What will it take to expose AA 100%. To behead the beast…

AAcharacter defects

WILL AA in NY and in every meeting take it’s own INVENTORY?

I now know how bad AA is infested everywhere in America. Its a bit much. A bit depressing. Someone is trying to hack this site, shut it down and take control …daily.

Why? What are they afraid of? Who is doing it. …

I am really sad for the pilots, the doctors and nurses and average joes and Janes who go there, get DUI’s and get sent there and children forced there by their parents.

I am embarrassed, that ย  I was ever an AA person. I feel bad that I talked some AA crap to my kids during those important teen years. ๐Ÿ™ oh well. At least I left 4 years ago. Can I take a cake for being gone 4 years…..LOL

What do you think it is going to take?

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12 thoughts on “What will it take to expose AA 100%. To behead the beast…

  1. I think the number one aspect that will relegate AA to the dustbin of history is awareness. Awareness that there are better approaches to dealing with the problem of substance misuse than faith-healing, 1930’s religious nonsense.

    The tide really is turning. AA can simply not withstand the onslaught of reality and societal change and maintain its monopoly position in the treatment industry. It is physically impossible with the increased awareness of its shortcomings and the superior success records of other approaches.

    Anything that can be made to look ridiculous with just a few simple questions about it is doomed to failure and it is amazing that AA has survived as long as it has. My hope is that real science and medicine will put the nail in the coffin of the Bill Wilson admiration society, book club and mental contortion emporium sooner rather than later.

    • I hope it does fade out and they find a replacement based on reality. Support during recovery is a good thing, but AA is based on lies and as far as I’m concerned Bill Wilson, among other things, was a fraud. I only attended AA 11 months and it managed to make me worse, not better. Once I actually read the Big Book I saw the program for what it is and got out and that is when I truly began to recover.

      • Jaswin – I was only involved in AA around six months. I actually took their advice and immediately started reading the literature (mistake on their part). Since the Big Book is really a small book with large print and huge margins, it didn’t take long to plow through it. By the time I got to the end, all I could think was this makes absolutely no sense, especially when combined with everything I heard in the “rooms”. I mean really:

        1. If it is a bonafide disease, how come it isn’t treated as such?
        2. Why all the heartburn by AA members against doctor prescribed medication?
        3. If a profound spiritual experience can cause one to recover from this so-called disease (as stated in the first edition), how come the best one can now hope for is being in perpetual recovery until you die.
        4. How were the first 100 members (actually around 40) able to recover (actually about half relapsed) by following the 12 steps when the much touted 12 steps didn’t even exist at that time.
        5. Since the cornerstone of AA is “God can do for you what you can’t do for yourself”, what can AA do for you that God can’t?

        The quicker the truth about AA is exposed to the general public, the better.

  2. More celebrities like Charlie Sheen & high profile people speaking out about the bullshit. If AA open it’s books to the public then that would change a lot of peoples minds about the “spiritual” organisation. I thought that when Robin Williams died that questions would be asked about his involvement in AA & it’s adverse affects on peoples lives. The national news networks were afraid to investigate AA over his death,if networks can go after religions,politicians,governments etc then why not AA? AA doctrine instills a lot of fear in people even people who left it & people are afraid to speak out in public in fear that they would be seen as “bad” people or they would be “struck drunk”. Only for the internet a lot of people would still be isolated & silent,the fear is that strong!!

  3. I think what it is going to take is brave people like the Mendez family suing AA and getting publicity regarding their suits and refusing to accept gag orders on their settlements. That coupled with more media attention like the 48 Hours piece and more and more negative stories in general attached to AA over time…..I’m really sorry someone is trying to hack this site, I have had problems the past couple of days trying to post here and I hope this post goes through…..My advice to you Massive is to keep on trudging down the road of happy destiny, but this time your road of happy destiny is your work getting the truth out about AA and the 12 Steps. Who says trudging that road = being an obedient cult member? There are many roads to trudge and your road is helping people get their sanity and there sense of self back……there does seems to be some momentum gaining traction here and I bet your film gets lots of buzz…..keep on keeping on is my advice.

  4. Someone is trying to hack this site daily? For how long? I find that fact terribly intriguing. Perhaps ppl who come here need to be told to make up an email address rather than use a personal one incase the hackers ever get in. Hmmmm maybe I shoud change my email to FU_AAWS@gmail.com ??? I wonder how hackers would respond/report to that?




    • Librarian LOL HAHHAHAHAHAH

      Please use that email. Yes..indeed. I have my own little server in Tahiti. Drinking Mai Tai’s and I have sought the help of a expert hacker who is working with me to fend off those mother F***kers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m smiling as I write this.

      Thanks for all your responses. I think you have all hit the nail on the head. I would love for Charlie Sheen to see the film and endorse it. That would be so sweet.

      I do think that AA in some ways is in control of america. Sadly…but if we expose it 100% we can raise awareness about other options, get Family Guy and South Park to do more hard hitting episodes.

  5. I think if mental health professionals wake up from their stupor and realize that they are working their asses off to get higher degrees only to end up promoting faith healing, that would really help.

    • Yes. SO how do we educate them?

      Speaking at their conferences…
      Creating LItersature which I have make a stab at it….

      Me , and Claudia Christian with her film. Perhaps getting some Professionals who were harmed by the coercion extortion, Nurses, Pilots , Doctors to speak out with me , show my film and have a panel discussion.

      Then follow up and speak to Law Students,Med Students, Nursing students, Those studding to work in Social work, probation department,

      I heard from a source that they are sending the LAPD to AA now….Oh dear GOD…a powerless police force…more suicides will follow with that racket.

  6. As far as I know, AA has been claiming about two million members for close to thirty years now. That may vary from time to time, but it hasn’t changed much. This organization is not growing, in spite of their relentless promotional efforts and their incestuous partnership with the courts and the treatment industry. As others have said, I think the rise of the internet itself has probably been the biggest factor in limiting it’s growth. When people start to have doubts now, they can easily find sites like this and start to learn the truth.
    As far as “beheading the beast” goes, I’ve never understood the ACLU’s refusal to take on the issue of court mandated attendance. I’ve watched people complain about that for years now on various forums. Maybe someday that will change as the higher court cases exposing the “spiritual, not religious” lie keep piling up.

  7. Rick42- true. I have tried. How many years back do you know people have contacted the ACLU. Must be controlled by stepper lawyers.

    • I remember seeing discussions about this on Ken Ragge’s old Yahoo group, “12-step-free” as early as 2003 or so. I remember one woman in particular who had been fired from a railroad job, and had to jump through the same hoops even then that pilots currently do. There was another Yahoo group back then called “12 step coercion watch”, although I never joined that one. I don’t know if those groups even exist anymore, but they were some of the first anti AA groups I discovered when I first left.

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