5 thoughts on “Woman’s wallet snatched at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

  1. If you’ve ever asked anyone at a meeting if you could leave your bag somewhere or whatever, they almost always say ‘there’s nowhere safer’. Fuck was I naive, another unofficial slogan.

    • OMG – I know – but can I ask you this – WHY when people contact me who are upset with my film say ” Well this same stuff could happen in a bar. If I had a Dollar $ for every time they say that I would be a rich woman. AA is nothing like a BAR. There is no manager there- no insurance, no court ordered fellons being court ordered there. No one in the bar expects you to hold hand s with them . No one in the bar wont tell you their last name. No one in the bar Is told we will love you till you love your self. You dont go to BAR looking for help with your drinking….. People who are raped in a bar have a case – no one there will tell you – WHats your part in it and that you need to go write an inventory.

      • Plus you don’t send teens to a bar! They try to make people believe AA is just a microcosm of society when it is absolutely not. It is a microcosm of jails and the criminals they hold.

          • AA is a cesspool of some of the lowest of the low….getting a get out of jail free card and trying to remain under the radar as they continue to live their lives that got them into trouble with the law to begin with…..you know that saying that your best thinking got you here? Nope. My best thinking got me out of the Roomz for good. Never say never but in my case I’m very certain I’m never entering an AA meeting again…….

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