The Los Angeles Sunday Times- not a peep about Robin Williams in today’s paper!


Why was there not a peep about Robin in today’s paper. The only thing the  Times  likes to promote is Alcoholics Anonymous. They like to pretend AA is safe. They even promoted Betty Ford a few months ago A full page story! How Hazeldon bought Betty Ford cause that crap place is not doing well. GEEEZZZ I wonder why.. Abusive steppers are the counselors with not a lot of REAL training   Why not tell Robin’s story?

Maybe a better question is why didn’t they tell the story. I think it’s a disgrace that they didn’t mention him and not one picture not one-story anywhere in the Sunday paper today. RIP Robin. 🙁 Here is an old video I made in March 2011 when I was leaving AA. Just ignore the ONE DAY AT A TIME refrain in the chorus….lol I was still in AA when I wrote this song. 🙂

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30 thoughts on “The Los Angeles Sunday Times- not a peep about Robin Williams in today’s paper!

  1. My guess is something happened. A reporter or investigator uncovered something and the editors shut down all publishing of Robin stories. At least one reporter HAD to follow the controversy and they probably even read this site. For editors to completely shut down a topic as large as Robins suicide is meaningful. Everybody else was chugging along full steam – more published stories, TV biographies and everybody jumping in to tell their stories about Robin. Something is up and you will never get a straight answer from LAT on what it is. You just know there are some pissed off reporters that submitted stories only to have the editors kill the effort.

  2. Exactly. RW was probably drinking, AA had “failed” to work, even though he had alleged “decades” of sobriety. They can’t do an investigative FULL story because then they would have to talk about his unrepentant drinking from 2003-2006, until his latest wife hammered down her law.

    No one is reporting on him because they don’t want to expose AA’s sham as a type of “Recovery”. Ugh, that word.

    The man KILLED HIMSELF. Not an accidental death by downing of 3 bottles of vodka like Amy Winehouse.

    BTW, I decided to re-research AW’s death. Let’s see: JUST like RW, Amy made a new recommitment to “sobriety” weeks before her death. Very public, with press releases and all that fake Hollywood bullshit. But then, after her death, her bodyguards and friends all reveal that she was drinking hard for the last few months of her life, contracting the previous press declaration of “commitment to sobriety”. Sounds EXACTLY like RW’s case, except he killed himself instead of drink himself to death.

    But RW’s death is now a non-issue because the AA Mafia has shut down almost ALL media from discussing it. Radar Online has “celebrities” even attacking them saying that no one even needs to talk about his death but, instead, “just celebrate his life”. Why can’t both be done? Because AA Zombies like that horrible Kristen Johnston are out there, spittle flying, ravenous like mad dogs.

  3. Robin Williams was a poster child for the AA machine. To have him “fail” at their religious cult teachings is unacceptable to their Overlords. THAT is why his ridiculous wife made that disrespectful announcement about his “intact sobriety” ~ like THAT was his fucking legacy.

    • If this were a Scientology death, I can easily see how things would be covered up. They have lawyers and power to do such things. How does AA do these cover ups? And why? This is not some hokey little innocent fellowship we are dealing with here. The behavior around them is one of censorship in the mass media and that takes power. But where do they get that power? And, I don’t think it is from asking the media to play nice. Something else HAS to be going on. AA on the white house web site is a symptom of the depth of this rouse.

      This is also not just RW and AW, it is the many suicides from Celebrity Rehab and probably others. AA and the 12 Step model NEVER, I repeat, NEVER get the blame, when in fact it was that treatment model that was directly involved prior to them dying – whether by suicide or otherwise. I’ve said this sooo many times… alive before AA, dead after exposure to AA. Pretty hard to miss that one. Gee, do ya think AA has something to do with the deaths.. Naaawwww.

      If someone was with all these people 24/7 and doing something like the Sinclair Method, I think its a pretty good bet that they wouldn’t be dead today. Here,” take this pill and have a few drinks” and once they do that enough times they don’t want to drink anymore. No religion, no steps, no bizarre belief structures, just real science. Why in the hell isn’t society using science on this problem? It all seems so primitive and arcane to use faith-healing when the science is sitting right there. No, no, no, we can’t use science, we need to apply higher powers and moral inventories and missionary work because that is what has been proven to be effective. Says who? Not the dead people.

  4. I agree that something is up here and once again AA gets a free pass. On the other thread Counsellorchick mentioned that if anyone died within a month of treatment from a thereapist then that therapist would be under scrutiny. Of course, duty of care you know.
    A week later and I am still really upset. I never saw the depth of my feelings about this coming.
    There is something seriously wrong about his wifes story. I can understand if there are difficulties in a marriage then they may be sleeping in separate rooms but she never even checked on him in the morning even though she new he was severely depressed. Savagely callous and cruelly indifferent. Where was she going that was so important. A fucking meeting?

