The Lies TV Shows Tell About Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Have you seen, Nurse Jackie, or Criminal Minds, or The Wire?

Have you ever noticed how they represent AA /NA meetings is a distorted manner? WHy do they pretend AA has trained leaders running the meeting. Everyone who is in AA for a minute knows what an grievous lie this is. How misrepresenting this is. Yet still no one sets the record straight.

So here now on LEAVING AA we will.

AA and NA and CA and AL ANON HAVE NO PROFESSIONALLY trained leaders or facilitators at any local AA meeting.

A sexual predator may be a sponsor, a secretary, a coffee maker or a GSR. AA loves their sickos and welcomes everyone! They want teenagers and sexual deviants to come to the same meeting. A huge law suit waiting to happen!

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3 thoughts on “The Lies TV Shows Tell About Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

  1. I remember writing an article once on AA invading the bedroom through media. I think it’s a great topic. Media has the power to glamorize AA and force feed it to us in movies and situational shows. So many entertainment industry people belong to AA here in Los Angeles. I have seen multiple celebrity speakers; it’s sort of macabre. I remember how awkward it was to shake a superstars hand; I was humbled and confused by their presence. These people have real power; they are idolized and worshiped by society. They have powerful influence and example. It seems that being a film celebrity holds the highest stigma in popular society; no greater achievement can be had. No greater influence is attainable. This power combined with the mind control and brainwashing of AA has a dangerous implication for society. We are solution oriented people, for some the solution to fix a broken member of society is AA. For me the solution is to fix the broken program and attack the real problems with logical solutions instead of magical ones. This way people can sustainably get their lives back on track.
    I am happy to be free of AA. I have been out of the cult group I belonged to for a couple of years now. I have used sites like this one to deprogram from the dangerous beliefs I learned there.

  2. Disclosure- well put. That is why I am making the film and know we need to get it into our media. A Doc FIlm is first. Then a fictional narrative. Then a series. Maybe some Blue Bus Ads and bench Ads in Hollywood and some radio and TV PSA’s.

    Great to see you here. I remember readings your posts on

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