WOMEN Stabbed after AA meeting in Mesa, Arizona

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.04.38 PMRead Full  BREAKING Story here about stabbing at an AA meeting.  http://www.kpho.com/story/30183456/woman-stabbed-after-aa-meeting-in-mesa

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How Many Violent Offenders are sent to Alcoholics Anonymous …

For a while I have not been posting NEWS stories like I use to. But I think its important to Document these facts. Let’s be clear….I would not spend this kind of time and money ( yes it costs me money to run this blog…about $200.. a month. ) Nor would I have made a film to just criticize AA.  Although it does need alot of remodeling, and updo of sorts and critiquing in my opinion.

Violent and Sex offenders are court ordered daily into AA and NA meetings as if they were some regulated government agency. Recently, I was speaking to a man who challenged the fact that these violent offenders are really being court ordered to AA. I did put about 15 News articles in the film and he watched the film, but still the question.

I have so many stories in my file drawer not just on my computer that I began to stop printing them . We felt we put enough in the film The 13th Step. I think I will begin to collect these stories again. I made a film and did a radio show because Kristine and Saundra Cass were murdered by a man the courts knew was already violent…and they sent him to AA.

Karla Brada was murdered in 2011 by another …Eric A Earle who was sent to AA by Los Angeles courts over 55 times , over 22 years. Jaro , her mother retrieved all the records to prove it. We have it documented in the film .

So back to the point…I would not waste  my time,  my life,  and 4 years to make a film + all the thousands of dollars it has taken to finish a film , get it in 15 or so festivals and have a radio show , just to take on AA.

Yea I don’t like it anymore. Yes- I think its super culty.  Yes, I think its antiquated, Yes- I think it’s a mind fuck, yes- I think it keeps men’s ego and self esteem low. Yes – I  think woman are abusive to new female members they sponsor. Yes-  I think the Big Book  needs to be burned. Yes- I think I wasted years of my life there. Yes- I was preyed on by asshole creepy men. Yes- I think its DANGEROUS, yes I think AA in NY has known all of this for decades. Yes- I know pedophiles go there to prey on mothers with small children. Yes-  yes I think AA members who are losers make money with sober living places. Yes-  I think AA members kill themselves at a higher rate then normal people. Yes I think AA is harmful to young people, ( it was harmful to me and they broke me at 19 years old… – and yes I think the powerless feature of AA is extremely harmful to teens ( I was one of these) so…

Soon I will be adding a donate button to help pay for all these expenses. So if you like the site and would like to support it you will be able to do so. Because – frankly …I’m a getting tired of it all ….

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25 thoughts on “WOMEN Stabbed after AA meeting in Mesa, Arizona

  1. This is what caught my eye in the news report. It sits innocently at the end of the news report

    ‘Investigators say witness accounts indicate the suspect and the victim did not speak during the meeting or know each other outside the group. Police say they arrived separately and it was the first AA meeting for both.’

    Let me guess…. they had both been bused there by heir rehabs or sent their by the courts.


    Read more: http://www.kpho.com/story/30183456/woman-stabbed-after-aa-meeting-in-mesa#ixzz3nmqtIbEi

    • …or he followed her there. I think he probably knew her prior. Much is getting written into a few words. No one knows anything about these people other than they were at an AA meeting. If they were mandated, I would think someone would know because a signature would be required.

      I don’t think people just randomly get stabbed.

          • AA has no safety policy or takes no responsibilty for its members, Your point is redundant and to minimize people getting injured and killed is quite frankly disgusting Pablos whether they know the perpetrator or not.

            • He knew her name that was it..

              So any court ordered mandated criminal sent to AA as part of the sentence may introduce themselves by…name. There were lots of names in AA when I went didn’t mean I knew them all. Thats why anonymity can be very bad.


              Harris, the victim, testified at Tinsley’s preliminary hearing that Tinsley stabbed him twice in the upper torso and once in the arm with a knife as he slept sometime around 5 a.m. Harris said he fell asleep in his bed while Tinsley, whom he knew as “Diamond,” was laying on the bed on top of the covers. Port Orange AA Meetings are dangerous! – See more at: http://nadaytona.org/#sthash.Qt62Q1fX.dpuf

              But hey he knew her so it was all okay.

      • Actually people have been randomly stabbed and molested at AA meetings among other things. More of these stories are coming out because AA and NA are becoming more dangerous and also newspapers are willing to write them more often. AA and NA are losing control over the media.

        • I agree anti D- There was a stabbing right IN SIDE the meeting itself in Travers, Michigan, in 2009 or 10 when I was still in AA. I called that Central Office and spoke to a man in that town when it happened. He said his own sister was in the meeting and saw the whole thing go down.

        • What is completely, I mean completely beyond me, is that someone could witness a stabbing take place during a meeting and not question the lack of security at AA meetings. And even be so accultized (my new word in regards to AA) that they’d keep going to meetings like a good cult member not asking any questions and just accepting such as normal. Very scary stuff here.

          • So true Rob- makes no sense. I was watching the film about The Warren Jeffs Cult in Utah by Amy Berg…So scary how so many people follow leaders who are predators and or nuts .

  2. I thought I recognized the town name….



    • She’s the sanest voice I’ve run across yet in regards to AA. Massive spends her own time and money on this true service work she does and deserves respect for this and to have her voice heard. Have some respect for the lady, please.

    • This is a place of recovery….recovery for those hurt and abused by AA. I don’t see negativity here….I see honesty and hope. That’s worth donations to keep this up and running in my book.

    • +1, I totally agree.

      I want to help support Massive as much as I can. I also do what I can to get the message out about what AA and other 12-step programs are really like.

      Fortunately, there are more sites like this, and more articles coming out about the problems and dangers of “treatment” (which gets an especially strong promotion with “treatment rather than prison for drug offenders”). Perhaps the best article in the last year is this one in Forbes. I’ve posted a link to it in many places:
      Inside The $35 Billion Addiction Treatment Industry

  3. This site is a wonderful thing for those harmed by AA and for those in recovery from AA. I wish the trolls would occupy themselves elsewhere and let Massive and the others here have some peace and healing from AA.

  4. HI Jason! Nice to see you here. Thanks for blogging folks. I have to live life so I hope you can control the trolls for a while….I am blocking them as they arrive. We may have to go into moderation mode again.

  5. Okay, here’s what I think. You guys have flawed logic. You claim you are powerful and have choices in everything. If this be the case why do you become powerless victims in the instance of AA? Help me out here, I am a psychology student. If AA is so powerful are you putting it in the God position?

    • You said ” You are a weird group of people with the most screwed up boundaries ….or lack of them, I have ever seen in my life. “

      Where do you live
      Whats your social
      How many pregnancies did you have
      Are you on medication now
      What kind of childhood did you have
      How much money do you have in the bank
      blah, blah, blah

      Really …be gone with you …you little Cockaroach!!!!

      Troll alert.

      Thank god we have a delete button, I can block you, moderate you and throw your comments into the trash.

      While we were brainwashed sitting in your stupid meetings we had to be tolerant as you verbally or psychologically abused many of us. Now we don’t have to put up with your crap.

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