2 thoughts on “NEED Help with Addiction – Non AA- Non 12 step The Freedom Model

  1. Hi Massive,
    It’s good to see alternate methods available for people who believe that their SUD is not a disease. I do disagree when any philosophy or method claims to have exclusive authority to publicly tell everyone they either Do have a disease or Do Not have a disease.

    I’d like to see everyone be able to universally support what ever method works and helps any individual to achieve SUD mitigation or cessation. Yet Every philosophy or method I have ever heard or read about sees their way as the one true way or excludes or minimizes alternate methods. Cancer support groups don’t exclude members due to their method whether medical or spiritual. Of course they usually don’t allow anyone to coerce others to believe their way is exclusively correct for everyone either.

    Recently the news has being full or stories that SoS and Secular Recovery may be as good as AA – but all the news stories also seem to suspiciously omit that AA has a terrible success record. I’m concerned that The Rehab Industrial Complex is trying to pivot into alternate methods.

    I’ve recently become aware that Important information has been ignored and deliberately suppressed by the Total Abstinence Philosophy that is a world view professed by the vast majority of SUD mitigation philosophies and methods.

    All Total Abstinence philosophies or methods create increased susceptibility for “Substance / Alcohol Deprivation Effect” that creates increased obsession and compulsion and susceptibility to binge relapsing.

    The Sinclair Method pharmacologically extinguishes Substance Use Disorder by neurologically retraining the brain to not crave dopamine that is a major symptom that causes most SUD to be so hard to mitigate.

    FDA testing now shows Naltrexone also helps mitigate Crystal Meth SUD.

    SUD mitigation philosophy and methods that employ Total Abstinence are causing unnecessary torture and binge relapse dangers.

    This is information that everyone should know when making their own decisions,

    see CThreefoundation

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