The Department Of Justice- Tennessee Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Agrees to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations for $9.25 Million

Depart of justice

The United States of America Justice Department and The FBI are finally doing what we all have know for a long time and have been cracking down on this Rehab Industry.

The Department of Justice announced today that CRC Health Corp. (CRC) has agreed to pay $9.25 million to the federal government and the State of Tennessee to settle allegations that CRC knowingly submitted false claims by providing substandard treatment to adult and adolescent Medicaid patients suffering from alcohol and drug addiction at its facility in Burns, Tenn.  CRC, based in Cupertino, Calif., is a nationwide provider of substance abuse and mental health treatment services.


“Medicaid patients who enter residential treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction deserve to have treatment provided by qualified personnel according to the appropriate standard of care,” said Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil Division Stuart F. Delery.  “We will not tolerate health care providers who prioritize profit margins over the needs of their patients.”

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Is “Shameless” Shamelessly promoting Narcotics Anonymous Meetings…Fiona gets sent To NA again!


WOW what a great season finale last night. I feel like Fiona here….yelling  in this poster when it comes to NA Court ordered coercion.  And that new boss who is a stepper too….holy sh*t. job … her PO helps her hook up with…is Regina in “program too” I bet your ass she is…. I also adore  REGINA KING who plays her PO, but What the heck ….. I suspect that the creators of Shameless are not stepper lovers… but why promote NA this way. Maybe they don’t see it as promotion,  but if NA and AA are the only thing ever mentioned then people just think they are like “sliced bread” ….maybe they plan to go another “shameless” route.

Also Lip uses the term ” drinking the Big Book Koolaid” so Im thinking maybe they are reading our mail? Not sure… But one would hope that at some point someone some- where in TV land will mention another non 12 step, non religious alternative  like Smart Recovery, SOS or Moderation all which are approved by the Courts in LA and I know that SOS and Smart are approved by the National Drug Court . Doesn’t anyone know this in TV and FILM land?

I have a suspicion what curvy road they might take , but I won’t post it. It’s just my suspicion.

Why can’t one of these great shows have a character  sent to Smart Recovery or MM or SOS, just to break the BS cycle in our media. “Shameless” is for sure one of the best shows on TV today! Stellar Cast, fantastic writing, great directing and wow the DP and camera work on this last episode was gorgeous! I love this show!!!

William Macy is fanatstic. SO is lip and Fiona and so is Kevin and debbie….what a stellar cast. oh yea great writing and great everything!

Have you been 13th Stepped?

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“I’m a producer for CBS NEWS. We’re working on a story that focuses on safety issues coming out of contacts made at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.  If you feel you’ve  been harassed or “13thStepped” by someone you met at an AA meeting, I’d like to talk with you. Also, if you discovered that person was “court-mandated” to attend AA, please contact me.   “


Please call me at (212) 975-5842,  or email

Men hold 16 year old boy captive for 1 week and sexually assault him. They met in a Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.


John Leonard MacKean

How gross is this. So an educated pilot, teacher, Doctor and lawyer, moms and teens are being court orders to the same unregulated meetings where these scumbags are sitting.

John Leonard MacKean found guilty of sexually assaulting blindfolded boy, 16, held captive in remote N.S. cabin.

A Halifax man was convicted Friday of sexually assaulting a blindfolded 16-year-old boy who said he was kept captive in a remote cabin for more than a week.

A jury also found John Leonard MacKean, 64, guilty of communicating for the purpose of obtaining sexual services from a person under 18. He will be sentenced June 24.

The verdict came after more than four hours of deliberations. The trial, which began Monday, heard MacKean and the victim each give their accounts of what happened on the day of Sept. 20, 2012.

The teen testified that he was blindfolded with a sleeping mask and his hands and feet were chained to a bed when a man sexually assaulted him at a cabin in rural Nova Scotia where he was held against his will for eight days. Read full story here…




Dr. Robert DuPont, President, Institute for Behavior and Health attacks Dr Lance Dodes for his critical view on AA in his new book The Sober Truth

Well…who are you Mr DuPont? robert dupomt


The 1930′s was over a long time ago and addiction and science have come a long way since you got sober in the  1960′s.

