Millionaire, Eric Snyder- of addiction treatment under scrutiny- Sober Living Delray, Florida- FBI Investigates

Posted: 8:00 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016

Expensive cars. Flashy watches. Strip clubs. Casinos. Tattoos. Selfies of ripped biceps and b-boy stances.

This is the lifestyle of Eric Snyder, one of a breed of 20-something addicts who came to Florida to get clean and ended up making fortunes by housing and treating fellow addicts and testing their urine.

Armed with little more than GEDs, a year or two of sobriety and no formal training in substance abuse, they assume responsibility for housing and treating other millennials with addiction — the No. 1 killer of their generation.

Two years ago, Snyder, 29,  caught the attention of a federal task force investigating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of insurance fraud, kickbacks and patient brokering in Palm Beach County’s drug treatment industry. Snyder landed in headlines when his businesses were raided by the FBI in December 2014 — the second of two high-profile raids by the task force.

Although no charges have been filed against Snyder, grand jury subpoenas went out in December, state investigative records obtained by The Palm Beach Post show.

Three former employees say Snyder’s treatment program staff forged medical records to collect on insurance money, investigative files and legal documents show. A doctor in a recent deposition said much the same thing: His license was used to order urine drug screens without his permission.

How much did Snyder make over the years? More than $50 million, one source close to the investigation said.

Read the Post’s investigation – Addiction Treatment: Inside the Gold Rush

Even before the raid, state investigators had uncovered a smorgasbord of troubling practices: medications in unmarked envelopes, patients taking detox medications without a prescription and staff unqualified to dispense the drugs.

Among the more telling discoveries: 200 unrefrigerated urine samples, many without names on labels, in a makeshift lab and ready to be tested at an insurance company’s expense.

No arrests have been made, but Snyder remains on the radar of at least one federal agency, the Internal Revenue Service. In March the IRS filed a lien, saying Snyder owed $2 million in back taxes.

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The 13th Step- A Documentary Film, Exposing Sexual & Violent Predators, in Alcoholics Anonymous and its culture Available NOW on VIMEO!

Well- it’s here— now– finally after four years of work.  We won some awards, got into The Cannes Festival in the DOCUMENTARY CORNER, and fought hard to get Broadcast distribution. I get emails from around the US and the world daily about the problems in AA.

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Laurels for Film The 13th Step2016-04-29 at 1.50.47 PM

The film that tells the truth about the most revered self-help group on the planet. AA- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, promoted as the wonder of this century by ROCKEFELLER,  NEUT GINGRICH, DICK VAN DYKE, ELTON JOHN, EDIE FALCO, Senator Hughes, Chuck Lorre, Martin Sheen and many more.

Little did I know how deep the rabbit hole went when I started making the film in May of 2011. It was Christine and Saundra Cass’s murder in Hawaii that did it for me.  Learning about Karla Brada’s murder put the nails in the coffin as well.

But when I learned about how Pilots, Nurses, and Doctors are extorted to attend in such an insane way …I could not believe my ears or eyes as I read their contracts. This could be another whole film on CNN , FRONTLINE or 60 Minutes – but I digress.

The latest News about Corrupt Sober Living Houses, (Chris Bathum featured on ABC 20/20 recently)  fraud in Rehabs and how PROP 36 sends all the diversion folks to a SOBER LIVING, drug tests all clients and makes everyone follow the 1936 -12 step Prohibition WAYS of NO ALCOHOL , “no nothing” kinda mentality. YIKES !!!

Interesting note that Major Insurance is paying for The Sober Living sham, through a thing called IOP’s and expensive Drug Testing. Who owns the drug testing COMPANY you may ask? I find myself digging, again, down another rabbit hole. But, that’s another film. There is one pilot who I interviewed in this film. He was afraid to be seen.

Here is the link to rent or buy the film.

CNN/CIR rehab fraud investigation spurs lawmakers into action


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.13.20 AM


A yearlong investigation by CIR and CNN found widespread fraud and poor oversight in the state’s alcohol and drug counseling program for the poor, called Drug Medi-Cal. It is part of the nation’s largest Medicaid program.
In the wake of that investigation, another California lawmaker has called for an independent audit into the troubled program. Los Angeles County officials also are proposing reforms aimed at tightening clinic oversight.
Report: Fraud in taxpayer funded programs

Rehab program rife with fraud 10:26
Were teens used as fake rehab patients? 09:08
California’s rehab fraud crisis 04:31

AA is to Addiction treatment like The Lobotomy was to Curing Mental Health-


Lately as I continue to do more research …I ask the question- How and why is this “fellowship ” so entrenched in America  today. It’s not even that AA is just in our rehabs….It’s in our Criminal justice system, it’s in the FAA, and the Board of Nursing. The ASAM is really a front group for AA doctors.insanepic2

SO why does Anthem Blue Cross pay for Rehabs that ONLY Use AA meetings ?

