Wishing All us Ex Steppers, Soon to Be Ex Steppers A Happy New Year!

Whether you have left AA, are ponding leaving, or you are just lurking… we wish you a happy, safe, fun, empowered, holiday season.

This marks over 1 year that the LEAVING AA site has been here.  Over 101 Countries have been viewing the site. Some 60,000 views from the USA and thousands from the UK, Canada and Australia. I will post the stats when I learn how to read them LOL 🙂

Thanks to all who helped me through some rough issues this past fall. Thank you to all those who blogged and shared your pain here.   Although my community feels more like it exists on the internet right now, we are many in numbers. I did make two new freinds in LA that I can meet in person. AMY LEE COY is awesome!  The other remains anonymous. We hope to finish my Documentary this year and I hear there are a few more films being made to expose the criminal activity going on in AA and NA.

The biggest news is about the Lawsuit against AA for Karla Brada’s murder. Another important event was the fact that an ABC reporter, Don Champion and his station had the guts to  report on live TV from Denver, Co about the oldtimer sexual predator in March of this year, finally speaking out on a National Broadcast station! We put up a Bus stop bench ad up  in Los Angeles to let folks know that they have other choices.

Thanks to the blogs that support us and the people behind each and every one of them. Thanks to Hank Hayes for writing a book “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO…exposing AA so that I don’t have to write it. There are many more books that I have been reading this year. I plan to put up a resource page this year with my favorite books! Addiction Proof Your Child is my fav for parents.

And thank you to mfc66 for having recovering from recovery site up…even if it was only for a few months. It was an awesome blog. 

www.stinkin-thinkin.com    www.nadaytona.org   www.orange-papers.org    www.expaa.org     www.stop13stepinaa.wordpress.com

Empowered 2012…..

powerless 1939…

you choose….


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9 thoughts on “Wishing All us Ex Steppers, Soon to Be Ex Steppers A Happy New Year!

  1. THANK YOU! A Blessed & Bright New Year to You Massive & All the Phenomenal Contributors to This Lifeline of a Blog(well except to the yicky current AA members who sometimes troll thru spewing their zombie-spores… GAG) 🙂 Even though I am brand new to this frame of mind (or re-Mind) I feel such Affinity…Unity and Kinship with you all due to our common suffering…survival & emergence from the mind numbing experience of AA (attempted?) indoctrination…infestation…humiliation…manipulation…exploitation…molestation…degradation…etc. Last New Year’s Eve my ex sponsor allowed me to accompany her & one of her “male friends” in The Program to an all night Alcathon being held deep in the straight up hood. It was a bit disconcerting & I was plagued by fears that someone was going to bust out or in shouting or shooting at any moment. BUT I was with my Sponsor so I tried to rest in some assurance that she’d never take me anywhere that was potentially dangerous. WTF? Happy 2012 to me? (cont)

  2. ANYWAY… I survived last New Year’s Eve and almost a year more of an AA. And though many people understandably regret having been exposed to AA in retrospect and in light of the everlasting fact that they did not EVER fully indoctrinate me… I am thankful that I was allowed to See this duplicitous, pernicious, deceptive operation from the inside. I am thankful to be relieved of the false sense of security and arrogance that had me believe that I would just never be vulnerable to such cultish machinations. Mine Eyes Have Been Opened! I will hereafter do my best to help others see clearly what AA and programs like it REALLY have to offer BEFORE choosing to go into them. If anyone Sees and still “wants what they got” well more pluckin power to them! But Let No One New Go Blindly Into That AA Night… May 2013 Bring Blessings Unforeseen! THANK YOU!

  3. WAIT… Did you say that is a REAL bench in your bench ad picture? WOW MASSIVE…I thought it was a clever Photoshop image. PLEASE share with us how you were able to do that? & the Success and Visibility of this blog is Smashing! CONGRATULATIONS! Lets build further on that success. How’bout at least 1 such bench in every state this year? COULD THAT BE DONE? Also as a part of my “service work” I faciliatated & regularly attended AA CONFERENCE CALLS. They have them daily. I plan to do a Stepping Out of AA Conference Call to launch within the new few weeks if interest is there. Its Purpose will be to Support…Affirm & Educate those open to viable Truly Harmless & Honestly Helpful AlternativeS to AA. I want to make up for all the Precious Time I dedicated to the AA Mission. I need to become much more knowlegable about the alternatives first tho so that I can truly be of optimal assistance. I would also like to gain some solid post AA Life Success prior to facilitating such a call. Ive chosen to try SMART.

    • illbefree- yes, its a real bench ad. In west los angeles. The corner of Overland and National Pl. Its a Bus Stop!

      Great idea about putting these all over the country. It will just take money. I am creating a non profit so people will be able to donate and so we can promote other options.

      I would love to be involved with your conference calls.

  4. Wow Massive! You do mean BUSINESS don’t you? I LOVE THAT!

    Whenever I get to CA. I hope you and I can sit on it and have lunch or something. 🙂 (I have a new prospective new client by the way who lives in CA. and she may be neededing me to do a lot of organizational work for her…which may give me business there. We shall see.)

    I looked up Bench Billboard Company online last night. ( http://www.bbcx.com/rates.html) They give lots of info but no specifics as to costs. This lets me know it’s expensive and also a negotiable sales pitch in the making. BUT…I will bet if we can raise enough money to do…let us say TWELVE states at a time we would get some type of package deal.

    Can you just imagine what “they” will do when these bench billboard signs MATERIALIZE across the country at once?

    That will begin to show them just WHO is “powerless,” will it not?

    Whatever non-profit established toward this end I will support and help to promote.

    Our primary objective being raising this $8000 for the Karla Brada case. That MUST be done.

    Happy – Happy New Year Massive

  5. I think a lot of progress was accomplished in 2012. We are seeing newspapers starting to print more stories about crimes connected to AA members, and the negativity of Alcoholics Anonymous as well. We had The Fix, The Huffington Post and the Washington Post to name a few that printed articles that relected the dangers of Alcoholics Anonymous. We have see more anti-AA blogs popping up as well. The alternatives to AA like http://www.smartrecovery.org are getting more exposure and growth.

    There is much more work to be done. This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. But a great spring board to 2013 with much more successes to be had in teaching the world about the dangers of AA, how it is really a pagan religion, how forcing people to 12 step meetings is unconstitutional etc.

    Thanks to everyone that is helping to achieve our goals!

  6. I came across this lil tid bit just now…

    It’s just another case of AA riding the slippery slope of having it both damned ways whenever it suits their purpose! Why is this allowed? They either ARE or they ARE NOT a religion legally. They must be made to pick a pot and piss in it already. They want religious protection without the resposibility…Where’s the confusion? (Follow the money, right?)


  7. @ illbefree said “They must be made to pick a pot and piss in it already.”

    LOL WHere do you get these great one liners? I got your letter. Ill read it later and write back. It looks fantastic.

  8. LOL… Thanks Massive. I try to find the comedy within the tragedy as often as I can or I’d simply lose what may be left of my mind…esp. after being exposed to AA… WHEW! Oh I do look forward to hearing what you think of the Letter to Sponsees… Feel free to share any ideas…added info…corrections. I am not thin skinned. I intend it to be as eye opening a revelation as such a warning could possibly be for any Searching Questioning Newcomer as I was when first exposed to AA. I would like it to Answer and Inspire MORE Questions… I would like it to ruin or diminish the reader’s suceptibility to blind AA brainwashing… I want to GIVE what I was not freely given.

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