AA is so intrenced …

One more thing… I here you think Pot is a gateway drug. Wrong! Big Pharma pills are the gateway drugs and Afghanistan is the path by which heroin is coming once again into the country , just like the Vietnam WAR.  More people die from legal prescription drugs. No one dies from pot and even Police officers know that Pot is the least of our problems.


Rape Kits – Ohio- there are more than 5,000 untested kits, many from 10 years to 20 years old.

change the world pic

What is wrong with our system. I heard Los Angeles County has the same amount or more. Why do we spend more money on Homeland Security armor for police then catching these God awful criminals.

How can we change this?

Perhaps getting involved and having a fundraiser to pay for this and all of getting involved in something that matters. Something where we can effect change. We know that many sexual predators come to AA on their own because they know women are so vulnerable.

What are your thoughts about this and what we can do to change it?

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Lance Dodes, M.D. author of The Sober Truth on blog talk radio SAFE RECOVERY- Wednesday March 26, @ Noon PST, 3pm EST

The sober Truth

Call in 818-475-9211 or listen live or download to your iPod and listen later. Always free on iTunes!

Join host Monica Richardson for a 1 hour in-depth interview with Dr Lance Dodes who has just released his new cutting edge book, The Sober Truth, DEBUNKING THE BAD SCIENCE BEHIND 12-STEP PROGRAMS ABD THE REHAB INDUSTRY.


New FOX SHOW “RAKE” airs Friday Nights at 8pm -Starring Greg Kinnear Is a SURE ANTI AA- anti Stepper MUST SEE NEW SHOW!!!

Greg Kinnear pic

I love this show !!!!!!! You go Greg Kinnear!

Recently an attorney we are working with told me he thought of me when he saw this episode, because of the AA references and  they are not flattering either. They really make fun of AA like I have never seen before. I watched an episode that aried last week called 3 strikes.  WATCH on …Laughing!!!


“Alcoholics Anonymous helps millions ” they say. Really? I say… AA has hurt Millions. AA is shrinking down to 800,000 from 1.2 million


Today I was in my little local Nail salon. I have been going there for 22 years. A small unassuming place filled with a few sweet wonderful funny woman from Vietnam. A small family business.

Normally there are just regular ladies there. But today I was running late and had to call them and change my appointment, so as usual they accommodated me with “no problem”!   When I got there I had to call a blogger in Chicago and left him a message. I never talk on my phone there. I go there to relax and get away from my work. “its a pampering lovely hour usually.

When I arrived it was very quiet and the one lady in the salon was finishing up and  getting ready to leave, and over heard me talking about interviewing a judge. So when I got off the phone she told me her husband was a judge.” What was my film about” she asked, and we had a nice talk. She asked me for my card and said she wanted to call me later.

Now during this talk a couple of woman came in and over heard us. Well it turned out they were both Lawyers.lawyers fightingpic

One was a Federal prosecutor. Well, can I tell you…this became  is a serious sparring fest. One big debate on how great AA was and dare I criticize this fabulous institution! I did not back down and the shit these two women said to me was so f**king nuts It made me think I may need to buy a gun and wear a bullet proof vest.

WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with these people. They are not even in AA and they are defending it like  a jealous woman.

truth pic

The next time I’m at the nail salon and someone asks me what I do for a living…I’m going to say I’m a cop or I work for the FBI !!! LOL …Just kidding.  controversy I’ll just say I can’t talk about it…its way too controversial. Let them pay and see it in the theatre. There they can throw tomatoes.

buddha truth pic

Gabrielle Glaser writes about Moderation in March 2014 Readers Digest Magazine

Here is the lasted article by journalist Gabrielle Glaser expelling the theory that AA is the only game in town which  we all now know is not true. Thank you Gabrielle!