Violent Framingham man sent to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings by Judge

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This guy will be sitting next to you in a meeting and holding your hand.

Christopher Hagins
By Norman Miller
Daily News Staff

Posted May. 16, 2016 at 8:08 PM

FRAMINGHAM – A Framingham man tried to force himself into an Edmands Road apartment on Sunday, threatening to kill the terrified residents as they clutched kitchen knives for protection, a prosecutor said Monday in Framingham District Court.

Police arrested Christopher Hagins, 36, at the Edmands House at 15 Edmands Road at 12:21 a.m., prosecutor Megan Fitzgerald said during Hagins’ arraignment.

The two tenants told police they were in their apartment when someone tried to force open the door. They said they armed themselves with kitchen knives in case he got in, and held the door shut until police arrived.

As Hagins tried to break down the door he screamed, “I’ll kill you. I know you,” Fitzgerald said.

When police arrived, they found Hagins punching and kicking the door. He refused to answer questions and when they tried to take him into custody, he struggled and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, the prosecutor said.

“When the officers spoke to the residents, they were both visibly shaking and crying,” Fitzgerald said. Hagins was a complete stranger, the residents told police.

One of tenants said she had seen Hagins late Saturday as she worked at a nearby gas station. According to a police report, Hagins acted bizarrely while buying cigarettes.

“He was saying, ‘Do we have a problem here … Oh, I definitely know you have a problem,’” Hagins was quoted as saying.

Hagins did not tell police why he was trying to get into the apartment. He had recently moved into the building.

Police charged Hagins with attempted burglary, threatening to commit a crime (murder), disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Hagins also had a Natick District Court warrant for driving under the influence of liquor and a Dedham District Court warrant that charged him with driving under the influence of liquor, driving to endanger, resisting arrest and speeding.

Fitzgerald asked Judge Jennifer Stark to hold Hagins on $1,000 bail and to order him to stay away from the alleged victims and to undergo random screenings for alcohol.

Probation officer Dave DiGiorgio also asked Stark to hold Hagins without bail, pending a probation violation hearing. He said he is going to recommend sending Hagins to jail. Hagins is on probation for drunken driving.

“It’s a scary police report,” said DiGiorgio. “I think he’s dangerous.”

Hagins’ lawyer, Charles Hughes, asked for his client’s release. He said Hagins has a minimal record, and is willing to cooperate with the rest of the conditions.

Stark ordered Hagins held without bail for the probation violation hearing and set $500 bail on the new case. She also ordered Hagins to drink no alcohol, be subject random alcohol tests and attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week. Judge Stark ordered Hagins to stay away from the alleged victims whom she said “are now terrified of you.”

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26 thoughts on “Violent Framingham man sent to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings by Judge

  1. Do these judges even care if they end up with blood on their hands? Or do they think AA will really cure this psycho? Can they possibly realize that getting drunk is probably the LEAST of this man’s issues?

    We have a problem in this country because too many people think a person can’t be mentally ill, or a psychopath, if they committed the crime drunk or on drugs. They just blame the intoxicant.

  2. Massive – if there is a possibility that I was able to get a group of law enforcement, social workers, and medical types to agree to watch their film would you think of ever coming to Davis to show them, and talk about your experiences with AA?

  3. He belongs in prison and I’m beginning to think those who have anything to do with letting this guy off so easy should be his new cellmates. As far as I’m concerned they too are committing a crime by not upholding the law and sending him into a room full of people who will probably not have a clue into this man’s violent past. What a sorry excuse our judicial system is becoming! AA seems to be the new, “Get out of Jail Free Card,” for far too many.

    • Boy howdy do I ever agree with this! I remember when I was in the Roomz years ago that there was the beginnings of court ordered scary people attending meetings, often against the their will and with an attitude. Seems as if this has gotten worse since then….my guess is that with budgets so tight, AA is seen as a free babysitter for these people…..people victimized in the meetings due to this need to stand up more and make noise…..It’s very disappointing to me how the Brada suit has worked out but eventually, if more people make more noise, somethings gotta give.

      • I know- There were guys from Prison that came to my old home group in HAWAII. I had no idea how scary this was. Now all people who go to jail are not violent offenders. But Many I knew in that group were.

  4. The program is a happy hunting ground for predators.

    Essentially, two-thirds of the people in there are just vulnerable/not too bright folks, who are perfect targets for sociopaths of all shapes and sizes.

    Sometimes, I get so freaking depressed thinking about all the years I squandered sitting in dank church basements, while the world passed me on the outside, surrounded by criminals I wouldn’t have anything do with if I weren’t in AA. I’m a pretty big guy, so it never really occurred to me to be afraid, but I can see where women would be freaked out by all the ex-cons.

