WARREN BOYD – self proclaimed Addiction interventionist Highlighted on THE CLEANER on A & E is facing trial in Glendale, CA Courts

With no degree in science, no PhD, no CAC11 training, no MFCC license, no nothing – Warren Boyd has played the big shot where  TV shows like The Cleaner on A & E – portray his form of radical, abusive, illegal ( Im not sure what to really call him ) 2009- 3 seasons , starring Ben Bratt . He claims he knows how to get Addicts to clean up. I’m like whatever dude- you are NOT God !


He has 9 DUI’s and did 5 years in Prison and got very close with many Hollywood Celebrities. Courtney Love, Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Corey Monteith,  and Whitney Houston.  You can read the article here in The Hollywood Reporter.

The Heroin-Addict Actress, The Interventionist and a Grieving Mother’s Court Fight: “She Didn’t Want to Die”

by Scott Johnson December 08, 2016, 6:15am PST

Eight months after Warren Boyd, who helped the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love get clean, took on aspiring Beverly Hills actress Amy Breliant as a client, the young woman was dead. Now Boyd — along with ‘Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher — will face a civil lawsuit.

Two LAPD officers working the 15-ADAM-85 beat responded to a call about a suspicious death.

They came to a well-tended home in Studio City around noon on Sept. 21, 2010. In one of three bedrooms, they found Amy Breliant, an aspiring actress and model from Beverly Hills. She was slouched over on a bed wearing a blue shirt, a computer in her lap. Crime scene photos show a syringe and cellphone in one hand and a string of rosary beads around her neck. A tinfoil ball with an off-white substance, a spoon and a green lighter lay next to her. She had been dead for several hours. A roommate who had made the 911 call told the coroner he had been staying with Breliant for two months to “help her sober up and stay away from the drug scene.”

Amy was 21, beautiful, vivacious —


and a heroin addict. Seven months earlier, she had begun another attempt at sobriety under the guidance of Warren Boyd, a self-described “extreme interventionist” who tied his public image to the successful recovery of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. A convicted felon and former addict himself, Boyd reportedly had helped Robert Downey Jr. get clean. Courtney Love later hired Boyd, and paparazzi caught the two coming and going from court hearings and rehab appointments. Such Hollywood royalty as Mel Gibson and Whitney Houston reportedly had been on his client roster. In 2008, A&E aired a fictionalized version of his life called The Cleaner, starring Benjamin Bratt. In a behind-the-scenes advertorial, actor Ashley Hamilton, another client, said Boyd’s “by any means necessary” approach was harsh but effective. “Warren’s great for addicts because he can convince you you need to get sober,” said Hamilton.

But Boyd’s unorthodox intervention techniques hadn’t saved Breliant. Amy’s mother, Gianna, believes Boyd exacerbated her daughter’s heroin addiction and contributed to her death. Court records and depositions from former employees suggest that Boyd may have crossed the line from “extreme interventionist” into something more dangerous.

AMY deserves better – All those with Substance users deserve to be treated by real Doctors and real therapists. Not some ex con who thinks he is a cool 12 stepper with an edge.

Read full story here:


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29 thoughts on “WARREN BOYD – self proclaimed Addiction interventionist Highlighted on THE CLEANER on A & E is facing trial in Glendale, CA Courts

  1. The real crook, swindler and scammer, …He never took care of Amy or any of his “victims” clients. He took Amy to a lots of places kidnapping her and never with healthy companions, “addicts” without control on themselves. … Kind of organized crime, That Hollywood Rubber Stamp Shop, a place for trading and trafficking girls. That Constantinescu was on “To Catch a Predator ” NBC Date Lane. …
    “boyd” The Crook!!! Is the real cleaner… He knows how to clean any suspicion on naive people who needs desperate help. … Is when “The Crook” comes to the scene… recommended by another Crooks with credibility “Doctors” who work for Boyd an ex con.
    1. Dr. Stephen Marmer head of the UCLA and is in Dennis Preger radio show Friday Happiness Hours.
    2. Dr. Gary Chase
    3. Dr. Eric Lifshitz. Those who write the prescriptions for “boyd” in the name of Victims, (clients) without even seeing the patient.
    “boyd” controls the lowest world of abuse of innocent in need using names as: The Extreme Interventionist” The Cleaner. Lack of license or authority to prescribe or inject any person.
    Lack of CARE to a person who needs to be under surveillance 24/7 by a professional and not by drug addicts sent by “boyd” to hang out with Amy doing what ever they wanted to do calling them “sober companions” with more problems than Amy and in more need to do drugs… What kind of CARING is that on someone who is paying top dollars to a Crook like “boyd” for him to screw Amy’s life like many other under his “care” placing her in the Wolf’s mouth not avoiding her to any of these situation with sick people under “boyd”‘s payroll?
    “boyd” took Amy to her death… and is something he will

