Were you 13 th Stepped ( Sexually Harassed ) raped or assaulted by an Alcoholics Anonymous or NA member?

We are dealing with a situation here in California where  a woman was raped by an AA man over three years ago.

He was convicted of four counts of felony rape. But he is still walking around as a free man 2 months later. The Sentencing has been delayed again and again.He fired his Lawyer the day of his sentencing as well.

We are looking for any other persons who were raped – went to the police – got a conviction- etc. Also if you were raped and need help please contact me. @makeaasafer@gmail.com or here.

We are going all out with the Media. Please contact me here if you have any suggestions of persons you think may help the victim.

Facts :

CASE # INF1600703-  call 760-393-2617

The rape occurred November 2014.

Samantha Paxio is the DA/ District Attorney defending the Victim – Jane Doe.

The judge gave him 60 more days. They will be back in court May 23, 2018 .

We hear Detective Benstead did a kickass job with this case. Thank you Detective!

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7 thoughts on “Were you 13 th Stepped ( Sexually Harassed ) raped or assaulted by an Alcoholics Anonymous or NA member?

  1. There are men in AA if you date them, you will experience physical and other forms of abuse. My ex a program person was charged with domestic violence.The women are nothing but a bunch of uncle toms who defend the men. A LOT of casual hookups went on at the club I attended. One woman who relapsed after dating an AA member called the situation “incestous” from the podium at one meeting, because deep levels of trust were being betrayed. I was involved with three men over 7 years in AA, all of them pressed for sex early in the relationship. The fellowship heavily encourages dating other alcoholics and these men strongly support each other in their predator activities and even make jokes about the women they exploit.

  2. Not to contradict the 13th step abuse against women. yet there is a over looked minority report of sex harassment of men by unhealthy women too. its also a huge problem that there are 3 men to ever 1 woman in aa.

    As a man who talked about alternate recovery – i was constantly set up and attacked by aa zealots and gangs made up of people released from rehab together and their coat tail followers – whom i made look backward and stupid when i talked about modern psychology and respecting all emotions, instead of the aa spiritual program slogans and praying all problems away. the aa rehab also taught then to bad mouth me because i caused rehab patients who visited outside meetings to criticize the abnormal psychology the orthodox aa rehab uses to easily mind control its unwitting patients. the rehab had a 1 year no relationships rule that was whipped up into a hysteria slandering anyone who did not comply.

    aa abuses a lot of innocent people this way as well – they can never talk about relationship issues – else they are told – you were wrong to be in a relationship in the first place. aa is so crazy stupid, the 13th stepp issue in my town was so black and white and condemning it was more slander abuse and easy reputation attck then help and understanding in any way shape or form.

    thus a woman with 4 mnths clean who was active with at least 2 other men – flirted with me and blued balled me laying on top me sucking face for 2 hourrs trying to get me to be too aggressive – deliberately so she could set me up and totally false accuse me of pressuring her – because she knew i was a trophy kill for the hater gang she had just started hanging with unbeknownst to me prior to her psychological attack – she got positive attention by the people who wanted to destroy my rep. and men were violently with me when i complain they were destroying my rep all over town – even 20 years later i hear these lies. atg my job which is infiltrated with crazy aa psychopaths

    i never asked for sex or anything near asking – i deliberately had her on top so she did not feel controlled – she also used the highly publicized event to reclaim her questionable virtue. this also becomes a racket that ex hookers employ to ensnare men and then castigate the man who was “led on” which the ex hooker uses to re frame their uncomfortable past image – abusing a man’s rep to clean up her past image.

    i saw alot of this abuse in my town – aa fosters crazy free for all abuse of all sexes.

    • Z- yes many gay men contacted me back in 2010 who were preyed on – and yes there were woman who were predators and —- its all too often brushed under the rug and the VICTIM is blamed. If you want to discuss off the public blog what was done to you please email me at makeaasafer@gmail.com

      • Massive, AA cannot be made safer. The place is rife with narcissists who view newcomers as their property. The leaders speak of AA brothers and sisters but nothing regarding relationship boundaries are ever discussed. It is not a safe place for anyone who experienced trauma before going there for help. Your own struggles and weaknesses are used to psycholigically break you down so you can be used and dismissed. AA men need to rot in hell for using vulnerable women to feed their evil lustful appetites. I am not a prostitute nor a slut. I NEVER WAS. Any trolls on here can take this back to the rat and roach nest ok? They hurt people!

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