The new movie “WILD” is not a 12 step story…Thank God and Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern Rock!!!.

Thank you for making this film !!!

I just came back from seeing the film WILD with Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. WOW what a great film. No steppers bullshit, no rehab, no AA rhetoric hocus pocus nonsense. Just walking the PCT ( Pacific Crest Trail).

Now I have to admit I relate a lot to this film. No I never used heroin. I drank and smoked pot. But I did hitch hike across the country 3 times alone, in the rain the snow and during a summer.

I hiked up a huge mountain ( San Juan mountains) in south western Colorado at age 17 in the summer of 1974.

Crestone Needle is a high mountain summit of the Crestones in the Sangre de Cristo Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America.Wikipedia
  • Elevation:
    • 14,203′ (4,329 m) This is where I hiked. I was with two friends. It was un fucking believably beautiful and it was a hard hike.

Here I am at age 17.


I give this film 5 star rating. GO see it an be prepared to cry, laugh and enjoy a story that has not an inkling of stepper bullshit.

GO see it


and see if you want to walk too. I do. Im going to document it. Im going to walk more!

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27 thoughts on “The new movie “WILD” is not a 12 step story…Thank God and Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern Rock!!!.

  1. Hiya

    This film is not released yet in the UK but I’ve read the book and Stanton’s piece on this prompted me to read it again, it’s an excellent book. At first I thought Reese Witherspoon might be a hopeless bit of miscasting (she’s quite sweet, and the character in the book is complicated) but it sounds great. I shall be off to see it as soon as it’s out.

      • Going hiking going on an adventure sounds wonderful. Going out and exploring the world. Now that was joy. Right now I am getting over a nasty winter cold and with the damp rainy weather conditions I truly feel under the weather.

        But looking at the picture it reminds me of my youth when life was an adventure and all things were possible, That joy and excitement.

        I was at a mediation class the other night and there was a reading at the end and it shifted my thoughts and attitudes I caught a glimmer of that feeling I felt lighter and easier.

        I never got that in steppism. I was stuck , stuck in anger , stuck in sadness. Steppism has no real way to deal with emotions

        I ran into a person I had known in Al anon the other day, I had not seen her in years. Now she is divorced her A with someone else but she is still actively involved with steppism in the admin. end here big time.
        Amazing the majority end up divorced and still attend al anon.

  2. Yup. Im readying up to walk just along the beach area here in Southern Cali for starters. 🙂 There is a bike trail that runs from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach. I have done it with my bike and thats fun and a great workout but how would it be to walk it and how long would it take. I read an article about 2 women who did it for fun.

  3. What a great story about how you hiked that mountain in Colorado. How come you never hear stories like this when you are sitting in AA meetings? Maybe it is because they are too busy focusing on everything negative about the past. I know, I’ve suffered greatly because my whole thought process was shaped at the early age of 20 by all that billshit stepper talk. But not so much anymore. I’ve had to work to overcome this and change my thinking patterns from living in the past to being in the present.
    Who can recover from from drug/alcohol abuse when they are sitting in a meeting spewing stepper bullshit? How fucking depressing is that? I know it was very for me. I’m so glad I’m no longer trapped in that little world of AA, and can do more soothing things like exercise, relax, take up a project etc. to change my mood.

  4. Good point Jason!

    Thinking all past experience is negative, {due to beverages consumed}, and it is all your fault, due to lack of prayer….. AA Nut shell

  5. Jason and oddness yes so true. I remember telling parts of mu hiking story and trying to fit it into the AA model so I would have something to share. But I never drank when I hiked. I never drank or smoked any pot when I hitch hiked either. I felt it wasn’t a good idea. So much fo being a teenage alcoholic. now I see I was not, nor was I ever.

    • I gennerally do not hike and drink or smoke pot. But I do have a great story of one time I did smoke out while back packing…. It was a pretty good time.

      • Stepper alert …

        I’m not an alcoholic and I attended for 12 years. Because I was lost and lonely and it was very seductive. Also if you have more than three ‘yes’ answers on the 20 questions AA says you are alcoholic. Because they said, if you doubt you are alcholic that’s called denial and means you ARE an alcoholic. Then they said if it was progressive and if I left I’d die. It’s a cult, that’s what cults do, brainwash you and convince you stay. I can’t speak for Massive but that’s why I stayed.

        If you are not leaving AA why are you on a leaving AA blog?