We had 2 Senators who passed a bill in 1970, but it’s really strange… If you look up who regulates rehabs in California-it is the Health Department that regulates them and under their rules….rehab is consider — now get this —–

NON medical…

well which is it….Is AA a religion? No. But the Courts in over 35 states have ruled it to be “Highly religious”. So is it a Drug Treatment Program- Nope— but they treat it as one. In meetings they read the preamble and they call it a “FELLOWSHIP” Not a PROGRAM. If you are a program— then you need to be regulated by the State and The Federal Government-and if rehabs who use 12 step – are calling it a disease -which it is not – then why wouldn’t they use medical treatment , not a layperson self help religious conversion thing — instead of real Mental health Treatment combined with CBT and MI and Medicine when needed and effective?

So why isn’t that Happening? Well I think that AA got in and created something in such a way that they set it up this way to roll under the radar. Way back when… in the early 1940’s.

I think money will be the problem in the end with AA. FOLLOW THE MONEY.  I know AA is dying Internally. We need to stop the court ordering of all kinds.

Educate people on the 6 free options. Plus The Sinclair Method and Naltrexone.

The 6 free options – which ever one can– Needs to do better PR and Advertising. Billboards, Radio shops, TV ads, Newspaper Ads, Free Newspaper Announcements that AA has used for decades.

AA is a bastard insane predatory child from the mid 1930’s that has infested America and its entertainment and its culture in a way that dumbfounds me. With the recent shooting near me in San Bernadino- it makes me more scared that America has now been dumbing down for 50 years with this AA bullshit. Dis-empowering not only  my generation , but the next one as well.

We are not powerless.

We have been saying to Americas …you are powerless- you are weak – you are broken forever—and only  this silly program can fix you …

Now that is really f**ked up.


David Powers, AA member and Director of The Rock Church is arressted and on bail for assaulting young women in his Sober Living Rehabs in San Diego.

women sue pic Daivd PowersWomen sue Mega Church. This man is an Alcoholics Anonymous member. This link was passed on to me by someone from this area that knows him. Sick , sick, stuff….Congratulations to these women for filing charges against him.

It’s a cesspool of sex’: Women sue director of megachurch-affiliated rehab on claims he routinely groped, harassed and even laid on top of them as they slept

  • Taylor Peyton, Andria Donovan and Jaycee Peacock and three other women allege that David Powers is a serial sex abuser in the civil suit David Powers pic
  • Powers’ ABC Sober Living is closely affiliated with San Diego’s 12,000-member megachurch The Rock Church
  • The suit names The Rock Church, Powers, ABC Sober Living and Powers’ wife Tina as defendants
  • Tina Powers allegedly threatened at least one accuser who voiced concerns over her husband’s behavior


PUBLISHED: 14:09 EST, 11 May 2014 | UPDATED: 03:53 EST, 12 May 2014

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Religion, AA and Spiritual Pop Psychology

I was thinking about how AA is always telling it’s members that they should only pray for God’s will.

Where does this crazy statement come from. If AA was a real religion which it is not, but it acts more like a cult, then they would tell you to pray for people and such, say…like the Catholic Church does.

In my last few decades or maybe when I was about 6 years sober I started noticing how this part of the program was really absurd. How dare a simple minded program such as Alcoholics Anonymous made up by some dirt bag sexual predator retard – Bill Wilson tell a whole culture and society how to pray, when to pray, who they can not and can pray for.

It was in fact this aspect of meetings sharing in the past 15 years that always got me really pissed. So I would speak my mind. reminding everyone that they had no right to do this.

I felt this aspect of AA really hurt and damaged alot of decent good members. They all seemed very confused about what was right and what was wrong. These were educated adults. Even women in my old home group I could see were very lost still in many aspects of their made up faith called Alcoholics Anonymous.

I was always one who like to pray and meditate and read hundreds of other books seeking a so called spiritual path. Now I feel that word “spiritual ” has been seriously tainted.

During the 1970’s when I got sober …or stopped on my own , then went to some meetings and got hood winked into writing a 4th step and reading a 5th step to some old woman named FLobird who I never connected with what so ever, I was already looking for any answer to life. So was a whole generation.

Books like Siddhartha  by Herman Hesse “I Aint Well But I sure am Better” by Jess Lair were big sellers. SUGAR BLUES was another one. Jonathan Livingston Seagall another. The Greatest Miracle in The World by Og Mandino. WE searched , we read, we had psychic readings galore and we hung out on the beach together, had camp outs and made up dances so we could hand out sober and clean together.

I actually would like to interview a pro AA priest, an atheist who left AA and is sober his or her way, and maybe a someone in between. This part of the craziness needs to be discussed. It’s absurd. I think so …
What do you think?