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NURSE in BC, Canada fighting back from being forced to the religious element of Alcoholics Anonymous

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This is a really important fight that is going on up n British Columbia regarding a NURSE objecting to AA Treatment, which we know it is not .

Great UPDATE on a story we are following.

NEW YORK POST -Mentions The 13th Step – A critical Documentary on AMAZON about Alcoholics Anonymous and rehabs

Drug addicts are being coddled as kids are neglected by Andrea Peyser



The adorable, blond tot looked blankly into the camera in a blue T-shirt festooned with cartoon dinosaurs. He should have been smiling, asleep or crying. When my daughter was his age, there was nary a moment she didn’t do one of the three. But the little boy just stared into the middle distance like a zombie.

At age 4, he had already seen too much, knew too well that the adults entrusted with his care were capable of betraying him in the cruelest way imaginable — by putting their own selfish desires to get high ahead of his welfare.

I’m describing the viral Facebook photograph taken this month by Ohio authorities that captured a child sitting in a car seat in the back of an SUV as two overdosing adults were pictured, whacked out and sprawled out, in the front seats, apparently near

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Still, courts are likely to sentence drunken drivers and drug abusers to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Los Angeles-based filmmaker Monica Richardson, 59, has executive-produced and appears in a scary new documentary, “The 13th Step,” which presents a damning portrait of the AA/NA behemoth.

“You are told you’re broken for life,” she tells me. Richardson attended AA and NA meetings after developing alcohol-drinking and pot-smoking habits as a teen. “I dropped out of high school because I drank. I drank daily in the evening with my father and his wife.”

The film’s title refers to the sexual assault — even murder — allegations and convictions that have tarnished the programs. Some of the predators, she says, were addiction counselors feasting on the weak.

When she was 18, says Richardson, two 20-years-older guys she met in AA had sex with her and her 20-year-old sister. “I almost killed myself. My sister was traumatized.”

A rep from AA world headquarters in New York City declined to comment.

Richardson says she cured herself of addiction, which 12-steppers claim is impossible. “I’d had enough.” After 37 years without a drop, she now drinks socially.

In 2014, deaths from drug overdoses in the United States, with heroin and prescription opioid painkillers leading the pack, reached an all-time high of 47,055, more than by firearms or in motor-vehicle crashes that year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Relapse rates are off the charts. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that monkeys again jump on the backs of addicts in 40 to 60 percent of cases. Some experts believe it’s higher.
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Photo: East Liverpool Police Department

No programs saved Philip Seymour Hoffman or Whitney Houston.

The Ohio SUV photo gives a good glimpse of today’s degenerate junkies: Strung-out 50-year-old white grandmother Rhonda Pasek “turning blue,” said a cop, her slovenly bra straps spilling out of her tank top, lying zonked near her 47-year-old open-mouthed boyfriend, James Lee Accord, a white guy. With heroin cheap, the crisis has moved in large part from inner-city minorities to Caucasians living outside urban areas. The pair was brought back from the brink with the drug Narcan, and they’re serving jail terms after pleading guilty to endangeringa child and other crimes.

As for the little boy, his 25-year-old crack- and pot-smoking (she says ex-drug-using) stripper mom lost his custody, and he was handed to his unfit grandma just six weeks before she overdosed. His custody has since been awarded to a great-aunt and great-uncle who live in South Carolina. We can only pray the child grows up unscathed.

But with addicts getting preferential treatment over powerless little ones, I fear for the future.


Atheist ex-nurse forced into Alcoholics Anonymous substance abuse program

Atheist ex-nurse forced into Alcoholics Anonymous substance abuse program

A former Vancouver nurse is claiming his rights as an atheist were violated because his employer and union forced him into Alcoholics Anonymous following a psychotic episode.

Byron Wood was involuntarily committed to hospital by a doctor in October 2013, taken there by ambulance after police were called to a walk-in clinic. Wood, 39, said he was suffering withdrawal symptoms from a combination of alcohol and prescription and street drugs.

“I had some time off work and I had been using substances during that time,” Wood said this week. “Before going back to work I stopped using substances, and I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms which caused me to become psychotic.”

Wood’s B.C. Human Rights Tribunal complaint against the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and the B.C. Nurses’ Union is set for a pre-hearing meeting this December after the tribunal ruled recently that the complaint can go ahead.

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The 13th Step on AMAZON Prime Now!

We have great news- The 13th Step film is now available on AMAZON Prime.

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CAN an AA member be made to testify what they heard in an AA meeting?

Attorneys Shaking Hands On Courthouse Steps

Or better yet, what about what someone tells you in a 5th Step. Are they protected? SO far the answer is they are not protected. But recently in WASHINGTON STATE – there was some law passed that changed this for people in WA.