    • Everytime I go out on my bicycle and ride over 10k it makes me feel so wonderful – and so much better than I ever did when I came out of a church basement.


    • Michael- I know- the years I wasted taking AA meetings into prisons….What a f**ked up idea . I was 19-22. Every friggen Wednesday I went with 8 Hawaiians into Oahu Prison. Then after the meeting we all went for “fellowship ” at COCO’s on Kalakaua, for Portuguese Bean soup. The soup was yummy.

      I cant believe I was such a dedicated and brainwashed stepper. I did finally wake up at about 4 years sober and then through years 5 & 6 I knew that doing the steps over and over was BS. I began to pull away slowly.

      • I was asked to spread the message in the downtown jail in Flagstaff, AZ, and always found a way out of it and now I’m grateful…..grateful to have avoided a likely creepy and not especially safe situation that my sponsor would have had no problem sending me into. Glad to be out of the insanity!!!!!

  5. It’s easy for a judge to recommend AA because what’s the magic word? FREE FREE FREE. AA doesn’t cost anything and that’s why it is so loved. This guy needs a psychiatric work up and needs to be either in jail or in a mental hospital until he gets on the right medication and gets counseling or whatever else this unique individual needs. Again AA= FREE and everybody loves FREE.

    • Actually, it’s “Free-ish”. There’s pressure to put a couple of bucks in that little basket, and the books costs money also. Bill Wilson became a millionaire from peddling his insane rantings (uh, I mean the Big Book). If you really think about it, the AA organization probably makes a lot of money, because there really is no overhead. If a million people all donate one dollar, that’s a million dollars.

      • They make easily 12 million a year. Six Million for selling literature to NON- AA members. and the rest from all the dollars you put in the basket.

        Their tax returns are online for the world to see.

        Google follow the money with Alcoholics Anonymous.

  6. $1 is alot to pay to give up your soul, your critical Thinking mind and your evenings free of AA meetings.

    So to me…AA is not free.

    • When I lived in Portland, OR in the early nineties there was a chain of appliance stores owned by a Mr. Tom Peterson. He did his own local commercials for his chain and his line was – Free is a very good price. (There was always something free thrown in with your purchase, but of course it was figured into your price). In this case, as it applies to AA, Free ( or Free-ish, with all kinds of terms and expectations) is not a very good price.

  7. anti d – very good question . Is it like the Judges in PA where they were getting some sort of kickback? Is it that they have invested in some way into AA related rehabs like portrayed on the SHOWTIME series BILLIONS? Not sure. I know some AA members running to be a part of a big sober living ring- company —-thinking they are going to cash in on the Obama care- health care act that require them to pay for substance abuse situations.

    • In some ways I think they feel all these people in AA are second class citizens and do not deserve the same protections as other citizens.

      There is big money being made on Obamacare, especially in Florida. A lot of fraud is going on and head hunting for new prospects.

  8. AA certainly isn’t for those who enjoy thinking for themselves. It’s perfectly fine for a woman to choose who she associates with and saying NO is ALWAYS an option! It’s a sick cult and I want nothing to do with it!

  9. You truly have no idea what kind of people are in the meetings! As a former AA’er I can honestly say that these are truly the most F….d up ppl I have ever been around. They truly believe they have ALL the answers and if you listen to EVERYTHING they tell you you will be whole and happy. What a crock!
    As for this lowlife career criminal…..he belongs in prison!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t go that far me3 lol. Not all people in AA are awful. A lot of people just don’t realize they have other options because AA doesn’t want people to believe that there are other options. Getting out of AA is the key for a lot of people but they think if they do they will be put in an institution, dead or in jail. AA talk of course. I blame this country and the mental health system. Go to rehab and get involved in AA and you will be ok. That’s a crock of bullshit. AA wants you to brush aside the real problems inside you and focus on only stopping drinking. If you stop drinking you will get better. That’s bullshit!!!!!!!!! I would like to see more people get out of AA while they still have a chance. Before they become an old stepper yelling WALTER ALCOHOLIC! That was a guy I knew in the rooms I see him on my way to work every morning he is a crossing guard. Daily reprieve that’s what he used to say. Program works for him why you ask? Because he doesn’t question it! He is not that smart. AA works for people that aren’t well educated.

      • marc- I too would like to see a lot of people leave. But like you have said – its immersed in out Mental Health systems, FAA, Prison, Probation ….how that works is everyone has to play that abs game and go to meetings! WRONG!!! Must be changed. AA is even in real Hospitals—- as if it were some sort of science. WHAT a load of crap.

        I am releasing the film on Vimeo soon. I hope this helps many to leave, but many who don’t even go , like parents, and loved ones are already brainwashed by the media about who needs help and how they get it. SAD SAD situation that I am trying to change.

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