ATTENTION: Class action Lawsuit being prepared for Pilots Extorted and Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings though HIMS Program.

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Please contact Pilot,  Brent Weyhrauch, for all matters regarding coercion, and forced attendance to AA. If you or any pilot you know is being forced to attend and AA based rehab, which is all they know, you can fight back. There is a group of lawyers who have come together to sue on behalf of Pilots…

The FAA and their airline companies. Please contact Brent right away if you are a pilot and were coerced and extorted to attend AA.

When did it become okay to forced Pilots, to a religious, lay person, unregulated pod of people, and dangerous criminals.

A place with no regulations, no safety rules, no accountability, no science, and no trained leaders.

We are coming together to stop this insanity.

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17 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Class action Lawsuit being prepared for Pilots Extorted and Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings though HIMS Program.

    • Not just you. I left a confidential comment on his site that if he doesn’t improve his site, few will take him seriously. A free WIX or Weebly site would be far better than what he has. It seems like it was better before he made changes. In the world of the web, if your site sucks, people assume you do too. I hope he gives someone a couple bucks to do some basic work on the site. He is doing important work and his site should reflect that.

      • spj- and Librarian-I don think this is true. He is the real deal, a pilot and someone who has put together a group of Lawyers preparing a class action lawsuit. More then anyone else has done.

        My early site stop13 step in AA still brings in victims who have been harmed. I will update this site before we release the film. It is still a free wordpress blog that needs an undo as well.

        Maybe you and Librarian and can point me your sites as good examples for him to model after. Or a site that you like that he could up do the site. He wants feedback. I would go to Facebook, pm him and tell him your thoughts.

        • I don’t doubt his sincerity and I have no idea if he is competent and I will just assume he is. And he is doing valuable work. My only comments were about his web site and how it affects people’s attitudes. Web design is well documented and studies have shown their is a correlation between web site quality/usability and end user perception. No big deal, its his site and he can do what he wants. Just sayin.

          Google – “Web design and end user perception”

        • Perhaps looking at websites that are developed by lawyers who specialize in gathering people to participate in class action lawsuits maybe a good way to find an effective template/model for his website?

          We”be all heard the ads on TV …. ‘Have you or a loved one been hurt/ injured…..’

          Following up to see what their corresponding website looks like might give him a good idea of how the professionals present themselves.


  1. Ok, fair enough. It’s hard to be a new blogger – I totally get that. Sometimes we think we have expressed ourselves well – then to our surprise – we haven’t.

    So would he like some feedback on the site?


  2. Ok,

    The closest think I can think that this would be like would be a Veteran’s Medical Malpractice suit. As this website states ‘….Unfortunately it isn’t easy to sue the federal government, particularly without an experienced VA medical malpractice attorney If you were injured due to VA hospital malpractice by a doctor or any medical personnel at a VA hospital, a veterans’ lawyer can sue the US government under a federal law called the Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA). ‘

    Basically…. look for websites that are up and running that are similar in nature to what he is trying to do. Then create one that feels right.


    • Interesting- but not a great looking site…I think

      Did you see that they paid out $100,000,000 MILLION to vets . – compared to 25 billion in Drug treatment prevention which is most likely Stepper shit shoved down teens throats etc….Dont Vets deserve more then steppers making money off the backs of addicts.

  3. Hello again,

    Now that I have done more reading, perhaps narrowing down searches for websites and information might be better by Googling ‘class action lawsuit health care benefits’.


  4. All of the feedback is appreciated…

    We are in the process of shoring up the support necessary to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for pilots affected by the HIMS program. The original “site(s)” are offline. We’re looking at the best options for ensuring anonymity, security, etc. as we go forward. As you might imagine, there are a significant number of entities (e.g., the FAA, HIMS related physicians, psychologists, therapists, certain airlines, et al.) that have an interest in ensuring reform doesn’t take place; much of this is financially motivated. And when money is involved, everyone’s a liar…

    We’re working diligently –with the generous help of people like Monica Richardson– to expose these lies/bring reform to the HIMS program.

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