US Citizens are forced DAILY to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings against their free will.

Regardless what AA members like to think about— the facts are— that millions of American Citizens are forced to attend AA, sometimes for years, for a simple first offense DUI, a 13 year old for having some pot, A Pilot  a Nurse, and even Doctors are treated like children. Our  government acts as if Prohibition is still the law and AA members think their tradition which states that the only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking. Not so much in the USA.

This is an excerpt from the upcoming film The 13th Step which will be released in August 2016.

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20 thoughts on “US Citizens are forced DAILY to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings against their free will.

  1. Isn’t it crazy? European and rest of world courts would not get away with it, your judicial system stinks. How can they even suggest a voluntary, self-supporting group as a mandatory option when the ethos of that group is no requirements for membership and you say you are a member only if YOU want to be? Why do people accept such governance in a big powerful country, petition your courts!

  2. Just out of curiousity, I visited the Facebook page of the guy who recruited me into AA back in the early 90s and became my first sponsor. I put this person on a pedestal and thought he walked on water, but I now I see he was just a smooth operator like Bill Wilson, and may not have ever believed in any of that stuff.

    I know they don’t call it Fakebook for nothing, but this guy’s life looked really good – he has two houses and children and a good career, and I just got totally infuriated and envious looking at this. This person came from money and had a good education, and he’s been wandering around the rooms since the 80s recruiting unsophisticated suckers like me into the program. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it really seems so unfair that these people at the top of the AA pyramid always seem to get away with it, while the rest of us relapse, commit suicide, or just waste away in the rooms in quiet desperation.

    This fellow also happens to be a convicted felon and is not allowed to vote or own a firearm, but was able to get a public school teaching job because his parents had connections.

  3. The point is that this guy was handed everything on a silver platter, and he goes around telling recruits he has all these things because of AA.

    • The AA meetings are run by upper-middle class white guys who were born on third base in life and thought they hit a triple… They are the sponsors in AA, the ones dispensing advice to everyone else, even though most of them had never had any problems which were not of their own making.

      • Yes I understand, these kind of folks aren’t just limited to AA, they are – unfortunately – everywhere and attribute their good fortune to all kinds of crazy sources. Control – everybody wants it to a greater or lesser extent, it’s part of the very fallible human condition.

        • _ LULU – what is it that you are really saying ??? And …no….everyone is not a control freak . Some people are free spirits.

          • My words are self-explanatory and you are right – not everyone is a control freak, I did not even say or imply that. Even free spirits want some form of control over their right to freedom, some forms of control are good!

    • Hi Michael and Welcome ! Sorry I was away for 5 days Back now. I will read all comments in the morning and write.

  4. What gets me is that people can be forced to attend AA and if they become victims of the predators lurking in the Roomz whoever sent them to AA does not seem to be liable for the results. THIS HAS TO CHANGE. It’s just too crazy to be believed.

  5. And cool I can comment on here again via smartphone! For some time I was blocked it seemed like but I have been keeping up with this site and what’s been posted here.

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