    • To me, that sounds like she found him not worth checking on for some AA disobedience reason. Therefor she applied “tough love” (don’t give a damn about you now). Maybe he said no more AA? Maybe he had a drink? Who knows? But AA will make a person callous toward the welfare of another member if they are perceived as no good anymore.

    • Maybe it points to the scenario that RW was not any more depressed than usual. Maybe they are using this “battling depression” line to shift the blame. They are saying the depression got him, not the alcoholism. Or maybe they are preparing the public to accept the fact that he was on many weird antidepressants, widely known to push people to homicide or suicide. As I understand it, when you go to a prescriber’s office acting crazy or anxious, they start you on medication. If you come back in a week and are worse, they say “see how bad your craziness is? We need to increase your dosage.” Even though it was the medication that made the person worse. Some people can handle the meds, but many can’t. As the person gets worse and worse, the dosage is increased, as they frantically and stupidly try to make the person appear normal. They have such faith in these medications, but often, the meds are backfiring like crazy.

        • I am just after the facts and the main curious issue for me is he was suspended off the floor but in a seated position. This means rigor mortis had set in and somebody took the chair away before the cops got there. So, what else did they do? Like pull his pants up – “fully clothed” – and scratch his wrists with a knife? Somebody should go to jail.

          As much as I would love a pure AA angle here, it may be more complex than that. Robin generated $5 Billion for Hollywood and would generate much more in the future, but how people remember him is important. How he died is eventually worth Billions across a wide swath of society, not to mention avoiding embarrassment for his legacy and family.

          Just the messenger here –

          To me, this is more plausible than anything.
          Actively engaged in projects
          No suicide note
          Wife goes to bed, he goes to another room and locks the door…..
          Seated position
          The coroner and probably some of the cops know the drill ….

          • Well, its over, the body was burned hastily and ashes spread on SF bay. No opportunity to inspect the body more closely and find the truth. No need I guess. He’s dead and people should try to remember him in the best light possible. His death will lead to an increase in the awareness of depression and that’s always a good thing.

  5. Oh stepper shit how it flys with their lies. I plan to help others get out of AA, not go to AA and LEAVE AA with my upcoming film. Oh yea….and stop AA coercion and AA extortion! YEA!!! I have learned a new legal term.

    What is happening with pilots and doctors and police and anyone with a license. If you are told you have to go to AA mothers ship HAZELDON or you Cant fly again or you can practice medicine again…something is just not right

  6. I know this is a tangent and all, but consider this.

    The overall AA attack is reaching a fever pitch, with many websites, books, upcoming movies, new treatment modalities and famous people adding fuel to the controversy. I keep thinking about how they are going to respond and one way is for Obama or some big politician to come out and say what a wonderful organization AA is and give it some kind of made-up award. With the right words and high-level endorsement, that would go a long way to bolstering the pro-AA camp. ” See, even the president says AA is a selfless, effective organization and a national treasure, so go pound sand.” Their downside is it would stir a debate and that is something they really don’t want. It is really their only major trump card in the face of the current reality and if they are embedded in the “system” as much as we think, the odds seem good that they will do something a little over the top to set back the growing chorus of AA naysayers. Place your bets….

    • I think you are correct spj about AA pandering for high-profile testimonials. The entire 12 step industry was built on testimonials. No facts, no statistics, no objective research, no analysis of actual performance, and no accountability. Just testimonials; same as Scientology, psychic healers, fortune tellers, and Amway,

      • OT – Now that I think about it, what other segment of the mainstream and insurance-funded healthcare industry other than the 12 step treatment industry accepts cult membership (and possibly a correspondence course or community college program) as being an adequate professional qualification for treating patients that have been diagnosed as having a “disease” as formally defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?

          • Ferdinand – You are correct, but alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are in the DSM. I think “alcoholic” is mostly an AA-defined recruitment term.

            • I believe the term was invented by Benjamin Rush, supposedly to take the stigma away from “drunkard.” He also believed in poisoning alcohol with mercury so that the person who drank it would get sick and scared. He didn’t tell them it had mercury in it.

      • Right, so I keep wondering why heavyweights that could crush it seem to want to keep it around. A partial answer hit me with the Toronto Mayor thing. AA isn’t just a get out of trouble card for the general public, it is the same for the high profile folks too – and very effective. Who wants a program with a scientific pedigree around? One that is backed by statistics and known rates of success and failure? If the politician or mucky muck fails, well, “its an imperfect approach and they are human after all”. But, if there was research and the success rates were well known, more questions could be asked and people could end up looking really bad, so just keep it in the land of spiritual voodoo and keep everybody bamboozled about the entire thing and that provides a lot of “cushion”.

        Gee, there seems to be a lot of suicides in AA, do you think AA has anything to do with it?

