Sterling Heights police sergeant sentenced to probation for drunken driving-Sentenced to alcoholics Anonymous meetings

Will this ever end >?


Sterling Heights police sergeant sentenced to probation for drunken driving

Sterling Heights police Sgt. Kevin Reese

Five months after a jury convicted him of drunken driving, a demoted Sterling Heights police commander was sentenced on March 17 to nine months of probation.

Sgt. Kevin Reese, 45, was ordered by 41-A District Visiting Judge Theodore Metry to not consume alcohol or illegal drugs, to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and to avoid arrests. The judge also ordered Reese to pay fines and court costs totaling $900.

Reese was an off-duty lieutenant when he crashed his sport utility vehicle into a Shelby Township ditch in 2014.

He faced up to 93 days in jail after a jury deliberated approximately 30 minutes last October before finding him guilty of drunken driving. Reese avoided the possibility of a longer sentence when Metry granted a directed verdict of acquittal on a second, more severe charge of operating while intoxicated with a high blood-alcohol content, which could have included jail time.

12 Step Addiction Treatment is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!


When King of Prussia developer Brian O’Neill convinced a New York private equity firm to back his fledgling Recovery Centers of America, he capitalized on one key trend: The long stigmatized field of addiction treatment has become one of health care’s hottest investment sectors.

Federal changes boosting access to care for alcoholics and drug addicts as well as people with mental illness, and growing attention to deaths from prescription painkillers and heroin, are luring investors to buy into addiction treatment.

Plus, investors see a shortage of places for people with mental illnesses to go, said Leslie Henshaw, a partner at Deerfield Management, which in May committed $231.5 million in equity and debt to Recovery Centers’ development of 15 locations from Boston to Washington.

“Historically, despite the prevalence of disease and the enormous impact it can have on quality of life, productivity in the workforce, crime rates, and community dynamic, there has been insufficient funding directed to the mental-health space,” she said.


The Holidays and Deciding to LEAVE AA.

x mas tree pic

Hi and welcome to the blog LEAVING AA.

Maybe you have just had enough of those meetings. Maybe you have been sexually harassed  one too many times and you can’t take it anymore….or you are just tired of the mental mind F**k of AA and its members.

If you are thinking about leaving AA and /or you have left….I wanted to wish you all a

                     Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

For those of us who imbibe—now — with ease— enjoy !

For those who don’t drink still- I enjoyed many a Holiday season with no alcohol. (exactly 37 holiday seasons with no booze. Some were great, some were good and some sucked and some were hard)        so enjoy as well.

Jail, not prison, for Utah man guilty of girlfriend’s 1996 death- another violent Offender Sent to AA Meetings

First Published Nov 30 2015 06:00AM      Last Updated Dec 01 2015 07:12 am
A judge on Monday sentenced a Utah man to jail — not prison — in connection with the 1996 death of his live-in girlfriend.Billy Justin Charles had entered an Alford plea to one count of manslaughter, a second-degree felony, in August.The plea was not an acknowledgment of guilt, but recognized that Salt Lake County prosecutors likely had enough evidence to secure a conviction at trial.Jamie Ellen Weiss, 18, was found dead and submerged in the bathtub of the couple’s Magna home on Aug. 7, 1996 — one day before the couple planned to marry.An autopsy found she had died from blunt force trauma to her head and asphyxiation, and there was no water in her lungs.”I’d like to say I am sorry to Jamie’s family, to my family and most of all to our son, Jesse,” Charles told the court before he was sentenced. “If I could give my life for Jamie’s, I would.”

Charles, now 39, was convicted by a jury of first-degree felony murder in 2007. But the conviction was overturned by the Utah Court of Appeals in 2012 and sent back for a new trial.

In his appeal, Charles claimed his defense attorney failed to present evidence that would have exonerated him.

Instead of a second trial, the case was settled with the plea deal.

Under the terms of the plea, prosecutors agreed to recommend that Charles — who has been incarcerated since his arrest in 2007 — not go to prison, but instead serve an additional year in jail, followed by three years of probation.

Third District Court Judge Mark Kouris agreed to the recommendation, imposing a sentence of one to 15 years in prison, which was then suspended in favor of 365 days in jail, plus probation.

Kouris also ordered Charles pay nearly $25,000 in restitution, attend 90 days of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and complete a mental health evaluation with an emphasis on domestic violence.

Prosecutors and the family of Weiss told the judge that Charles has a history of domestic assaults on women, including girlfriends and family, as well as a witness in the original case.

“If you choose to hit a woman again, it’s a ticket to the penitentiary,” Kouris said.

Charles got no forgiveness from the three members of Weiss’ family who addressed the court on Monday. Rather, they implored him to address his issues with women and use the chance he is getting to avoid prison to change his life.

“I will never forgive Billy for the hurt he has caused, unless one day he [can] man up,” Weiss’ sister, Andraya Perrine said. “This is his chance to be the person my sister hoped he would be, instead of the monster he was.”

Deborah Nelson, Weiss’ mother, told Kouris she had battled the legal system for years trying to get justice for her daughter. To survive the pain, she said she had turned to meditation and forced herself to separate the murder from the man, his ego and his need for control.

“Billy, stripped from his ego, is a man who has harmed himself,” she said.

Michael Botticelli -Stepper- AA member US Drug Czar- Preaches Alcoholics Anonymous on CBS 60 Minutes tonight ….

Holy shit ..Michael Botecelli promotes using his AA membership and Gay card to talk about how alcohol is  Brain Disease????WTF-  Really—– drinking and addiction is NOT a BRAIN Disease. I am ready to throw up !!!

He is against Marijuana legalization — well he a member of AA so AA members believe that Prohibition  is the only way ….no pot, no booze, no heroin – ( thats a good idea)  even if you are addiction to only one drug.. He is a brainwashed AA member.  GO away Michael ….