    • This is horrific – perhaps the best way is to get them on the illegal part of the prescription pills? So many deaths – Why would anyone go to him after he is connected to so many deaths- including Whitney Houston and Corey Monteith – Carrie Fisher etc

      • Wow you guys should be ashamed of yourselves… You cant go around blaming the deaths of people that are only dead because they were sick and addicts that could NOT BE SAVED! Everyone has free will and if we use that to make bad choices that harm ourselves like drug use then the only one we can truly blame is ourselves. … That man is going out in the world trying to better not only himself but anyone who may be in a bad place that need help as well . how dare any of you people judge him for his past and trying to use the knowledge of those bad choices and life lessons for a way to help someone else who needs it . you cant save everyone especially not one man . but he sure as heck trys . what have you done that was selfless and that has saved so many lives and doing so . u want to blame him for not saving a few of the people he tried to help ? What about blaming you for not even trying at all ? So before u go and start bashing a man that has obviously saved more people than not think about what it is that u did to save An addict from themselves . such disgust i feel towards the comments on hear it’s shameful and i can only pray to god to have mercy upon the ignorant enablers on hear who just don’t get it … Amen

        • WOW- how dare I ? How dare I – dude- you can take your post and move along. I know him . I met him . He is NOT a professional . He is an ex con. I saw a ton of ex cons in Hawaii- He thinks he is interesting and knows it all because he once used Heroin and he stopped by using the 12 steps in Prison???

          I think people who can afford it deserves seeing a PhD trained in Addiction studies . SMART RECOVERY would be better. Highjacking grown ass adults , injecting them and taking them captive against their will is OUTRAGEOUS.

    • Trial Date Change to 10/22/18; if Judge does not change her mind again or defense does not find new excuse, again.

    • There not facts they are ignorant thoughts of mindless follwers that are enabling idiots that have nothing bettter to do than judge one for his past regardless of all his heroic efforts aNd success in the present .

  2. Some people need unorthodox method: When it does work, you sue them.. WTF. I know it’s a tragic in Amy’s case. Boyd help out a lot of people get sober when conventional program did not work. I believe that he did really tried, but some people are beyond help. Boyd is NOT GOD. He can’t save everyone.

    • He is untrained and should not be doing what he is doing. He is a dude who did 5 years in prison and had 9 DUI’s – He should be slinging a hammer – building a bridge- Driving Uber – ( maybe not ) , I would not trust him with my life or my children- I prefer a Phd Trained in addiction .

  3. I think its time there are regulations made on treating persons with substance Use Disorder or issues.

    These are serious matters that need professionals – not some ex addict know it all. Weather Warren or Clancy – or any persons with AA “time” who thinks because they had an addiction they now are an expert.

    They are not an expert.

    I had breast cancer – – still I prefer talking and being treated by a Real Surgeon and Real Doctor for treatment.

  4. Marky,
    You are correcct some people have the capacity to improve their brain disorder with the help of experts, while others with lay people that via research is rare and limited in length clean and sober; but it is not possible with no plan, provision/access of the very drugs you relapse from, and providing care in the capacity of a physician; when instead you are a felon. It is not possible when you hire companions 24/7 to keep one safe; instead, they “loose” the clients. It is not possible. when there is no continuity of care or coping skills taught, but a supply of neverending drugs.

    Trial date move to Oct 22; simply due to LA does nothing to assist the victims of unregulated drug treatment, but always blames the victims even if they are forced into using (DDA Passow, DDA Baxter, DA Lacey); that changes the brain diorder to survival mode. So many lost to one; why defend the actions instead take a stand – show up in court, and support the victims – Carrie Fisher, Whitney Houston, Bobbi Brown, Corey Haim, Amy Breliant, and those with no one to fight for or financially able to fight for their loved ones lost to this grossly negligent individual with only $ signs in front of his clients.