        ( AA apologist) Well, you have to look at the complexity of the disease. There are physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions to the problem so it is hard to say with any degree of accuracy just how an individual is going to respond to the most successful treatment modality in the history of man. It worked for me so I don’t know what THEIR problem was. Cushion.

        But if it was science based, like the Sinclair Method, they can say that XX% of problem drinkers respond positively to the treatment. Those that don’t respond positively fall into one or more of several categories.. etc.

        There is no bullshit of they were in denial or couldn’t get honest or because of their position they need to keep a lot of secrets and that goes against the tenants of the program, they couldn’t submit to a higher power, ad fuckin nauseum. Cushion. Make it complex and based on pure opinion and religious conjecture and maybe a few out of a hundred might get something out of it and the rest are going wtf is this?

        You took two Advil, did they work for the problem or not? Well, I wasn’t spiritually centered and my higher power and I weren’t communicating well and my sponsor was out of town and my literature was in the car and …. Cushion.

  7. I remember when Princess Di was killed and the coverage went on for months. When Phillip Seymour Hoffman died, there was 2 days of coverage, just like for Robin Williams, and then nothing. We were allowed 2 days to grieve. With Princess Di, they had a good scapegoat, the papparazzi. With this, they can’t name a responsible party or offer up a decent explanation…

    • I think one of two things will happen:
      1. The toxicology report comes back positive. There will be lots of reporting and AA apologists saying “We told you so. This type of thing always end up with the person going to jail, ending up in an institution, or dead.”
      2. The toxicology report comes back negative. Limited reporting followed by crickets chirping.

  8. Reading what you all (cept the zombies of course) always uplifts me. I have stepped back a bit from blogging to work on some professional business…but my heart is always with those who fight to bring light to the real AA and not this powerful bogus image of faux benevolence that it has conned its way into. I also stepped away due to other things that I will not mention–but the gross CORRUPTION that I have come to realize is such a huge part of AA’s survival is absolutely sickening.

    AA permeates our government, our legal system, the press, child custody, professional organizations including teachers, pilots, judges, surgeons, etc. It is thoroughly entrenched. This is not for the good of Humanity…it is for it’s dumbing down.

    Who is dumber than an AA jargon quoting zombie? The more American citizens that are dumb-down, powerless and mind controlled by AA, the easier it will be to subdue us as a nation of people. AA serves a wicked master. AA slaves do not even really know who that master is…nor the real agenda. That is why all the AA machine desires is that you get with the “program” or DIE. The AA machine does not care which you choose as long as it is AA or DEATH. I will leave it at that.

    Please view this video where the guy describes his alcoholic father ultimately joining AA where he met a new wife in the fellowshyt who joined him in the garage to commit a couple’s suicide rather than to let the disease win.
    Watch this video: Man tells about how after the alcoholism takes it toll his parents divorced. After getting out of 12-step rehab his father joined AA and remarried a woman in the fellowshyt. Together this AA man and AA wife ended their lives to finally defeat the DISEASE? AA has members so screwed up that they and their families seem to feel that this is a positive outcome? SUICIDE is better than drinking right zombies? (That’s the shyt they do not want anyone to know.) It does go right along with the AA axiom: “Some must die so that others may live.” It is quite chilling when you really think about it. The world needs to know. SEE:
    Can it get any sicker than that?

    I cannot thank you enough for the work you do Monica… Your film will save lives. And I saw the asshole comments on FB attacking you for re-posting that heinous photo of Robin. You are right to have re-posted it. It should never have been taken, but people need to know what this photo exposes about AA and AA “meeting makers”. Many of those people at those meetings are the biggest slime-balls crawling. This photo is proof!

    People must come to understand how Alcoholics Anonymous contributed to and facilitated his suicidal ideation during what was a likely very traumatic time in his life. He was surrounded by the types of people that would exploit him in such a horrible way. How could he have been helped in such a toxic atmosphere filled with parasitic fiends? His depression, substance use and diagnosis of Parkinson’s was enough to DEVASTATE anyone. We can all imagine just how much worse AA bs made his conditions.

    We know it did not help him. And so will the world when the TRUTH is exposed beyond the tipping point…and it is coming.

    Thank you to everyone who posts and speak out on this. Thank you! Every voice is a Light to dispel the darkness.

    So, yes…this photo is hard to take…as it should be!

    BEHOLD: AA Meeting Makers Make It to Take It…Your PICTURE That Is

  9. Just seeing if it worked. Anyway I feel horrible about his death, but he’s no more important than the average person imho. Unfortunately, like so many others AA failed him. It’s the last place ppl with mental illness should go to.

    But more importantly, Monica when is the film coming out? I’m extremely poor right now and donated to it and I thought it was coming out this month. My family and all the professionals I know are eagerly waiting…

    Just so you all know I was horrifically abused in AA. But I’ve seen the anti aa ppl come and go…

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