Faith in Confidentiality of Therapy Is Shaken

Published: June 15, 1994

After an emotionally intense Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Manhattan last week, one young woman looked shocked when asked if she thought a court could get access to what had been said that evening. “Oh no, it all stays here,” she said. “They can’t make me testify about what someone shared at a meeting.”

Why would an AA Sponsors be given this sort of power? I know. AA is so entrenched in our courts ( Judges are AA members) , Lawyers are AA members, Parole Officers are AA members, Stephen King is an AA member, James Taylor is one, Anthony Hopkins is one.

The FAA, The AMA, the ASAM, the Board of Nursing  all forcing America citizens to join this shitty 1930’s lay person religious organization like it is a professionally run institution. It reminds me of AMERICAN HORROR STORY ASYLUM season 2 !!!

So how do we stop this. Lawsuits for one. What happens if you can not afford a good expensive lawyer. We are working on a plan.

I will be sending the petition we just sent to NY AA Headquarters to all of the above Professionals and more with a very specific letter to each  Board.

Here is a very recent case in WASHINGTON STATE where they are giving the sponsors the power BUT if you READ THE FINE PRINT —it is only for CIVIL CASES not CRIMINAL.

If you have a specific issues with this kind of extortion, please contact us at

SAINTS RUN MAD- A critical book from 1934 about the OXFORD GROUPS – AA Precursor


TOM GLEASON a blogger uncovered this critical book about The Oxford Groups which is where AA founder Bill Wilson really got sober. I find this to be very interesting.

Saints Run Mad 2.0

In a ‘sequel’ to the criticism of the Oxford Group called Saints Run Mad, by Marjorie Harrison in 1934, Peter Anthony Eng writes a scathing 2015 paper on the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Saints-Run-Mad 2.0

From the 1934 book:

“Prominent Groupers who have heard of my intention to write this book have alternately attempted to bully or bribe me into relinquishing the idea. On the one hand, I have been told that “it will not be a seller”—that “it will be damned at the outset” and “that it will make dull reading”; and on the other hand I have been urged with promises of commercial success to write in favour of the Movement, apparently regardless of whether I am convinced or not. The “wide field” for such a book has been spread temptingly before my eyes. Although the present book has been condemned unread as “dull”, the other has been praised unwritten as a “best seller”. I have been obliged to reply that in all honesty I must associate myself with the large and growing body of thoughtful people who are seriously alarmed at certain aspects of the Group teaching and practice. I have begged my Grouper friends to believe that the critics are not unsympathetic. They would be only too glad to welcome the Group if certain teachings were explained so that they were acceptable to con­science and to intellectual honesty. I hope, but hardly expect, that such an answer will be made. In the absence of any such assurance the grave doubts and misgivings that now obtain must continue and increase.”

Doctor pleads guilty to billing fraud at Los Angeles-area rehab clinic

This is an older story from 2014 but very important.

A Southern California physician pleaded guilty to falsely identifying teenagers as drug or alcohol addicts to justify millions in bills to the government’s rehabilitation program for the poor.

Dr. Leland Whitson’s June plea is the most significant so far in the U.S. Department of Justice prosecution of Long Beach-based Atlantic Recovery Services, one of the biggest Drug Medi-Cal counseling clinics in Los Angeles County.

An investigation by The Center for Investigative Reporting and CNN last year found that Atlantic and dozens of similar centers had shown signs of fraud or questionable billing while collecting $94 million from the state and federal government in recent years. Rehab centers in storefronts from Compton to Pomona routinely documented counseling sessions that never happened or bribed clients with cash or cigarettes to attend.

Atlantic’s addiction counselors met with students at middle and high schools throughout Los Angeles, serving 770 clients before it was shut down last year. Federal prosecutors say Whitson certified that teens needed substance abuse treatment even if they had used drugs or alcohol only occasionally or long ago.

The Redondo Beach doctor had been medical director since 1999 and was responsible for $46 million in fraudulent claims, prosecutors said. Whitson referred questions to his attorney, who declined to comment.

Four Atlantic counselors also pleaded guilty to fraud last year. They were accused of spending only a half-hour twice a week with students while fabricating the paperwork to bill for up to five 90-minute counseling sessions each week.

The ruse had long been in effect when Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas appointed Atlantic’s chief executive, a campaign contributor, to a county commission on alcohol and drugs.

State officials responded to the CIR/CNN series by freezing funding to 235 clinic sites, admitting to inadequate oversight in a legislative hearing and creating new rules governing the rehab program.

Authorities also pledged to rein in physicians who certify that addiction treatment is medically necessary even though they rarely – if ever – meet their clients.

New Sizzle reel for the Ground Breaking Documentary The 13th Step- Exposes the American Institution of Alcoholics Anonymous- the most revered recovery self help groups from the 1930’s.