        • “Alcoholic” is an ill-defined archaic term that is used by AA to justify its self-promotional recruitment and indoctrination efforts. It includes not only those that abuse alcohol or are alcohol dependent, but anyone that thinks they have the potential for abusing alcohol or becoming alcohol dependent. In order to catch anyone that could fall through the cracks, there are AA’s auxilaries, Alanon and Alateen, for sucking the relatives and friends of AA members into the broader AA cult.

          • anyone who would ask the question Summer did would be very ill informed. There is so much internal AA lit regarding the indoctrination of non-alcoholics. Read “we stopped in time” for one.

            The greater reality is that there are no “alcoholics”. There are people with a substance abuse disorder. but it is a symptom of a greater issue. If they solve that, generally the abuse of substances evaporates.

            The number one reason I hate AA is that they keep a person from really dealing with their issues. It is a place to hide from them, and scapegoat the real Issue by blaming the worlds problems on a beverage.

            AA’s reward people for having sick religous dillusions. And attack those who seek quality care.

            people should just run for the hills. And 97% of them do. Thankfully.

  6. Hey,

    That’s a really neat picture. I live just an hour or so from the Appalachian trail in the Smoky Mountain Cherokee National Forrest. I absolutely love the mountains and just nature in general. This is where I find true peace. Its quite the antithesis of drab old church antechambers, where bleeding deacons drone on and on about their defects and obsess about the past. I think I will take a hike when the Carolina pear trees start to bloom. You have inspired me.

  7. Hey

    I really want to do the Camino De Santiago which is a famous 500 mile pilgrimmage across northern France and Spain. My body is probably not up to walking that far anymore but I could do it on horseback. I also really, really want to come to America and do some trail riding in the mountains. I found this book inspiring and I can’t wait to see the film. Pilgrimmage is a really old spiritual tradition, and my nun friend said, when all else fails, walk.


    • I want to do that one …Ill come..

      I would like to do the short one first. It’s a 7 day walk across Northern Spain. The 30 day one seems too long for me now.

      Fun stuff.

      • Hey

        Yeah 30 days is a long way. I know he’s a stepper but Martin Sheen did a lovely film called the Way about the Camino. I’ve read some books on it too. OK one of my new year’s resolutions is to research the Camino.


    • I have done insane amounts of distance walking, and 100 percent agree with the nun on that one. I often do 10 mile hikes, I have done it for so many years now that I can always do that no problem.

      But it is a supreme form of meditation, in my opinion. Long walks are best as it gives the head time to unravel all of the nonsence in it that interfere with all forms of meditation.

  8. Hiya

    I’m reading Cheryl Strayed’s (she who wrote Wild) latest book ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ which is a compilation of her advice column ‘Dear Sugar’ which was originally published online, you can read one here:

    She is not a 12 stepper and we know that she used to have a heroin problem and now she doesn’t and she drinks moderately. However she has friends who are in recovery and she regularly recommends AA. I’m 3/4 through the book and it must have come up half a dozen times.

    She is an amazing lady, very wise, has really lived and is an authentic, kick ass writer and person who overcame addiction and hardship by being determined to really LIVE her life, and not be a victim, but her experience of AA seems to be based on friends who have got sober….

    I doubt she’d express an opinion but I wonder if Massive could get her on the radio or at least write to her with our side of the fence? She regularly recommends therapy and her advice is always loving and honest, she strikes me as having huge amounts of integrity and heart.


  9. Hi Monica,
    What a sweet photo of you! You were also very adventurous! I just saw “Wild” on demand. It just came out last week. Loved it as well, and could relate a lot to the losing of her Mom part. Extremely touching, and Reece was amazing. Yes, no rehab or AA, and you know what, her life didn’t fall apart! She hiked that amazing journey and grew tremendously from it, and THAT is what changed her life forever. As a side note, I saw a recent article with Cheryl Strayed, and she and her husband love their wine, and enjoy life. Ha! Well, I so look forward to your upcoming movie. It is so brave of you. My experience in AA is only a few years, off and on, but I was a rebel from the start, in both rehabs (which I attended of my own desire and volition), and in meetings. But, I have to say, someone talk me off the ledge so to speak as I keep being sucked back into AA, literature, etc. It is torture! Aside from the bad parts, of which there are many, I connect with the being present, not being in control all the time and support parts. Although I have to say as a fairly gregarious and loving person, and I never really found real, genuine support in AA. I know I am just finding my way. I know I will get there. Hey, Monica, if you need someone to do investigative work up here in SF, I’m your girl! Wow, would that be fun! Attorney by trade, not practicing at the moment, but secret love is filmmaking! Anyway, thank you for all you are doing! You are an inspiration!

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