put AA and God first, pray, and everything will work out – that is what I was told.

        You’re Leaving AA stories are keeping me sane. Orange-papers letters are also helping me deprogram from AA. I also go to a Buddhist – not 12-step – recovery group where no one labels themselves and it is open and helpful.

        At an Alano club I attended for a meeting, a lady attended who had a deer in the headlights look. She was court ordered for a DUI. One guy was bragging about his prison time and wanting to kill his wife. Definitely not the safest meeting. I gave her a list containing your website, Gabrielle Glaser’s article in the Atlantic, and several other websites.

        I am glad I didn’t see her back at the meeting and hope she found some safer alternatives.

        I am keeping a list of the critical stories in the Atlantic, your website, and other websites critical of AA to hand out at meetings.

        Thanks for your work.

        • Hi – sorry to hear you are trapped in a sober living- Maybe we have talked before or emailed– your story sounds familiar to me —

          I am so glad you talked to that woman who got the DUI …So scary!!! I am glad that things here are helping you.

    • Now Marina—Perhaps you should pray for me for 2 weeks and talk to your sponsor about your resentment towards me.

      Maybe you can share in your meeting how angry you are at me and the things I say. And Finally—-I think you should make an amends to me for talking badly about me on the internet—

      Perhaps you need to be of more service—

  4. Jon also thought it appropriate to directly include the owner of this blog in the article, so clearly there isn’t as much of a division as you seem to think and according to the podcast he directly made a point about seeing the 13th step film and actually meeting her. He acknowledged that they dont agree on all issues which is healthy. I would presume this why you comment on here because your opinion isn’t worth bothering with in the “newspapers” either? Clearly it would seem that you dont wish to see reasoned debate across the whole spectrum of argument around the article, there is a place for “hysterical” as much as there is a place for hardcore BB thumpers with their “heads in the sand” and anyone in between, this includes your own inane comment which you should have tried putting on the article instead for starters and be part of the debate.

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