WHEN did AA Drug Court begin in your State. How can we stop this?

WHEN did drug court begin in your state.

Do you want to stop this? How can you help? contact us at makeaasafer@gmail.com

Please contact NY General Service Office – and express your complaints about Court Ordering.


NYC AA International Headquarters located in the Interfaith Building on Riverside Drive in Harlem.


Ask for Greg Tobin General Service Manager/President of AA, or Albin Zezula .

It has been reported to us that there are many long time AA members who are very upset about forced attendance to AA meetings. They are saying it is ruining their atmosphere inside the rooms.  We agree- but- it is  a 1st amendment civil rights violation to be forced to attend a religious organization by ones government. So many who get a DUI or any ticket have no idea what AA is. Some young people I know, especially one young male, who was a Muslim was very offended and shocked he was forced to go to such a lay person religious group and many are atheists who are equally insulted. We are fighting back.

If you are still in AA, you can bring this up at every level in AA.

Courts could have a group downtown where all 7 free options could be shown them. That’s it. No one should be forced there.

Please call the ACLU, The Atheists Society and NY AA  to file a complaint as well as your local State Attorney General. Call them. Email them.


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4 thoughts on “WHEN did AA Drug Court begin in your State. How can we stop this?

  1. Massive,

    I have been out of the game a bit but stumbled upon some info lately you may with to bring up specialists in the community you may have more access to than I. I was thinking about on a podcast or such or just to find out and report. it relates directly to this.

    i was looking at recent opioid reports on an article posted on the hams website. the data was interesting in that the period of increase that is denoted in this major study of successful drug policy in nations that have had major success in decreasing death due to opioid abuse.

    http://hams.cc/overdose – if this link does not work go to the main sight it is the first article on the list of articles link on the hams main page.

    anyhow, the point of interest i have is not addressed in the article at all, BUT, the data sets for the information end in 2012-2015, and begin in 1985 – 1999. Dependent on the nation who all began to track data at different times.

    I just did a slight more research and now think this may even be more juicy… here it is:

    me and you had prop 36 start in 2000. of all the data sets the united states starts the latest for some reason……. it begins in 1999. National overdose rates have increased 255% in this time. according to this article i assume Kenneth Anderson posted.

    of course there could be other factors that skew this. for instance it would be far more interesting to look at California’s overdose rate during that same period.


    So i just did. this article talks about the same issue over the same time duration with specific respect to California. The data shows that we here have about the best outcome in the nation. but, over that period overdose deaths did rise 30% when the national average was 255%. The article sites many factors that may create this situation, none of which relate to drug treatment. At least it is not mentioned.

    the issue I suppose is why the increase even if it was only 30% here. If all this recovery is helping so much.

    and too, how does this track with other states in regards to court slips starting?…. i may look into it more. state by state.

    and then the real problem of 12 step is the suicides and the mentally damaged by the experience who you could never figure in to the equation in any way due to anonymity and those in the industries who benefit from 12 steps who stand in the way so often. They litter the mental health fields.

    and ultimately the greatest issue in 12 step is what was written up above. the crazy anarchistic psycho religious madness. that is the biggest killer.

    any thoughts?

  2. Hi Oddness- Nice to see you. I have been up north for 5 days and just getting back to work. Let me read and Ill write more later. Hope you are well. Massive

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