  5. I’m sad that Amy lost her battle with addiction. Don’t put the blame on Warren Boyd. Warren didn’t put the needle in Amy’ s arm. Traditional rehab has proven time and time again not to work. Heroin addiction iOS extreme and extreme measures need to be taken to end it.

    • Jane- back again for a fight I see.

      Traditional rehab is as old as the 2nd World War. Thats AA based rehab – Fails 95 % who go. Now we have Dr Drew telling ANderson Copper that rehab failing is a part of the process ! Like WTF ….

      AA rehabs are even older 1935 religious conversion , filled with two hatter AA members playing by an antiqued cultish frenzy- of AAs BillShits 12 steps of lunacy.

      Addiction in today’s America is already controlled by AA and its members and their thinking that when a person even of great wealth and fame seek help- all too often then will not receive the new science that is available.

      Warren is an ex con with no training – no knowledge of mental health care ( no PhD , no MFCC after his name , no knowledge of how medications MAT work today – He is not a Doctor . He is not a nurse. He has NO credentials what so ever and should not be telling people how to get off drugs or prescribing medication as if he were a Psychiatrist. You are barking up the wrong tree – I know Warren . I met him many times and spoke to him .

      • Addicts die, and those who use heroin (because the nature of the element) get a head start towards a demise unfortunately. Overdoses happen easier and in frequency . I’m from Hollywood and have heard of Mr. Boyd before. The message I got ,was that he’s more of a self proclaimed life-coach. Someone who earns trust well, is easy to talk to and word of mouth is how he networks around the celebrity web of clients. That maybe or may not be true , I’m not able to validate anything . Still, the question I’m left with is would this girl have overdosed or even used again if Mr. Boyd and her had never even met ? After reading previous pdf files re: Deceadants family vs Mr. Boyd ,I fail yet to see how he provided and/or fostered in the girls demise.

        One persons opinion is all , I want no fighting please

        • Yes. Addicts die this is why Boyd can get away with murders but first he takes all these people’s money like Whitney Houston, her 18 year old daughter, Glenn Quinn, Corey Haim and lists go on…

          • THis is so tragic – so many are trusting these stepper 2 hatters who have no education addiction treatment – its dangerous . No one should be giving them advice or taking large sums of money to act like a PhD or A doctor- The Addiction Treatment needs complete reform.I plan on doing this – There is a woman Wendy McEntyre
            Public Safety Advocate

            who created a foundation who is really been working hard at it for years since her son died in a crappy sober living.

    • yes – I think that heroin Users should go into a clinic and get their drug. Although this is not my expertise…the sooner we stop the gravy train for drug dealers and the Cartel – the better. I am glad for one that Alcohol is legal.

  6. for those of us who have to deal with a addict we know that no one can guarantee that their treatment will work. After years of dealing with this issue I know first hand that until the addict really wants help they are going to keep using, lying,stealing and abusing everyone that gets between them & their drugs. Yes they have been in rehab,jail, more rehab, & over & over again the same destructive behavior. To the point that you start to think that your the one who’s going to lose their mind . There is no easy solution to this insanity and sadly this desease over takes your life

    • Hi – The Treatment of Problematic Drug /Alcohol use has been high jacked AA dominated by a 1935 religious conversion type support groups – better knows as AA.

      Its fails miserably and its why things are so bad. Its why people go to so many rehabs now. They are blamed – told they are broken. THEY ARE NOT_ told they are Diseased. THEY ARE NOT – Over drinking and using drugs even being ‘addicted is not a “disease. ”

      Most rehabs have no Doctors and Nurses even present on the premises. Most counselors are AA members – two hatters – promoting a Modality that was never researched and never vetted lay the foundation for something that is now in complete control of addiction Treatment. Its not really treatment.

      Abstinence based treatment is an old modality. We now have MAT, Harm Reduction, Moderation,

      Are you aware of SMART RECOVERY, CRAFT for families, The Center for Motivation and Change in NYC>

      There are great new books – The Freedom Model – The Sober Truth-

    • yes – aa fails at least 90% – but its not because addicts don’t try or want to stop. ……. in fat naltrexone is over 75% successful for the same demographic.

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